1. subxero

    I want to order Nuforce Ne-6

    hey guys i live in toronto and i want to know where i can order them from and how much will the total be including shipping and handling
  2. SonOfFree

    Best IEM for AC/DC and Led Zeppelin under 100$

    So, my problem: I own a pair of philips 9850 and a hippo VB. I can say that i'm very happy with my hippo, but they sound too much "relaxing" when i listen to my favourite bands, acdc and led zeppelin. On the other side, philips (that lack of bass and sub-bass) are very agressive with elettic...
  3. Gfunk

    Klipsch Image S4 or Hippo VB??? Which is the better IEM

    So im looking to purchase a new in ear headphone on a limited budget and the ones i have my eye on are the Klipsch Image S4 and Hippo VB. I need a iem with a lot of bass and low end , and these 2 in various reviews have stuck out of th ebunch. I just want your guys opinion on these, or any other...
  4. zerogun

    Funny ear hole..suggestion for some earphones?

    Hi guys,   I was using a set of AT-EC700 and currently they're out of commission with a loose wire that's not feeding sound to the left ear. I'm hoping to have them fixed, but looking into the option of purchasing a new set of earphones.   So as the title suggests, I've got a funny ear...
  5. mechanix

    Can't Decide Which IEM To Buy

    I want to buy a new pair of ear-canal headphones after a friend of mine screwed up my Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision pair. I was able to use it for a brief period and I was "content" with them, because it was my first Sennheiser earphones and I expected a bit more. Now I'm thinking if I should...
  6. gimmethatbeatfool

    Hippo VB + FA Eterna OR Sennheiser IE7 OR Radius DDM -> Bass quality and quantity?

    Hey, I've finally narrowed it down to these 4 IEMS.   I'm looking for something that covers all bases of bass, solid mids and highs, and good build quality. Comfort and sound stage is a plus, isolation not so much of a deal. I'm in sore need of something that just satisfies.   Granted...
  7. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Hippo Shroom and VB

    Before the review, I want to thank Uncle Wilson @ Jaben for the samples. Hippo Shroom - Clean Sound in Miniature Spec Driver: Single 6mm Dynamic Sensitivity: 95dB + 4 SPL / mW Impedance: 16Ohm @ 1 kHz Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20 kHz Cord: 1.25m Plug: Gold-Plated Stereo 3.5mm...
  8. Gfunk

    Best in ear earphones with lots of bass!

    Ok so my earphones just died on me (the right earphone has blown) , and i need a new pair for under $150 that has a ton of bass, because to be honest i cant stand music without any bass. Ive looked at the Dr Dre in ear tour headphones which have been mentioned for the nice bass, is there any...
  9. DigDub

    Hippo VB Canal Phones

    with the plate off. the nozzle is not covered, so the driver grill is visible inside the body when looking through the nozzle. just got these from jaben for $98 singapore dollars with a fiio 3 thrown in. i have a feeling it is from crossroads or a spinoff, since it uses a 10mm 'mylar...
  10. SparkyXI

    Suggestions on in-ear universal fit under $75

    Hi everyone. First post. Huzzah.   So - I would consider myself an audiophile: I have been a musician for most of my life and have prior experience in the recording studio (on both sides of the glass, with an AA Degree as a studio engineer). That being said, I've been rocking Skullcandy...
  11. Ultrazino

    Comfortable IEM for iPhone to Relax?

    After seeing how many people are convinced of IEMs in the Headphone VS Earphone thread I've decided to give IEMs another try. My last pair were Senn's CX-500 and they couldn't convince me at all.   Source is an unamped iPhone 3GS. All music is at least encoded in AAC VBR 256 kBits/s. A few...
  12. gimmethatbeatfool

    $200 spending limit, bass lover!

    Hey, in the market for new IEMs, and I'm looking for something with great bass, and decent mids and highs. Ideally I would rather spend less than more, so I would like something with the best bang for the buck, but that's what I'm willing to go to.     I've owned CX300s, EP-630s, R1s...
  13. manugeorge


    some hippo-vb owners  in head fi saying that vb sound worse when connecting with e5 or any similar amps is that true I am really confused and different reviews about vb shows different answers some are saying they are bad some says they are one of the best iem under 100$ what will I do, please...
  14. racer_x124

    IEM with bass like Hippo VB/MTPG, Clarity like RE0?

    So far my search for IEMs has been unlucky but I think a mix similar to this would be prefect. Any suggestions that are similar to the deep bass of the Hippo VB but with the nice mids and highs of the RE0?   So far I have had: Head-Direct RE0 Hippo VB Monster Turbine Pro Gold Victor/JVC...
  15. manugeorge


  16. Mochan

    Hippo VB vs. Vmoda Vibes

      I borrowed a friend's Hippos and was excited to try these highly-regarded bass monster IEMs. However, my initial impressions have me a little confused.   I'll be comparing them first to the Vmoda Vibes, which is the only IEM I have on me at the moment. This is fine because the Vibes are...
  17. Isaac B

    Hippo VB experience?

    Hello, I'm trying to decide on my very first IEM, sub-$100. I was about to order the Nuforce NE-6 / 7M after reading lots of good things about them in this forum, but after reading this review of 5 Jaben phones, the Hippo VB caught my attention: Quote: Hippo VB (Variable Bass) Enter...
  18. Cat Shlongus

    Best IEM for a bass head?

     Sorry if this is an over posted topic, I have perused all of the similar ones but need a little more specific guidance. I'm looking for an in ear headphone for around the 100$ mark that can satiate my desire for orgasmicly deep bass.   I Mainly listen to bass-centric Electronic/dance tunes...
  19. dannyn382

    Headphone Selection

    Hello,   I was wondering if you could recommend either an IEM or in ear headphone for me. I am probably looking for something under $150, but could possibly go higher. I have been looking at the Shure SE315 or the Hippo VB. I would be open to many other options as well. I am really looking...
  20. akshayshah12

    IEM that can produce excellent Sound imaging.

    Hi guys, so far i have tried Brainwavz M2, Soundmagic E10, Soundmagic E30, Hippo VB, Sennheiser CX300-II, Sennheiser CX-180 etc. I love E10 over rest all. Thanks to the folks who recommended. But none of them has exceptional imaging capability. Hippo VB being the costliest among the lot, was let...
  21. Bassheadspl

    Meelectronics sp51 vs Hippo VB? Whats the difference between the two?

    Hi, i am wondering if the Meelectronics sp51 has the same amount of subwoofer bass like the Hippo vb? Does the Meelectronics sp51 crackle at high volume when amped? To me they look almost identical to the hippo vb, the external design is similar, also with the changeable ports.
  22. Bassheadspl

    I need an alternative bassy IEM to the Hippo VB? Bassheads Please Help Me Out.........

    Hi, I am looking for a IEM that has the same bass output or more as the Hippo VB. I want an IEM that can provide lots of deep subwoofer bass that can move lots of air, bass that you can feel. I want an IEM that has drivers that don't crackle when amped because all the IEMs i currently have do...
  23. Hippo VB

    Hippo VB