1. GhostKage

    Good budget In-Ear Monitors?

    Hey everyone! I'm not a big poster but I'm always looking on these forums when looking for reviews and just seeing what the latest stuff is. Being a college kid I don't have too much money so I can't go off and buy some of the top-notch stuff, as much as I would like too. Right now I've got a...
  2. hman1001

    IEM with Great Bass + Sound Quality

    Hey guys,    Im looking for an IEM with great bass. Im new so any help would really be appreciated. Im not exactly sure if Monster Beats by Dr. Dre is actually good bass or not, but I want something with as much power and punch as the Beats. I want an IEM that has good sound quality with the...
  3. bmeat

    ultimate ears vs klipsch

  4. bmeat

    jvc marshmallows

  5. jaehwanie

    So I Just Bought These...

    So I just bought sennheiser cx 300-b for 20 bucks on amazon. Was it worth it? I read reviews that the sound is outdated, the balance is bad, and breaks too easily.   I was choosing between Sony MDR-XB20EX, Klipsch Image S2, and Sennheiser cx 300.   Did I make the right choice?  ...
  6. Alxr19

    Stage iems recommendation?

      The band I play in is going to iems and the pair that come with the system suck. I have been look at some earphones in 100-200 range and wonder what I should get. I would also be great to be able to wear them over the ear. I have a pair of klipsh s2 that I love. There are 3 pairs I am...
  7. Vega Greywolf

    Full Review - AKG Q460's

    Hey there, all    Figured before I get to the review I'd do a small run-down on me, as this i my first review. I'm a 2 year headphone fanatic, having worked as a retailer and headphone go-to guy at my work. I've been using Head-fi to bolster my knowledge for most of that time, and seriously...
  8. raul8

    Expert Advice: Which one is the best buy within $55

    Need some expert advice here.   Which headphone should be the best buy within a range of upto $55 (i.e. Rupees 2500/-) Can be either In-Ear or Over-Ear. I'm just looking for clear audio and noise isolation. Basically for watching movies, games and music(lots of music).   Brands...
  9. FER18

    good isolator and durable headphones

    wich ones do you recomend, I want some durable headphone with good isolation:   Klipsch S2 sennheiser cx 400 sennheiser cx 250   or any other option in this price
  10. AndImObama

    About to purchase VSonic GR07's.

    So I've heard great things about these IEM's. However, what I'm worried about is bass. Currently, my Klipsch S2i's have trouble replicating some songs, the bass becomes distorted. Does anyone know what the bass is like on these, and if I'll be disappointed when I drop $170 on them? They're...
  11. bmeat

    isolation for drumming

  12. saurabh

    soundmagic pl50 or klipsch s2,s3 or UE metrofi 170

    hey everyone..m looking to pick a budget iem in a day or two. m not buying online. so the only options available in the local store in my region are Soundmagic,klipsch,UEs n senheissers. I hv shortlisted.. Soundmagic pl50 Image s2,s3 Ue metrofi 170 I mostly listen to alt.rock n classical piano...
  13. white ice

    Sennheiser HD 201, 448 O.R Pioneer SE-MJ51?

    After hours of narrowing down some good headphones i came out with these three. Sennheiser HD201-http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-HD201-Lightweight-Over-Ear-Headphones/dp/B0007XJSQC/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Sennheiser...
  14. Vlooienuker

    Can Monsters Gel Tips fit the RE0's?

    Hi I was just wondering if the monster gel tips can fit the RE0's and if they can can you just tell me please?                                      Thanks in advanced    
  15. Farhan9521

    Need help on choosing iems =)

    Hey there. I'm fairly new here and i'm not quite an audiophile. that why i really need help from u guys. I usually listen songs from my Sony Walkman S744 and PC. Actually I wanted to seek for an upgrade from my Sennheiser CX200 and UE MetroFi 100. Currently interested in A-Jays 2/3...
  16. canikickit1

    How big of an upgrade over S4s? ~$120-150

    Hey guys, new to Head-Fi...   After reading all the reviews and hype, I decided to buy a pair of Image S4s as my first $20 < purchase of headphones.    Being no audiophile, I was impressed with the SQ, but feel a bit underwhelmed, considering the amount of rave reviews on it, I was...
  17. youngngray

    So I've got this $50 Best Buy Gift Card...

    Alright, so here's the deal. I recently received a $50 Best Buy gift card. However, there isn't really much worth spending money on at Best Buy. So, I have a quest, find the coolest, most interesting, or most promising (terms are flexible...), audio-related item at Best Buy around $50 (no more...
  18. Cali101

    Fiio LOD cable giving me problems...

    I got my Fiio E5 a few days ago, and I was using the 3.5mm --> 3.5mm cable that came with it while I waited for the L5 cable to arrive.   So this morning, I plug the LOD cable into from my walkman to the E5, and the first thing I notice is that the volume is suddenly deafening - I had the...
  19. Dzhozef

    Looking for an upgrade from Meelec M6s

    Hello, I am looking for a decent (noticeable) upgrade from me Meelec M6s. I like the sound signature of the M6s but I was looking for something with a flatter signature overall. Out of the following IEMs which would you think suits me best? Klipsch Image S2 Woodees IESW101B Thinksound Thunder I...
  20. musiccraze

    Looking For A Pair of IEM's, Under $200, Fluid Bass, Noise Isolation Fit For An Airplane! Help me choose!

    New to posting on Head Fi, but have read many posts on this excellent website.   Here's my situation:   I am looking for a pair of IEM's that fits my criteria (as posted in title): - <$200  - Fluid Bass, Not loud bass like the Sennheiser IE8's - Noise Isolation to Block Airplane...
  21. Persefone

    Earphone recs for METAL ($50-$80)

    Hey. So I'm looking for some earphones that sound good overall for all subgenres of metal/rock. I had a pair of Klipsch S2's for the past year and they sounded great to me but then the wiring screwed up and I couldn't hear out of them anymore. I can't really afford an expensive pair right now so...
  22. WakiDabeast

    Earbuds for under 40$

    i found some nice earbuds the sony ex300sl's the denon ah-c260, and the klipsch s2's  im sure there all legit except for the sony's which i found on amazon here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003FM7KIK/ref=ord_cart_shr?ie=UTF8&m=AFO7XUVWFFBL2 are these fake? the cheapest ones   anyway...

    Give Me YOUR opinion on these earphones!

    Hey there Forum! So as mentioned above,I would like to hear hear your opinion about the earphones I'm considering to buy. Sony MDR-EX300SL Dr Dre iBeats Klipsch Image S2 or S4i   So tell me what you think of these earphones,or recommend some other models that you think is better and...
  24. jaqueh

    [Review] Klipsch S2 (new! added Klipsch S4 impressions)

    In my quest for the perfect sub $40 in-ear earphone, sadly I have fallen short again with these Klipcshes.    I bought these earphones off of amazon a while back for just $25, based almost entirely on its looks and the brand name since i couldn't find many quality reviews for them. Some...
  25. Xtn85

    !! Need to buy NOW at a local store/ IEM with good sound isolation !!

    I wish I had the time right now to read and research, but I don't. I have my final exam in a few days with tons of material to cover and my neighbors are driving me screwing nuts and I'm getting really pissed off and I can't study.   Please suggest in ear headphones that are decent that I can...