Help with AKG K375!!!
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May 25, 2013
Hi guys , im new to the forum and i need some help!! Im looking for some earbud's to buy , i curently have a pair of Radius Atomic Bass 2 that broke and looking to upgrade for something beter if not the same as the Radius Atomic's.Im looking for something overall good but with strong BASS ( aren't we all!?!? :)   , i have read that the Hippo VB's are good for that but the problem is that im from Romania and i can't find them anywhere in the country ,even in Europe.Ive been looking at the AKG K375 witch are at a good prise here , about 80 US Dolars , but i cant find any good reviews about them!! Can someone help me with some opinions about the AKG's or something that has very good Bass. Price :up to 150 US Dolars or 120 Euro , and in order of importance BASS, HIGH's, MID's  but good quality overall. Please excuse me if my speling is not that great :).Thank's

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