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Sorry for this one again, but Soundmagic pl30 or m9?

  1. Guff
    Sorry to be making another thread on this. I searched on it and found a couple, but unfortunately I was left with more questions.
    I'm looking for a set of IEMs, at about 30$. I listen to a lot of rap/hip-hop, a lot of acoustic, and 90s pop rock (Third eye blind, nine days, etc.). After obscene amounts of searching, I think I'm looking for either the m9 or pl30.
    That said, i like bass, which it sounds like the m9 has. I'm worried that it might be a little powerful though, and block out some other sounds (sorry for the lack of terms, I'm new to this). The bass doesn't need to be HUGE or anything, but I want it to be there ya know? I don't want just the flat, bass noise, I'd like to have a least a little punch. I'm generally worried that it could just overpower other parts of songs. I'd rather have good quality sound and weaker bass, then a loud bass that could muddy out other sounds, or worse sounds on songs without much bass.
    I'm really feeling the look of the soundmagic pl30s, and they seem like they'd be good. I've heard the bass is pretty quiet, but is it at least there? Does it have at least some oomph to it? Also, I'm really concerned about the hissing problem i've heard about. I plan on using this with a Cowon j1 (or something like that, some Cowon). I read that depending on the source you could get some hissing. I don't plan on getting an amp or anything, do you guys think the hissing would still be there? If so, how noticeable is it?
    Comfort would also be important. I'm usually not too fond of IEMs because they feel annoying in my ear after a while, but i think I'll go with one hear (haha, audio puns.). I've heard the pl30 is more comfortable, but how much so? Is it decision making? 
    One last thing. Do these guys leak sound a lot? I dunno if thats how to phrase it, but i'm just worried the bass off the m9 would be too loud for a study hall at school or something. I understand this is mostly to do with how loud i put it, but I was just hoping one might hold the sound better than another.
    Thanks for any and all help guys
  2. hojomojo96
    I say M9.
    Or, if you can add 10 bucks more, go for the brainwavz Pro Alpha
  3. JJBug
    I have both. The M9 is over rated IMHO and I prefer the PL30s. The PL30 respond well to Eqing bass into them and I can get them thumping with my Creative Zen Touch. There is no hope for my M9s. They just are not as good as the other IEMs I own (Klipsch S4/PL50/PL30/Hippo VB/CX300II or my M6 which cost less than my M9s as I took advantage of the special a week or so back). As you see I like bass. 
    I think the heavy bass doesn't go with the rest of the sound signature of the M9. It just doesn't sound good to me and they don't suit my preference. I got them because I read they have lots of bass and I needed a cheap winter pair (for those -20 C and colder days) but it is not good bass and I do not like the overall presentation. The PL30 is $22.95 I think at mp4nation.net and the M9 I paid full price from meelectronics which was $24.99 or $29.99. They are on for $19.99 right now as a special support the troops edition. The PL30 is way bassier with EQing and an amp than my PL50s - they are very different. You may also want to consider the Brainwaves M1 which my friend just got from mp4nation - I think they are pretty good - I will probably buy a pair soon for myself. She got them for $29 but they are back to $39 now.
    Neither leak much and I find the M9 fits better, and stay in better, but they have to be in just right for the audio to be evenly balanced for me. Very frustrating. I use UE tips for my PL30s as I don't like the ones they package with them. The Sony tips are good too. My PL50s hiss but my Pl30s and M9s do not.
    I have some IEMs I can give you for free - I'll send you a PM.
  4. Guff
    I've been looking at brainwavz, but they're just a little over my budget, and i wanna stick with it. If any sales are happening, I'll definitely pick up on those, or some m1s.
    jjbug, thatd be sick if you have IEMs you don't need, please PM if thats the case. I'd love to get a better feel as to whats what.
    How bad is the hissing on the pl50s? I've seen a lot of complaints about it on the pl30s, so I'm thinking it could probably pop up at some point. that could be a deciding point if the hissing is too bad.
    Thanks a lot 
    EDIT: Well the M6s went on sale. I succumbed. I hate that over the ear thing, tho, I'm hoping to pull out the memory wire.

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