1. ostewart

    FS: Beyerdynamic XP1 and XP2 (free worldwide shipping) (Price Drop!)

    For sale is 1x XP1 (bassy) 1x XP2 (balanced) 1x XP3 (neutral with good detail) All like new with box and all accessories, less than 5hrs ear time. $45 each, shipped worldwide Payment via PayPal, gift or you pay fees.
  2. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] beyerdynamic XP1, XP2 and XP3 –The Asian Exclusive

    beyerdynamic makes fantastic portable and full sized headphone. Earphones however don’t seem to be the focus of the company.  Late last year, beyerdynamic teams up with to introduce the new XP series exclusively to the Asian market, including Asia Pacific. The three models, XP1, XP2...
  3. HottSushiz

    flat cable design IEMs under $100?

    Hi recently my Hippo VB's broke and they were amazing i love the bass response but what frustrated me was the cabling, I borrowed my friends Ultimate Ears 400 which lacked bass but were oh so amazing with the flat cable design. I simply scrunched them up, put them in my pocket, and when i needed...
  4. ostewart

    Review: Beyerdynamic XP Series (Great Budget IEM's)

    Beyerdynamic XP series Review   I would like to thank Jaben Singapore for supplying me with these samples, I will try and write as honest a review possible.   All models went through at least 50hrs of burn-in, the sound did tighten up a bit, so don’t judge them straight out of the box...
  5. hman1001

    IEM with Great Bass + Sound Quality

    Hey guys,    Im looking for an IEM with great bass. Im new so any help would really be appreciated. Im not exactly sure if Monster Beats by Dr. Dre is actually good bass or not, but I want something with as much power and punch as the Beats. I want an IEM that has good sound quality with the...
  6. SpringBiscuit

    Beyerdynamic New XP series, the Unexpected

    Quoted from Jaben Network, seem Beyerdynamic had released their latest "XP Series" earphones in the market which had 3 models XP1, XP2, XP3. According to Jaben Network, these models present different sound and able to accommodate all kinds of music in the market. And surprisingly the price is...
  7. neocero

    Looking for IEMs

    Hello people. I've been looking to buy some good in ear pieces for quite some time. I use some really cheap earphones right now, and I'd really like to have something that sounds at least decent. I don't know much, if anything, about IEMs or earphones, so I'd like some advise on that matter...
  8. midniteboss

    Best IEMs for Hip-Hop / Rap music? $100 and under.

    Looking for the best IEMs that I can get for $100 and under.    I listen to mostly hip-hop / rap so I would like the bass to be strong but also balanced and clear sounding.    I also like the warm sounding mids in headphones as well.    The only other IEM that I've owned are the...
  9. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Beyerdynamic XP Series: Beyer Storm the Budget Market!

    Beyerdynamic XP1, XP2 and XP3 Review   Introduction:   Beyerdynamic do not need too much introducing. They are one of the biggest headphone manufacturers out there coming straight from Germany similar to the likes of Sennheiser. However although this is the first product of theirs that I...
  10. Beyerdynamic XP1

    Beyerdynamic XP1

    The NEW Beyerdynamic XP series, a flat cable, tangle-free earphone with a canted eartip design. Sitting comfortably in the concha to give you the comfort that is absent from lots of earphones, the XP will amaze you with the sound at the affordable price you did not think it is possible. Comes...