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Best powerful bass earphones?

  1. KrazyShark
    Hi audio lovers!

    I've been looking for bass earphones recently and I kinda need your help.

    So I've been with my Sony MDR XB-500 headphones for a few years now, never disappointed me, vibrating powerful bass, most enjoyable bass I've heard so far, the way it makes my entire ear vibrate is just terribly good. (Eargasm yerp) Biggest bass for a really small price (bought them for like 50-70 dollars I think) so yeah I kinda think the Monster Beats compared to this are just overpriced ****.
    But now I need to change to earphones and I'm looking for a really powerful bass (just like my XB-500, even if I know that I'd never have the same sensations with earphones but something that is kind of close to it) for an abordable price of course.
    Unfortunately I can't really order by internet so I've looked for a few shops in my town (Geneva, Switzerland) and saw a few models that were interesting:

    The JVC HA-FX1X or JVC HA-FX101 (I can't tell the difference between those two but I think the JVC HA-FX101 are more recent) and the Sony MDR XB-20EX
    I saw the Monster Turbines too but yeah they're really too overpriced for me so whatever.
    I can't really choose and maybe there are other interesting models than these but what do you guys think? Could you kindly help me? Thanks a lot :D
  2. Deadlovestory
    The links above should be helpful for you. :D
    However, I can't make personal recommendation unless you tell me your budget.
  3. KrazyShark
    Thanks a lot :) this forum is really great. I've been asking these on other french forums (JeuxVideo.com) and there's a lot of trolls. Same thing on Yahoo Answers, shame.

    My actual budget is hmm... I'd say 50$.

    I'll be checking your links.
  4. KrazyShark
    Oh apparently I can also get the Klipsch S4 but those are reeeally expensives too.
  5. Deadlovestory
    :frowning2: I can't personally recommend you any earphone since I never had any "bassy" earphone around that price range. However, If you don't mind stretching your budget, I wholeheartedly recommend Shure SE215 or SE215LTD :
    Pros :
    - It has removable cable so you won't need to worry about cables breaking because you can always get a new cable.
    - Moderately, but not overly bassy. The bass won't dominate the mids and the treble.
    - Good comfort, seal and isolation. Seal & Isolation can make or break an earphones' bass output.
    - Assuming you get good seal & isolation, SE215's bass is deliciously thuddy & thumpy.
    - Its sound signature won't tire your ears out, so long listening session is ok!
    - Comes with fair amount of accessories and THE very best foam tips out there : Shure Olives.
    Cons :
    - Reports of early batch cable connector failures. Never happened to my SE215 though.
    - Well, you need to stretch your budget a bit...
  6. KrazyShark
    Well thank you again for your reply :)

    But I do think I've already got really nice Sennheiser earphones :D I've had the CX-400 II for a few years now but never really used them so I'm using them nowadays but It doesn't have enough bass for me (However they do really have nice bass for audiophiles). It's just that I really really like vibrating powerful monster bass hehe :D thank you anyways.
  7. kova4a
    Maybe you should check the JVC HA-FX3X as it has a pretty good bass. I would advise you not to get the S4 - it's nothing special and has awful treble.
  8. KrazyShark
    Thanks kova4a :)

    Unfortunately there's no JVC HA-FX3X where I live.
    The only two Xtreme Xplosive models I can buy are the JVC HA-FX1X and the JVC HA-FX101. Which one should I choose if I'm a real basshead that used to have a MDR XB-500?
  9. Seekky
    Grab fx101. It's a upgraded version of fx1x.
    SE215 won't satisfy your bass need.
  10. KrazyShark
    Alrighty then :) on my way to buy the FX101. Thanks guys!
  11. KrazyShark
    Got them! They look awesome.
    I got lucky, the shop had a ticketing error and I actually bought JVC FX101 at a JVC Gummy's price so I had them for 20 dollars instead of 40 hehe :D guess it's my lucky day :)

    Thanks again guys, this forum is cool!
  12. Seekky
    That's fast.
    btw, they selling online for around $17.
    So $20 for retail store is not bad.
  13. KrazyShark
    Yeah I saw that! I was kinda disappointed that in the shop it was kinda expensive compares to online stores like Amazon. Things are pretty expensive here in Switzerland I guess. But anyways guess luck was on my side this time :)

    Stay awesome guys!
  14. Seekky
    Why not give these little bad boys some review? [​IMG]
  15. KrazyShark
    Yah I think I'll do that when I get back home. Actually I use my smartphone to send you these messages that's why I'm so *fast* hehe :p Actually it's been a few hours that I'm wandering around.

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