1. b-rad

    deffective hippo vb

    hello all, having trouble with a pair of VB that arrived last week. right out of the box i noticed that the left speaker was not right. i believe im having the same issue i've read about other's having (but hoped i wouldnt experience). the left side sounds very different from the right side and...
  2. ttttpp

    Looking for sound-wise and stylish IEMs with mic for 4S

    Hi community, I'm new to this world, though I may not call myself a audiophile but I do enjoy listening to music I mainly listen to pop/RnB/rock and a bit of classical genre of music so I prefer bass over treble, particularly rumbling/boomy bass (sub-bass?) over punchy bass if u know what i...
  3. jared basshead

    soundMAGIC E10M- extra review

    soundMAGIC being a Chinese company though its products got high marks in reviews and are often recommended as inexpensive quality IEMs. Their PL30, priced at less than $30, feature a bass dial like the much pricier Sennheiser IE8, and their PL50 are among the least expensive balanced armature...
  4. Smogg

    Hippo VB is Hippo CRAP

    Wow, I just have to say.... well "warn" actually... others of buying the Hippo VB headphones.   I bought mine brand new from Jaben, got them within a few days.     I tried them on, hated them, burned them in for 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours, with testing at each interval, lasting for...
  5. imadroppa

    On the search for Quality IEM's

    Looking for some good IEM's at around 80-140 dollars. I listen to predominantly rap and hip-hop so I'm looking for something with good sub bass, and balanced highs & lows, with clear vocals. And also have good isolation too. I enjoyed the Xears TD4 until they screwed me over, so if anybody can...
  6. linx1287

    Help with choosing IEM

      i am looking for a good precise headphone with good bass under the $100 mark. i listen to basically all genres but i guess i have a slight lean towards trance. I am currently looking at a couple of headphones & i was hoping you & everyone else who's owned a pair of them can narrow down the...
  7. Malav

    Looking for bass heavy iem

    So Imnlooking for a very bass heavy iem and I have noticed monster turbine, sl99,sol republic amps hd, and v moda (there's a lot). Which should I get? I listen to dubstep , rap, hip hop, and techno . Also my budget is 100$ Thanks in advance
  8. noslurpy

    In Ears for $300

    I know very little about headphones. Want to spend $300 or under on some in-ears. Comfort, sound quality (obv) are priority. A decent warranty would be nice as well. Comfort: Multiple sizes are a plus Sound Quality: I likah da bass; but good sound overall is important, not just bass. Make...
  9. marco85

    What is better than Atomic Bass 2 ... bass wise.

    All the reviews make it seem as though there aren't any better ear buds.  Price really does not matter me just under 200$ would be better. I need a pair of ear buds that have the heaviest bass with the least distortion.  I can sacrifice bass for more sound quality.  I have been looking at...
  10. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Hippo VB: Bassy, Bassier, Bassiest!

    Hippo VB Review   Intro Not the newest earphones but intriguing none the less. Hippo is a company, which is the “House Brand” of popular earphone store Jaben so that is were you could purchase these. As Hippos flagship earphone they do not have a bad price that is 50 pounds plus postage so...
  11. Jay Davin

    In need of advice (Earphones)

    Hi, unlike other people, I try to tend to do research before I purchase something.    I figured I'd come to this forum and ask for advice, since people here have much more knowledge about headphones than I probably ever will. I'm just looking to make a smaller buy (100-130$) of some...
  12. tWiStEd-nOiSe

    Lost My Turbines , Looking for a Replacement

    My First Post Here so Be Easy .   2 months Ago i lost My Monster Turbines(Loved the Bass on those) that i Got from amazon Deals for $65 Shipped , those were my First Proper IEM that i Had,  and i cant take the Stupid IPod's Standard Earbuds anymore  , so im looking for a reasonably Priced/...
  13. machoxtaco

    Best headphones with bass for under $100

    I want the best headphones that feel good and have the best bass for under $100. 
  14. geoxile

    Buying replacement covers/tips for IEMs?

    Mainly looking for something to replace the ones that come with the Brainwavz M1 (because I lost most of them). Any thoughts on what to get? Most of head-fi seems to like Comply tips but they seem like a steep price just for tips, and for a $40 pair of IEMs no less. Alternative question, would...
  15. jafingi

    £100 earphones for electronic music on the go?

    Hi everyone,   I'm new here, so take good care of me    I'm looking for some new earphones that I can use on the go. Right now I have some HDJ-2000, but I would really like having some in-ear.   The device I'm listening from is my iPhone 4, and no amp, so they should be able to be...
  16. BuffaloDave

    Looking for an IEM < $100 that has a solid low-end.

    I have researched this before and came to the conclusion of the Fischer Audio Eterna's and I ordered them from Bugden Audio.  However, they never shipped them to me and their customer service rep stopped responding to my emails, come to think of it im not sure if he ever replied to one.  But I...
  17. sulkoudai

    Should i get the GR07?? Just one last check....

    Right now, I've saved up just enough for the GR07, 160 bucks from Hong Kong.    Apparently, they sound better than the IE8 and TF10 technically, the IE8 apparently has more soundstage and bass, and the TF10 apparently is more fun.   I'm currently using the Hippo VB and Cowon J3, there is...
  18. Auraomega

    Double/triple flange tips in the UK?

    Recently purchased some Hippo VB IEMs only to find they don't sit properly in my ear (coming from Klipsch IEMs). I'm lead to believe that double/triple flange ear tips would somewhat solve this issue however I can't find any in the UK that will fit the VB. I've found a few places across the...
  19. Vonx

    Fischer Audio Eterna's vs Hippo VB?

    Looking for an IEM that has a similar sound signature to the IE8 but for a better price.   I want punchy deep bass, strong emphasis on the midrange like percussion and vocals, and a smooth yet detailed high end with no fatiguing sibilance to be known of. Absolutely no harshness at all...
  20. csamantha11

    Need some advice picking out bass heavy IEMs <$100

    Hey guys. I'm pretty new to this forum and just starting my journey into hi-fi so I'd appreciate any advice you guys can give me. I'm looking for earphones under $100 with a lot of bass impact without making the overall sound too muddy or veiled. I listen to most genres of music, other than rap...
  21. sulkoudai

    am i the only one noticing this??

    everytime i don't use the my Hippo VBs for a long time....they sound a little bit 'un-durnt in' then it sounds better in about half an hour.......weird, i know...   i did notice that the VB sounded like 5 bucks headphones out of the box, but in 50 hours, its a completely different iem.
  22. sn0wday

    Best 50-100$ IEM for Bass?

    Preferably in that price range. I listen to a lot of electronic bass music and house, the sort.   I'd drop more but i just got M50's, I don't really know all the technical words for bass (response?).   Preferably something I can buy at Bestbuy (yeah it's gonna be overpriced, so if you...
  23. fishymamba

    New earphones for bass head

    Hey everybody!    I am a casual listener who just loves bass. Yeah I know bass destroys everything else and it ruins the song, but I can't get enough of it. I currently have Philips SHE9550. The reason I got these was because they were advertised as having good bass and they had a very low...
  24. 88jwong88

    Best In earphones for under 100

    so im on a tight budget after getting ath m-50s yesterday. Im not a total bass head but i do like my fair share so what are your suggestions?   Thanks.
  25. LifeOrMp3

    iem for small ears

    I am looking for some inears for under $100 with some good bass and clear sound. I want the monster turbines but it looks big are these good for small ears.If not can you help me find something else. Thanks p.s i listen to hip-hop/rap on my zune hd if this helps.