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Sub 20 $ headphones/ earphones

  1. alrz
    hope this is the right section.

    This is where my usual music genre listening falls:

    Tom waits, damian marley, venetian snares, apollo brown, clogs, iron maiden, cab calloway, beethoven, chopin, world's end girlfriend, vagabond opera, etc.

    So we have blues, reggae, IDM, metal, classical, jazz, glitch, maybe some dubstep, acoustic, among others.

    I have my eye on the jvc fx 101, but perhaps if i want to listen to classical or a more clean music genre they will not be enough. what do you guys say? im open for other reccomendations of course, as long as they are below 20 dollars. 

    you can reccomend both in ear as over the ear headphones :)

  2. MastermindJapan
    I'm interested too.
  3. PakoBoy

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