Iem noob looking for suggestions
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Aug 11, 2012
Hey i love music and im looking in to buying a new pair of in Earphones in the price range of 20 to 50 euros, im a complete noob as far as name brands go ive bin using skullcandys and all sortsa crappy earphones you find in argos/hmv so i was wondering if you could maybe throw some suggestions my way? preferably in ears. 
i listen to everything from classical to dubstep to metal and even country lol.. 
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They look great thanks for the suggestion, i forgot to mention i cycle and run alot would there be a specific pair that would be more durable but still of good sound quality within this price range someone could show me? 
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the soundmagic pl50s are just out of my price range for the next couple of weeks i think so im looking at
the pl21's would you know if they are durable enough for a active person? or am i going to buy them love them and bury them within the month? 
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For sports? Meelectronics m6. fx40 or fx101 can be used for sports cause they are big and fit tight in your ears and sound outstanding for the price. The key for a lasting iem used while running is to not pull them off while exercising so they dont get wet.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions your a very friendly community :) 
I went with the soundmagic pl21's for today, but i will be sure to keep all your suggestions in mind when purchasing my next pair of iems :) 

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