1. sameesamdon

    Bass heavy IEM better than ATH CKS 77 ???

    Hi Guys,   I recently bought ATH CKS 77 on line. It arrived today but my first impression is not that very good in favor of it.  I have JVC explosives, SOny XB 500.. the bass amount of ATH CKS 77 does not meet my expectations. But I admire it cos of the clarity it produces.   Can you...
  2. arctyler

    Help me find some bass heavy IEMs for under 150!

    I just got some ATH-M50's but they are too much of a pain to carry all around, and I need something more portable like IEMs, but I want them to have a punch like the ATH-M50s or better, and they have to be under 150, I'd prefer them to be the ones that don't go around the ear but it doesn't...
  3. gauravhbk

    Ath cks-77 vs Klipsch S4??

    Im new here, and so dont know if this is a stupid one to ask. I am only looking at these two after reading forums here, and want an under $100 iem. My main requirement is a lound, punch, bassiest music. I already have an s4 which I broke, so just need to know whether i should just buy another...
  4. hewhogamez

    Looking for a new pair of iems

    So I am looking for a pair of in ear phones. I recently lost my Klipsch S4i and would like to buy a replacement. I would like to see what other headphones can compete with the S4. I am looking for around the $50 range that can match or exceed the bass output or the soundstage that the S4 offers...
  5. xTIRO

    Can't decide on a pair of in-ear headphones.

    I currently own a pair of V-Moda Bass Fréq Metals that I got for $35 and I was looking to get another pair of headphones that aren't so overwhelming on the bass and sound better.   I was thinking of getting the ME Electronics A151, ATH-CKS55BK, Klipsch Image S4 or Phiaton PS 20, or maybe...
  6. sameesamdon

    What are the best eartips for CKS 77 ?? Please help

    Hi All,   I recently bought CKS 77 and after a little bit of burn-in and plugging in the biggest eartips came with I find it really bassy and punchy.. But I find the eartips very uncomfortable now..    Can some one please suggest some very comfortable eartips which has very good seal...
  7. librarian

    Headphones to match Hifiman HM-602

    I recently got the HM-602 and I have sold out almost all my portable gear. I just find the sound of this dap to be simply great! The analogue-like sound of the non oversampling td1543 dac chip is just what I have been looking for. I enjoy it very much with Yuin G1A. This is my favourite. The 150...
  8. brainchow

    IEMs similar to the CKS77, but less jarring/better fit?

    So my beloved CKS77 died out on me and I'm in need of another set. Can you guys help me out here? Much appreciated. Budget - South of $100. eBay/Amazon/used/refurbs is fine. Source - iPhone 5 w/ Denon Audio app, gives me an EQ that I applied a huge bass boost to. Requirements for...
  9. DNZGamer

    Post your EQ settings for your headphones

    Gonna try to turn this topic into a glossary of EQ settings. Please post in this format:   Brand Model EQ Program Audio Technica ATH-CKS77 Balanced Realtek Onboard Denon AH-D2000 Balanced Electri-Q Denon DN-HP700 Balanced Realtek Onboard M-Audio Q40 Balanced...
  10. nomis3613

    [REVIEW] Urbanears Bagis

    Just thought I'd put up a quick review of these budget IEMs, in case anyone was interested.   If you're interested in my headphone listening history, I started out with a set of Etymotic 4i's. Actually, 2 sets of the 4i's, turns out they're not a very robust model. Decent sound, and very good...
  11. Spinky

    Hi and a question

    Hi Everybody,   I've visited these forums many times over the years when trying to decide what headphones to choose and have found the advice invaluable (many thanks :) ). This time I've decided to go one step further and post instead ;)   I need some in-ear headphone advice. I listen almost...
  12. Complex89

    Audio technica ATH-CKS77X vs Sony XBA 40

    So guys I'm looking for bass heavy IEMs specifically for Urban music i.e Hip Hop, DnB. I've narrowed it down to these two and I'm wondering what everyone's impression is.   Just to add, when it comes to IEMs, bass and soundstage are really important to me. So if you have any other...
  13. cardboardhome

    Best Sub $150 IEMS?

    My brother had a pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro's but they broke and at that point Monster no longer made them and claimed that they could only replace them with another line of IEMS which were far inferior. Consequently, I am now looking to buy a pair of IEMS and want to spend around $100...
  14. mikaveli06

    Audio Technica help please (iems)

      Had the cks77 and loved them.  Now confused where to go next,   cks77x (whats different from the non x version) cks 99 (step up from the 77?) cks 1000 (better than 77s, how does it compare to the 99s)   I have the ath ws99 and absolutely love them signature wise.  (although the new...
  15. s4one

    ATH-CKM77/CKM99 vs ATH-CKS70/CKS77BK

    Does anyone have any reviews on these earphones?   I am looking for some earphones that are easy to drive, nothing that requires too much power. For example, I am currently using Kipsch S2's. To me they require a lot of power. I mean when I use them on my phone and mp3 they have a limit but...
  16. MIlky11

    Need a comparison of ATH-CKS55 vs ATH-CKS77

    I've heard good things about the CKS77. This will be my first pair of nicer IEMs, so just the CKS55 will probably sound good to me. Is it worth paying the extra $50?
  17. bboytymee

    ATH-CKS77 vs Atrios MG7

    So I'm buying my first set of high quality IEM's and I'm basically looking for something with rediculous amount of bass/subbass and I've narrowed down to these two. I also heard that Hippo VB's and Eterna's are good but I can't find Eterna's anywhere. Any suggestion as to which of these two...
  18. Shoulon

    ATH-CKS77 Red/Black in US?

    Could someone help me locate the red and black ATH-CKS77 from a seller in the US? preferably not Ebay. ive searched for abit and all sellers seem to be in japan or Hong Kong. My girl's birthday is coming up and she's always stealing my black pair. I'd like to get them before Thursday of next...
  19. moose392

    Genuine ATH-CKS77 on Amazon?

    Does anyone know if these are genuine? I love the price tag, but would hate to have fakes.
  20. slayerx44

    Audio Technica Solid Bass earphones.

    Not relevant anymore!
  21. deltaromeoz

    e17 or e11 for cks77 and m50

    hey, im new to head- fi and and this forum.cant decide between e17 or e11 as i havent tested them.heard that e11 has better amp..but spec shows that its amp is more power full but less (SNR 98 vs 108 IN e17 and THD .009% vs .001%) so not refined...also has bit more BASS than e17.dont know how...
  22. chevy454

    Narrowed down suggestions...Now what?

    Since I made my first post I been searching for the right type of IEM' s for my music style. I'm a complete bass head that loves clarity. I never would have thought it was this hard to make a decision on good IEM's. My friend swears his beats pro are best around. So I made a list of the top...
  23. LucEdwards

    Need help picking IEM for about $100

    I recently got a pair of Sennheiser HD 598's that replaced my Audio Technica ath-m50's, so now i plan to sell the m50's to get some IEM for more portability, this is my first purchase of over $20 IEM's so I'd like some help on budget is about $110 and I'd like to get some with...
  24. Fr0z3nbear

    IEM's for electronic/house music under $100

    As stated in the title, I'm looking for a pair of iem's for under $100 preferably ~80. I generally listen to progressive house, electro, dubstep and would like some suggestions for iems that have more punchy or tight bass with crisp highs as well. Also, I live in Australia, so prices may be a...
  25. donnot