1. b-rad

    replacing Hippo VB.. suggestions

    greetings all. i'm in the market for another pair of IEM's and would like some suggestions from those in the know. my first pair of phones were the fischer audio eterna rev.2. loved them but the dog chewed them up while i wasnt looking second pair were the Hippo VB. BEST HEADPHONES i've ever...
  2. ostewart

    Hippo VB IEM Review (BASS!!!)

    Hippo VB Review   Firstly I would like to kindly thank Hippo Audio for supplying me with this sample to review, I will try and write as honest a review as possible.   This is a subjective review, all opinions are my own, and others may not agree.       Gear used: IPod...
  3. yosi11

    Fischer Audio Eterna or Hippo VB or Fischer Audio Consonance

    I'm looking for a good but not too expensive IEM which one is the best between those 3
  4. Techno Kid

    Hippo VB impressions/review

    I got these along with the Fischer Audio Tandem, Consonance and Silver Bullet for review from Dimitri at Musica Acoustics and the VB's are quite a nice sounding IEM at their price point, here's my little review.     Build / Fit,   The Hippo VB is made out of plastic like many mid-tier...
  5. AbsoluteNOOB

    Hippo VB OR Velodyne vPulse??? PLEASEEE help

    Hey guys, my dog went to town on my Audio-Technica's and now I need a new pair of IEM = ( . I only listen to hiphop/RnB so I really want a pair of IEM that are bass HEAVYYYYY; though with that being said I would still love to have clear and crisp high's and mid's! I've read a ton of reviews on...
  6. Bassheadspl

    Is there any other bassy iems like the hippo vb?

    Hey heafiers, i have been reading up about bassy iems that have brutal amounts of bass on headfi and i come by the hippo vb. lots of people are saying that they can produce bass so loud, you can feel the drivers pushing air into your ear canal, vibrating your eardrum. This bass experience is...
  7. oHUTCHYo

    Hippo VB - Replacement Tips

    After concluding its unlikely Im going to find a worthy upgrade to my beloved Hippos, Im going to invest in to some replacement tips. Problem: Im in the UK and cant cheaply source the Sony Hybrids everyone suggests... any suggestions?
  8. oHUTCHYo

    Life after Hippo VB...what next?

    Hi Guys I've had a pair of Hippo VB for a long time now and still highly regard them for their bass thump, which I always have the bassiest plate set. I do however want to try the next level of IEM, hoping I can retain the bass of my Hippo VB but enhance clarity across the spectrum? Can you...
  9. MegaMind

    Upgrade from Hippo VB!

    Hello guys, i've been using hippo vb for a few months now with my ipod nano & i just love the way it rumbles. But i find the highs to be a bit shrill at high volumes,,    I'm planning on an upgrade to the hippo vb. I can spend around ~$150, i need the bass similar to hippo VB with wider...
  10. squallkiercosa

    Which IEMs suffer from driver flex?

    To be polite, I dislike driver flex in IEMs. I found it annoying and distracting and I can't stand readjusting them.   I was wondering if we could make a list of IEMs: for those who feel the same as I do, suffering from driver flex.   Current list:   ATH-CLK200 Brainwavz M4...
  11. rock&rollfrenchfries

    undecided. sub bass extension, isolation (sealed housing), and overall sound quality for under $100

    im ready for an upgrade from my atrio x. there is definitely a tad much midbass hump and muddiness throughout. what i listen to is IDM, EDM, chillout sort of stuff. (whatever you wanna call it) like future sound and aphex twin or even some makyo . lots of different techno really. also some...
  12. chevy454

    Narrowed down suggestions...Now what?

    Since I made my first post I been searching for the right type of IEM' s for my music style. I'm a complete bass head that loves clarity. I never would have thought it was this hard to make a decision on good IEM's. My friend swears his beats pro are best around. So I made a list of the top...
  13. chevy454

    IEM for clarity and BASS

    Hey guys i was told to come here for good advice. Im looking for some good quality earbuds for my andriod phone. Ihopewhat im looking for is not to picky but here goes..I listen to mostly rap so they have to have loud/deep bass with a mic and volume control. I also want the option to change the...
  14. Luke95

    Looking for high quality in ears. Need help!

    I listen to pretty much every genre except rap not so much. Need something that'll handle hardcore to metal to rock to electronic etc. I don't know much about headphones / earphones so I need help. My budget is 100 dollars. My choices so far have been Sol HD amps which I'm able to get for...
  15. SanjitS95

    Looking for help with first higher end in-ear purchase

    First off, I know there are already a bunch of threads like these but hopefully mine is a little more specific, so anyway... I've been lookin around online for a new pair of in-ear headphones recently since my most recent pair blew out on me. This would be my first higher end in-ear purchase...
  16. Smogg

    HELP Head-Fiers!! Please!

    It was about two years ago when I first listened to the Klipsch S4 Image headphones.  Before that, I had only ever listened to the crappy Apple iPod white earbuds.  Listening to the Klipsch S4's completely blew my mind, I had no idea what I was missing.   Fast forward two years later I have...
  17. Korean

    Loudest Bass IEM

    Hey all, I need some help deciding which IEM's to buy. I would like the absolute [B]loudest[B] bass I can get when plugged into my iPhone. I recently lost my Audio-Technica CKS-77's and decided I needed something with louder bass. My price range is around $100, and some IEM's I've found from...
  18. impoki02

    Tunable Earphones List with reviews links, graphs, and short summary.

    Hi guys,   I believe there should be more tunable earphones. I should summarize it for purchasing tunable earphone guide . So don't mind the price and leave some comments about the tunable earphone you know. Much appreciate.                   ---------------The project...
  19. ScumbagBrain123

    Anyone with a large experience of IEMs, please help me decide... (Hear me out)

    I am looking for some purely bass specified IEMs. All that matters is bass for me, as I listen to lots of bassy music (although rap happens to be excluded). I want to get the dirtiest, muddiest, loudest bass possible. Yeah, I know, "He wants muddy bass? What's with this guy?". Well, this is...
  20. hman1001

    IEM with Great Bass + Sound Quality

    Hey guys,    Im looking for an IEM with great bass. Im new so any help would really be appreciated. Im not exactly sure if Monster Beats by Dr. Dre is actually good bass or not, but I want something with as much power and punch as the Beats. I want an IEM that has good sound quality with the...
  21. jayveerivera

    Bass Rumble IEM?

    I need help finding an IEM with bass rumble under $100. I listen to Hip Hop, EDM, and R&B. The IEM will be connected to my Fiio e11 and iPhone 3gs with LOD. Some suggestions that i have are Hippo VB's, XB90EX, and Atrio MG7. Please help..
  22. QuakeFX

    Bass upgrade over the Creative EP-630

    I've been using the Creative EP-630 for years and since I'm not a hi-fi expert, I was pretty satisfied with the sound they produced and to be honest, they are just the greatest bang-for-buck IEMs. Now that I have a bit more money to spend I want to upgrade my IEMs. I listen primairly to Dubstep...
  23. Noservice

    Looking for quality Earphones or IEMS for $100

    Hello, I am a first time poster seeking some help. I own a pair of studio beats and some sol republic amp hds. I understand that beats are not the best sounding headphones but the built in amp does provide for some punchy bass. The amps hds are decent, but right out of the package the right ear...
  24. LankySwag

    I have 100 dollars and need In-Ears, recommendations?

    I'm a huge Hip Hop head so that's what I listen to. I listen to it through an iPod/iPhone, what would be the best headphones? Thanks for your help, I've looked through a couple guides and was so confused, I felt its be easier to talk to y'all directly.
  25. Maxmoro

    Hippo VB or Xears N3i

    I'm looking at a new pair of IEM. I now have skull candy FMJ which is garbage. Lot's of bass but the sound isn't clear at all.    I want to buy a new pair and hesiting between the 2. Which one is the best? I want a clear sound with lot's of bass. I've read the multi-IEM review on the forum...