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1st Time Portable Headphone advice

  1. Darkwun
    K so my Sansa Clip+ just died and with it being a new year i'm stepping the levels up, i've decided on a Cowon J3 player and due to my budget either Hippo VB IEMs or Klipsch s4's for the gym/in uni lectures lol, what i finally want to do is buy some portable Headphones to compliment my new rig for when im on the move or at home in general.
    The key things im looking for is they aren't too big and also they dont let everyone else on my commute know what im listening to lol, also for reference i am a Bass Junkie lol
    the budget is no more than £60/$90
    Any suggestions are welcome
  2. violinvirtuoso
    Check this out:
  3. Darkwun


    My friend that link is immense, thanks a lot
    is there one for IEMs??
  4. ShenaRingo326
    here's a great iem review
  5. Darkwun
    thanks alot for the IEM link!!

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