buying JVC HA-FX101 or else for EDM listening while owning philips she3590
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Sep 29, 2012
Hi guys,
my first post here, hope i didnt violate any rules over here. been lurking around and reading reviews, and now i feel like having some of your thoughts.
i am listening almost exclusively to EDM, amongst which are trance, house, dubstep, etc... so the punchy powerful bass is definitely on the top list for what i look forward to from any headphones or IEMs. while the bass is a must, i also look for the clear vocals and instrumental sound. overpowering muddy bass is a big turn off.
okey here is the deal, just got a pair of philips she3590 2 days ago, purely out of all the positive reviews(and low price tag). while trying to burn them in, i start to like them. being a newbie, i dont really know how to put it into words but feel like some more bass would be better, so i got tempted by JVC HA-FX101, with Xtreme Xplosive as part of its name, i couldnt help wondering if it will turn on the oomph of my music and provide better listening experience or i will regret getting them as i already have those philips?
what else IEMs can i also look into? searching around has brought me some names like klipsch s4, v-moda vibe, brainwavz m1 m2, but i live in Europe and have limited availabilities as for some models, i just cant find a place to personaly audition them. so my decision would probably be based on your opinion. my budget can go up to 100, and i even prefer shopping for second hand pairs so any recommendations are welcome.
p.s. i also have a pair of pioneer hdj 1000 dj headphone, so i couldnt help comparing other headphones and IEMs with it.
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Jul 6, 2012
check out audio technica solid bass series, like cks 77 or cks 99 (not sure if it is out yet though), JVC Xtreme Xplosives, like fx3x, or jvc fxd series - fxd60/70/80. new sony extra bass series, like xb90/60/30ex ...  they all are on ebay with international shipping and within the budget range. I've just recently ordered sony xb90ex based on impression from some members on this forums, and they named these babies the bass kings, so you can't really go wrong :D

I would also recommend Able Planet Si500 or any other dual diaphragm driver iem from them. at the price that I've got them for - 30$, they are really good imo... they are fast, can handle busy rock passages and have really good bass without overpowering mids or highs. the only con I see with them is the cable and strain reliefs - the cable is kinda thin and the strain relief from the straight jack is very short rubber, much lie the one on the  radius twf 21, and doesn't really inspire confidence. other than that - they are great. if they were built a little better, preferably with better cable and an angled jack, I wouldn't really splurge for sonys :D

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