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isolation for drumming

  1. bmeat
  2. bmeat
  3. MrQ
    PM Windsor. He's a professional drummer and is sure to have some advice.
  4. bmeat
  5. bbrunskill
    I'm a pro musician, and gig playing drums at least a couple of times a month.
    I've used Sennheiser CX300, UE Super Fi 5, UE700, and various cans including Sennheiser 280PRO.
    I would say that isolation was very poor with CX30, and UE700. 
    It's slightly better with UE super fi 5 and the cans. The other important thing is comfort - the wire from full size headphones comes down the side usually, and it's a pain, getting caught in one arm all the time. IEMs, with wire going down my back are more comfortable.
    Also, with cans, they tend to shift with movement, IEM's are a bit better at staying in place. With IEM's, I don't feel like I'm wearing something extra. Cans always feel bulky and a bit silly.
    If you take drumming seriously, I would recommend custom IEMs - the best isolation and comfort.  
  6. bmeat
  7. Tronz
    Sorry for my zero contribution to this thread but I thought the title said " Isolation for dummies ". [​IMG]
  8. yipcanjo
    My son is a drummer (+ I'm a long-time musician), and I would probably lean you toward the Etymotic stuff -- MC5 (cheaper), HF5 (more expensive, better sound) or the ER4 Series (best).  With the triple-flange ear tips, the isolation is wonderful!  I've also used them as in-ear monitors for some on-stage show stuff, and they worked well.
  9. ibsimon
    Get some shure's like the SE215s 

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