1. SDee

    Bass IEMs

    Got 50$ to spend on Bass-oriented IEMS currently have the M9Ps and Klipsch X10s    love them both (for the money) but looking for something that is bass oriented (not boomy bass though) and preferably something durable, I want the Bass to be noticeably better than the X10s otherwise am...
  2. xaddictionx

    [Discuss] The Perfect Combination of Sound Signature

    Hi guys! Just to start an interesting and interactive topic. Do state the various combinations of sound signatures of different IEMs as to tune your own "perfect" signature! :) I will start the ball rolling! Lows (bass): The sub bass of Hippo VB Mids (vocals): Well positioned mids and vocals...
  3. whendeathfails

    Bass head in ear/buds?

    Im back again looking for a pair of in ear/buds  that will let me get the most out of those bass heavy beats i love so much. I was just wondering some personal faves or the best for the style. id like the price under 100$ but will go to 150$.
  4. canuck88

    Please help - my unsuccessful journey so far in selecting new IEMs

    Hi all,   I've spend the past week researching the heck out of IEMs to try to find a replacement for my Brainwavz M2's. They still work, but my wife needs 'new' ones so I'm taking the opportunity to pass those on to her while getting something new. Just for context, I also have a pair of...
  5. Mihai72003

    Help with AKG K375!!!

    Hi guys , im new to the forum and i need some help!! Im looking for some earbud's to buy , i curently have a pair of Radius Atomic Bass 2 that broke and looking to upgrade for something beter if not the same as the Radius Atomic's.Im looking for something overall good but with strong BASS (...
  6. BlastAway

    Well isolated (non vented) sub bass oriented sub $100 IEM

    As topic title states. Looking for a well isolated IEM which delivers a deep, tight and noticeable sub bass. JVC FX500, Hippo VB, and Storm Cyclone pr2 are all examples of bass heavy headphones, but they're all vented, which let's a lot of environmental noise get through. Can someone advise...
  7. zelly

    New in-ear earbuds under 100$

    Currently own Klipsch image s4 and only reraly get the sound I want and that is when I have them 100% fitted and not moving my head. The bass is amazing then and I still hear the the clear vocals and all details in the songs. However they doesnt sit very well in my ears and when they fall a...
  8. shak85

    Static sound with headphones ? Soundcard issue or headset

    Guys i have a weird issue with the sound produced from my headset . I have hippo vb and vsonic gr02 earphones  . When i plugin to the headphone port i can hear static sound / interference when listening to low volume or no music at all . It is annoying and only when i increase the volume the...
  9. shak85

    Best headphone amp for bass fan (electronic music , rnb , and rock music)

    Hello   I need your wisdom to choose an amp for me . I have bass headphones , hippo vb , vsonic gr02 and xiaomi piston . I was wondering which amp of these will help me get the full potential of my headphones .   I already ordered pa2v2 but i heard that it doesn't give much bass boost . I'm...
  10. hilby

    Need help choosing a new IEM around the £50 mark

    Hello, this is my first post on these forums and they seem like the best place to ask this question I was just wondering what is the best bass oriented IEM I can get for around £50? I'll go through what I have purchased in the past and also personal choices for new IEMs   V-moda Bass Freq  ...
  11. shak85

    Portable amp for IEM (hippo vb , xiaomi IF , vsonic, hd 202)

    Hello    I want to buy best amp for money for under 50GBP for these headphones (hd 202 is over the ear my mistake) . I'm between the E6 and E11 . I don't travel a lot i mostly use my headphones with my pc . Which one you think would serve me best ? I already have ELE Dac 
  12. creavasst

    IEM Upgrade Recommendation for Hippo VB

    Hi everyone,   I'm quite new in this forum but I've spent hours reading through many reviews here. I have DT770/80, ATH M50 (both due to reviews here  ), and Hippo VB (got it free in package with m50 yay).  I'm planning to upgrade my Hippo VB and looking for IEM with similar sound signature...
  13. oHUTCHYo

    Hippo VB vs. Hisound Wooduo 2 vs. Sony XB90EX

    Hi All, I've been on a journey for some time looking for a spiritual successor to my beloved Hippo VB. Let me just say that I'm on my second pair of Hippo and they have been superb, I feel lucky that I found an IEM so early on that really satisfied what I wanted so much; conversely it also made...
  14. oHUTCHYo

    Spec Me... DJ/Studio/Bass Heavy Cans

    Hi Guys I'm not terribly clued up on full size phones but do like my IEMs, particularly my Hippo VB for gym use with their divine sub/mid bass thump. Likewise I've also owned Atrios, so you may get a feel for the sound I like. I've grown quite a hobby of late in learning Ableton Live 9 for...
  15. BrianFizz

    Hippo VB Repair/Recable

    2+ Years ago, while I was looking for my first pair of decent headphones, I scoured the forums of Head-Fi for the perfect pair of headphones that would fit my listening taste. I ultimately settled on the Hippo VB's, and after the initial burn-in, I loved them. I have since then upgraded to the...
  16. Has22fas

    Sony XB40EX vs Klipsch S4 vs MEelectronics M31 vs Fischer Eternas vs Hippo VB vs Radius Atomic

    As the title suggests thanks to the forum i have narrowed down my research to these particular earphones which i believe are all in the category "Basshead" which is what i look for in an earphone i currently have owned the CX-500 and XB-20s where the xb20s produced cleaner and better quality...
  17. roket52

    Hippo VB Wheres the treble?!?

    Hey all just curious to find out peoples impressions of the current batch of Hippo VB's. Jaben Audio was sold out of these IEM's for months and a new batch has just come through. I purchased a set and have to say I am completely surprised by their lack of treble. It seems they roll off after the...
  18. sulkoudai

    FAKE Hippo VB?? or just a revision??

    Hey, i recently got the Hippo VB and its very different from the photos from other Head Fiers.      Can anyone tell me if you got the same as mine??   mine definitely sounds better than my V MODA Vibes (the first version) and the packaging is exactly the same as the photos from other...
  19. jc222284

    HP-TWF11R Pro vs. Monster Turbines vs. Hippo VB

    Hello Head Fi'ers today I was trolling head-fi to find some new IEMs for my birthday coming up soon because I really need a new pair of IEMs. I am currently using ATH-M50s which I love! and Bose triport IEMs which IMO sound horrible No Bass, mids are very recessed, and highs are are very harsh...
  20. jc222284

    Hippo VB/Monster Turbines + JDSLabs CMoyBB 2.0.3?

    Just curious how would these headphones sound with the JDSLabs CMoyBB 2.0.3?
  21. andrix10

    hippo vb warranty

    Any one know what warranty do they have?
  22. Rakielis

    Are there any good IEMs like Hippo VB with detachable cables?

    I have the worst luck with cables.  In one year I have gone through a pair of RE-0 and two pairs of Hippo VBs and in all of them the cable has shorted out.   I use my headphones...excessively.  I am very careful to not toss them around, pull on them or damage them, but I do use my headphones...
  23. D-X69

    Upgrading my hippo VB?

    Well I really like the sound of the VB. Awesome bass! but lacks treble and its a lil too big, but other than that I think its an awesome pair of basshead iem for $80. And I could barely find any replacement that has better bass than the VB. Ive asked and read some suggested the "Atrio M5" but...
  24. iDynastyz

    Hippo VB or Monster Turbines

    I've been doing mind-numbing research on what specific IEM I want for <$100 but providing the bass to my standards. Alot of you say some headphones have "too much bass," In my personal opinion too much bass is impossible. I tried the xb500s at best buy and wasn't impressed at all. I've been...
  25. b-rad

    replacing Hippo VB.. suggestions

    greetings all. i'm in the market for another pair of IEM's and would like some suggestions from those in the know. my first pair of phones were the fischer audio eterna rev.2. loved them but the dog chewed them up while i wasnt looking second pair were the Hippo VB. BEST HEADPHONES i've ever...