Need help choosing a new IEM around the £50 mark
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Jul 11, 2014
Hello, this is my first post on these forums and they seem like the best place to ask this question I was just wondering what is the best bass oriented IEM I can get for around £50? I'll go through what I have purchased in the past and also personal choices for new IEMs
V-moda Bass Freq
These are the first earphones I got when I was 16, I thought they were pretty decent with great bass response although the treble wasn't too good and build quality was pretty awful, they were about £25
Denon c751
I then bought these earphones when I was 18 and personally I thought they were pretty quiet on maximum volume, but other than that the bass was good but not too overpowering and the treble was nicely balanced with low sibilance, I got them used for about £70 so this might have had an impact. I definitely know they were genuine since the seller gave me a receipt and I also burned them in for around 50 hours, but this didn't have much of an impact since they were already used
I then bought these at university, being a student my budget was pretty tight but I was surprised by how well these performed considering they cost under £15, the bass was incredible for it's price but the treble was extremely harsh although the mids were well pronounced, they broke after a couple of months so I then bought the slightly newer model which has a slightly driver, these were 10mm while the newer model was 8.5mm
These are relatively the same as the older model, I really didn't like the design which seems cheaper when compared to the already cheap previous model. The sound was practically the same but lacked a little power compared to the HA-FX1X, they broke in a shorter period of time so I decided to give up on the line altogether as I was still in university so I couldn't afford to keep replacing them, plus claiming under warranty was a bit of a hassle since they were so cheap to begin with
After a bit of researching I decided to buy these for amazon for £29.95. These have to be my favorite earphones by far, the volume and bass is excellent and the treble is crystal clear, my only gripe is that since September 2013 I have had them replaced under warranty about 6 times which is atrocious, I can't fault the customer service though which is excellent, every time I reported a fault which was usually around 1-2 months I received a new pair the next day with free postage and a free-post return envelope. I absolutely love these earphones but I can't keep claiming under warranty constantly as it is getting pretty annoying, I understand that a lot of earphones at this price range break at around 1-2 months but I take reasonably good care of the earphones I buy, usually putting them in a case when not in use
Soundmagic E10S
Last week I purchased these earphones and they sounded great at first but were just a little bit too quiet at maximum volume, the sound quality was pretty good. This model is quite hard to find, it has a one button remote and a switch on the jack that makes it compatible with both android and apple devices, I purchased it for £40.
Here are potential earphones that I have researched and seem to fit the bill, I am concerned that most of them can only but bought outside of the UK which would make claiming under warranty difficult, I am looking to spend around £50 but some of the choices are slightly over that
[size=13.3333339691162px]Hippo VB - £51 - Shipped from Singapore[/size]
[size=13.3333339691162px]These seem really nice but get mixed reviews, especially on build quality. The only thing putting me off is that they are based in Singapore so if I needed to claim warranty I would probably need to spend around £20 on shipping and customs charges which is pretty high, but if you order from Jaben you also get a free DAC-USB amp which is a nice touch[/size]
Fischer audio eterna - £60 - were £39 on but they don't sell them anymore - UK
These seem really good also but they are slightly above my price range, but you can get them in the UK and they also seem to last based on reviews, the plastic housing and artifacts don't bother me as long as they are durable
Wooduo 2 - £60 - UK
These seem really nice and the design looks awesome, judging from reviews they seem to have amazing bass with great clarity and volume, also the fact that you can get them in the UK is attractive, 
Sony XB90EX - £60ish - Can only seem to get from Japan but like the Wooduo 2's their reviews say that they have awesome bass with great clarity and the huge 16mm drivers are pretty interesting
Velodyne Vpulse - around £30 - Shipped from USA, the low price and build quality seems too good to be true based on reviews, I've only really heard good things about these to be honest
I'd really appreciate any suggestions :) Thanks in advance
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Oct 31, 2008
hey, reading that it seems you really like a V shaped sound.  not sure how your managing to kill the ma350s though.
so the wooduo2s for the money have vast and spectacularly good bass.  it may not have a the treble quantity your after though.  i would have said ma600 or maybe even the 750 but since you seem to have an issue with keeping them alive maybe not, still the 750 is a rather diff construction so maybe it would last longer?
i want to suggest the Panasonic HJE900 but i dont think you can get it any more.  hmm maybe the Telefunken TH-120?

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