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IEM with Great Bass + Sound Quality

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  1. hman1001
    Hey guys, 
    Im looking for an IEM with great bass. Im new so any help would really be appreciated. Im not exactly sure if Monster Beats by Dr. Dre is actually good bass or not, but I want something with as much power and punch as the Beats. I want an IEM that has good sound quality with the bass too. My price range is anywhere from $0-150. I listen to Rap, dubstep and pop music so I really like my bass. I have been using Lenntek Sonix 3's but they broke so I am in need of new headphones.  
    Thx for any help.
  2. KEP1
    JVC HA-FX101 @ $15 (Amazon.com)
    JVC HA-FX3X @ $60 (eardio.com and eBay) - on par with the cks77
    Audio-Technica ATH-CKS77 @ $90 (accessoryjack.com)
    Sony MDR-XB90EX @ $110 (eBay) - apparent bass king iem's at the moment
  3. Angels and Air
    I had the Monster Beats Tour, and after I sold them, I got the Shure SE215 and was very impressed by it.
  4. weikiang
    +1 for SE215. A really nice IEM with good soundstage. I was totally surprised by it. Another choice will be klipsch S4. soundstage not as wide but also quite bassy.
  5. SpringBiscuit
    get the latest Beyerdynamic XP series, they have 3 different sound for you to pick in USD 60
  6. hman1001
    Thanks everyone for all the help. The Shures seem nice but are they actually comfortable to wear? Also, how do the Hippo VB and Ultimate Ears stack up against the Beats?
  7. Angels and Air
    The Shure's are comfortable to wear. Especially since it has an Over-Ear Design, it has a very solid fit.
  8. blueangel2323
    if you want bass you can't do better than the velodyne vpulse. not the best ergonomically (at least for my mutant ears) but the sound quality is excellent. bass is accurate and goes wayyyy down, but not boomy at all (no mid-bass hump).
  9. Doc-holliday
    Before u pull that trigger check out the sennheiser cx200 for $20 bucks. I have tried them against a bunch of other iems including the shures and they blow away a lot of other competitors.

    You can still get the 20 dollar price if u buy from jr music via amazon. I personally use comply foam tips to lessen the bass impact, so if its bass u want, right out of the box u will love these. I got 4 people at my work to ditch their iems for these (most of them were using the dreadful sounding bose in ear model).

    The comfort also blows away the shure model because they are so small and lightweight. I just took a flight accross the us and used these over my 150 dollar triplefi 10 the whole time due to the great comfort and sound.

    Worse case scenario... You try em and u end up getting the shures too and give em away. But im sure u will be happy with these.
  10. picco007
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the boards and I just had some UE super fi 5 EB's destroyed by my dogs.  I'm in need of some new great sounding IEM's.  I am thinking about getting the M-Audio clones of the UE's I  had but would like to try something else that has the same amount of bass.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I'm thinking about 200 dollar price range is the most I will pay.  Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks in advance.
  11. hman1001
    So I know this is kinda out of topic, but what is Over Ear Design?
  12. Doc-holliday
    That refers to headphones not iem. Means the fit kinda like earmuffs They cover your entire ear. More portable headphones rest on your ears and don't cover them entirely.
  13. FSNDET
    In this case though with the above mentioned Shure SE215's I think over-ear design means you wear the wire over your ear instead of straight down.. That's how I read it anyway.
  14. Doc-holliday
    Sir you are correct he means this from Shure's description of the product:

    "*Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle is designed to rest comfortably in the ear.
    *Over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way."
  15. lilboozy
    How does it compete with the she3580
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