1. EndlessMike

    Where can I buy Hippo VBs

    I can't seem to find the Hippo VBs anywhere..
  2. djbasketball1

    Monster Turbine vs Westone 2? Please Help!!!!!

    I currently have Monster Turbine but im looking to upgrade.   I was wondering how much better the Westone 2's are then the Monster Turbines.   I listen to Techno, Trance, progressive and house music. Therefore I would need good bass and treble.   Also are the Westone 2's good for...
  3. KjtWicked

    Looking for IEM's to go with my new Droid

    I just got a new HTC Inspire 4g, which will allow me to have music on the go now. I had an Iphone, bu the input jack was broken. I've read through a lot of the reviews of the universal fits, but it's difficult to weed through, and I've yet to find a review that mentions the genre of music that I...
  4. Blacklisted

    New and looking for headphones.

    Hey Head-Fi community, new guy here looking for some advice on what to get for my iTouch, preferably in-ear monitors. I am out a lot, I run every day, do work around the neighborhood and would like a pair that can keep out noise that isn't my music. Would prefer in-ears but if they aren't the...
  5. bassdom

    Good earbuds for hip-hop & house music?

    After going through tons of $30 headphones that don't even last a year, I'm ready for some higher quality headphones. Most of the songs I listen to have a lot of bass. My price range is about $50-$100. I kind of had my eyes on the Klipsch Image S4's or some Monster iBeats. Can anybody recommend...
  6. veggiop

    senn cx300ii hippo vb shoot out

    hi guys, ok finally gave in to the pull of the 300s had them in 5 minutes just back from shop and all I can say is BRILLIANT! love em. these are what I have been looking for all along. sound is clear with good bass and no sharp highs. plus I just stuck em in straight out of the box, and...
  7. kaymay

    Looking for some new IEM's

    Price range: ~$125   Music Preference: Pop, Hip Hop, Soft Rock, soft music. Lots of range in musical preference.   Looking for: Best overall earphones for the price. Sound, durability, everything. I don't feel like buying a new pair for a while.   Interested in: Sunrise SW-Xcape...
  8. EasilyPersuaded

    Doesn't anyone else care about the shape of the plug?

    Having an L-plug is essential for me but it never seems to be a big deal to anyone on these forums.  If it's not an L-plug, it's a deal-breaker.  This seems to eliminate 80% of IEMs, but that's ok, since i still have quality choices.  I am just surprised that this isn't a bigger issue.  If i...
  9. sulkoudai

    Hippo VB vs Sony XB40EX vs V MODA Vibe ii vs NuForce NE 7m/6

    How do they compare??   Hippo VB-80 bucks   Sony XB40EX-50 bucks   V MODA Vibe ii-44 bucks   NuForce NE 7m-50 bucks   is there any more i should consider???   and should i wait for the new Sony XB41s??   i can't find any comparison between them around here....  
  10. hojomojo96

    Ultimate Ears 100 - opinions?

    How is the sound quality on these?   I'm looking for something really "pretty" that still has good sound quality.
  11. subxero

    My hippo VB isn't working properly =(

    at first i thought something was wrong with my gumstick, but when i tried it with my samsung mp3 player it sounded the same, my hippo VB isn't producing all the sound, its like when you put in your headphones half way and you hear this eerie sound (i dont know if you will hear it) but they are...
  12. salami

    smaller "replacement" for SuperFi 5EB?

    Hi everyone I have two pairs of UE SuperFi 5EB and I love the mix of sound quality and sound signature (lot's of clear bass, the sound is "wide" and exciting). The biggest problem is that they are simply a little too big to wear outside. I'm currently falling back to a pair of UE MetroFi 2...
  13. KneelJung

    Looking for an IEM to...

    ...use with my Clip.   Right now I'm using Porta Pro's which I like, just want something a little different. Most of my music is bluesy classic rock sort of stuff, some acoustic too. My main phones (home rig) are Grado HF2's. I'm open to something more neutral and analytical as opposed to...
  14. Jabse

    Fischer Silver bullet vs Munitio Teknine

    Soundstage(separation)/sub bass/isolation.. how do they compare?   Does silver bullet fall out of your ears if you move since it seems pretty long..   Any other recommendations are welcome ~$150
  15. iBud destroyer

    Hippo VB or Atrio M8?

    After much deliberation I've narrowed my choices down to the Hippo VB or Atrio M8. I like a smooth, musical sound which I can get lost in. I also like strong bass. I am sensitive to sibilance so I am hesitant to buy the Hippo VB. From what I've read, the Atrio M8 is like a smooth Hippo VB. What...
  16. quangvutn

    Dolby headphone amplifier ??

    I loved the sound processing of Dolby system * I have a sony S754 and hippo vb * Who can help me * I want to buy an amplifier for Dolby, to accompany them
  17. StevePod

    Hippo VB screen: how to clean or replace?

    I received a Hippo VB a few days ago and am wondering how to clean the screens. I bought the Hippo new. It did not come with any replacement screens. Thoughts?   By the way, I started looking at Head-Fi right after I received a new Nano in December. This has been a fantastic site for...
  18. Biesas

    Looking for most suitable IEM for DnB ~100£/150$

    Hi Everybody!   Have been stalking these forums for well over a year now. These forums have helped me hugely to decide on my first set of IEM's which was Eterna rev.1. But sadly after owning them for a good year they gave up on me (after a LOT of abuse).   I really LOVE the Eterna! The...
  19. whatthef

    Problem with Hippo VBs from Jaben

    Hi all,   Back in May, I bought hippo vb's from jaben and enjoyed them for several weeks until they fell apart.  First, the stress reliever on the left side tore in half.  Then the left side completely died.   I emailed jaben, but they didn't respond.  After a second email, Robin Low...
  20. Darkwun

    1st Time Portable Headphone advice

    K so my Sansa Clip+ just died and with it being a new year i'm stepping the levels up, i've decided on a Cowon J3 player and due to my budget either Hippo VB IEMs or Klipsch s4's for the gym/in uni lectures lol, what i finally want to do is buy some portable Headphones to compliment my new rig...
  21. DeatHaze

    Earbuds for under $100

    Hey guys my brother is looking into getting some high-quality earbuds and is willing to spend up to $100. Currently he has his eye set on a new product by Astro (http://www.astrogaming.com/products/detail/112/ASTAR-Ear-Buds/) but I suggested he wait and see what other options there are out...
  22. weflyhigh

    a tear literally just came to my eye

    ordered Hippo VB and Monster Turbines from recommendations here   put them in my ears... didn't fit... made 10 minutes run to radioshack, bought comply t-400s, came back, put them in, turned the volume up on a song... was like "ok ok this is pretty good" and then the bass turned on in the...
  23. souperman

    Hippo Headphones Review - Finally!

    I'm finally getting around to review Hippo headphones, the Shroom and the VB. Just FYI, I love hippos, and I love the company's name! I give all headphones I review at least 50 hours of burn-in before I listen to them closely. I use three pieces of music at V0 variable bitrate to test my...
  24. Guff

    Sorry for this one again, but Soundmagic pl30 or m9?

    Hey   Sorry to be making another thread on this. I searched on it and found a couple, but unfortunately I was left with more questions.   I'm looking for a set of IEMs, at about 30$. I listen to a lot of rap/hip-hop, a lot of acoustic, and 90s pop rock (Third eye blind, nine days, etc.)...
  25. quangvutn

    Burning headset ?

    VB I have a hippo, you can tell me what time it is burned? . I have burned more than 130H, but the bass does not improve  . So anyone here can tell me?