1. Bassheadspl

    Best Deep bass In earphones for me?

    Hi headfiers, i want to buy a in ear earphones that deliver strong thumping, deep ear drum vibrating bass, so i have done a little research of my own and was wondering which is better the HAFX1X from JVC or the Sony mdr-xb41 in earphones and if you know any that are better at producing bass then...
  2. qiqibaba

    buying JVC HA-FX101 or else for EDM listening while owning philips she3590

    Hi guys,   my first post here, hope i didnt violate any rules over here. been lurking around and reading reviews, and now i feel like having some of your thoughts.   i am listening almost exclusively to EDM, amongst which are trance, house, dubstep, etc... so the punchy powerful bass is...
  3. sxcnelson

    Need Suggestions:Upgrade for SoundMagic P11

    This is my first thread in Head-hi :-) . I must say big thank you to all of you for the writing best reviews on the internet.   My SoundMagic P11 earphones died last week and I am looking for a new IEM.   I listen mostly to DJ's like David Guetta,Tiesto and hence my prime focus is only...
  4. hman1001

    IEM with Great Bass + Sound Quality

    Hey guys,    Im looking for an IEM with great bass. Im new so any help would really be appreciated. Im not exactly sure if Monster Beats by Dr. Dre is actually good bass or not, but I want something with as much power and punch as the Beats. I want an IEM that has good sound quality with the...

    Best inears for 15 $

    My Music; basically Progressive House,Trance and Dubstep I have beening owning skullcandy skullcrushers for a year and i recently decided on to buy a pair of in ear earphones as i can't take the crushers everywhere.I have been aiming to buy them at a price limit of 15$.i scrolled through lot...

    IN EARS For Personal Use

    My Music; basically Progressive House,Trance and Dubstep I have beening owning skullcandy skullcrushers for a year and i recently decided on to buy a pair of in ear earphones as i can't take the crushers everywhere.I have been aiming to buy them at a price limit of 15$.i scrolled through lot...
  7. Fuzziekiwi

    Best IEM under $20?

    Which are the best under $20?
  8. ecnar

    Sennheiser CX475 vs JVC HA FX101

     I am thinking of getting the JVC HA FX101s because of all the great reviews. However, I now have the Sennheiser CX475s. I like the sound of the Sennheisers and wonder if the JVC would sound as good or better. Has anyone tried them both? I also just ordered the JVC HA M5X can't wait to try those...
  9. Cerace

    Tricky first foray in a brave new world - advice on budget IEMs

    Hi there everyone,   I've spent a couple of weeks searching and reading this forum in an effort to try and learn all about IEMs and how to purchase the right model. Finally I decided to ask you guys directly, and I apologize in advance for the inevitable overlapping with so many other...
  10. KlownDie

    Consumer Bass Headphones/Earbuds

    Hi,   I am looking for a pair of headphones/earbuds that have some really strong bass. I listen to Rap/Hip Hop.  I bought a pair of Monster Turbine Gold Pro ($350), because i read they were great for bass. After 1 week, i returned them, and learned the difference between Audophile Bass, and...
  11. 1ataylor

    JVC HAFX101 vs Brainwavz Beta

    New Guy here, sorry if this is a rehash but i've been looking for the best deal on a quality pair of IEM's, i've got it down to these two bad boys for under 15 bucks, I think im gonna pull the trigger today, would love you guy's input on this final showdown on which i should choose, which do you...
  12. suburbanite

    Counterpart to the Etymotic HF5?

    I've got some HF5's and sometimes wish for more bass and a generally more "lush" sound.   Right now I'm listening to the Sony MDR-EX0300's that came with my Walkman and am finding their sound to be poorly-defined and with excessive, under-controlled bass.   Is there an earphone with a...
  13. Conceited

    Iem noob looking for suggestions

    Hey i love music and im looking in to buying a new pair of in Earphones in the price range of 20 to 50 euros, im a complete noob as far as name brands go ive bin using skullcandys and all sortsa crappy earphones you find in argos/hmv so i was wondering if you could maybe throw some suggestions...
  14. benboxbob

    JVC HA-FX1X xtreme xplosives?

    Hi,  does anyone know if they are a good IEM to start with (I just want to try out some budget IEM's) Im a basshead and i listen to rap mostly. Just wondering, thanks.
  15. kreashion

    Need help buying my first pair of good headphones.

    Alright, so I've been looking around and I've had trouble finding anything that is specific enough for my problem. I've a old ass iPod Classic and a 4th gen iPod Touch, both of which I listen to a silly amount of electronica and alt rock and indie rap on. It's is almost all electronica though...
  16. Hydrajk

    New headphones for my new phone !

    Hey everyone, nice to meet you! I'm currently looking for new headphones for my HTC ONE S because I don't like the htc stock one's that came with it. I'm looking for on-the-ear type of headphones... something like beats by dre solo but not that expensive. I travel alot, I go to the gym with my...
  17. FER18

    best earbuds under $30

    I was using the cx 300 but they didn t satisfied me, in my opinion for the price they don t have good sound and good isolation. Any recomendation?
  18. Jasp3r

    Triple Flangle eartips for JVC HA-FX101 in Europe?

    After reading some threads I recently bought the JVC HA-FX101, but they haven't shipped yet as I had to get them from the UK (they aren't sold in the Netherlands). As I also read that deep insertion eartips provide more bass, I was looking for triple flange eartips but don't exactly know which...
  19. Poofball

    Budget IEMs

    Alright, so I need a new pair of in-ear monitors, and I'm completely overwhelmed by how much there is to choose from.   My budget is somewhere around $80 - $150. I used to have a pair of Creative EP-630 and they fit me perfectly, so I'm hoping to find something just as comfortable but with a...
  20. Lolzmao

    JVC HA-FX1X vs. JVC HA-FX101. Is it worth sending them back?

    Hello! I saw the FX1X's for about $15, and after reading many, many very positive reviews for these cheap buds, I figured I might as well buy them. Further into my reading, I discovered JVC's new model - the FX101. It seems these are the upgrade to the FX1Xs. And reading further in, it seems...
  21. Rocko1

    Basshead Budget Bliss

     After reading some reviews I picked up a pair of the JVC HA-FX101 XX earbuds. Not expecting much for $14 shipped I was really floored by what I heard. Pounding clean bass, clear non-fatiguing highs and decent mids. The bass extends low and is pretty darn clean and punchy. The balance between...
  22. nkdi2211

    HELP! My IEM acting weird.

    I just come across a weird problem with my Vsonic GR07 today. I have the IEM for almost a year. I listened to it with no problem till today. The IEM doesn't respond like it supposed to. When I plug it to my Cowon i10 or my laptop, the sound is muffed almost every frequency, except a small...
  23. p8in

    MEElectronics M9 vs Dre Tours

    Ok so I specifically made an account here to ask this question: Currently I own the Dr. Dre Tours and after about a year now I'm looking to buy new earphones. I did my research on this site and I came to  conclusion that the best earphones I can buy under $25 are the MEElectronics M9 earbuds...
  24. MrAwesome

    Gym Headphones?

    My apple earphones went deaf due to sweat and possibly intense movement, and I'm looking for headphones or earphones that under $100. I'm using them for intense workouts at the gym, such as running the tread mill, lifting weights, If there earphones I want ones that stick in your ear, because...
  25. astroboy907

    Best huge bass IEMs for under $50?

    Joined the forums just to ask this question-    I am looking for a pair of new earbuds, after mine broke (again),  and decided not to let me solder them back together. So my question, what pair of buds can I get, with huge, thumping bass (Too bad headphones can't sound like my 10" sub)? ...