1. JosephL

    Does it make sense to buy IEM's that match the DAC?

    Hello,   I'm researching inexpensive IEM's that would work well with this DAC.   Which one of these below would you suggest given that DAC?   Senn cx200 Phillips SHE3580 Monoprice 8320 Sony MH1C Koss KSC75s Philips SHE3580...
  2. FlipBack

    Sennheiser CX200

    Saw these on sale at Newegg for $15 and am wondering how they sound?  I'm currently using a pair of Nu-Force NE-600X that I got for $25.
  3. jvandyk

    Good,not great runners cans?

    They need to have the voice command for IOS and be comfortable and stay in for a serious runner.   Any suggestions?   Thanks!
  4. willyk

    Sennheiser CX150/CX200 Differences?

    A while back, I got great advice here that led me to buying Shure SE215's. Love them! But, I don't want to wear them when trail running, gym, doing yard work, etc. For me, they are for more focused listening sessions.  Once I get them on, I don't want to take them off!   So when my cheapo...
  5. Simon C

    Help, I'm a little overwhelmed... (Looking for budget E2C replacement)

    Okay, so I've been traipsing around this forum for a bit trying to figure out what I should pick up to replace my modified Shure E2C IEMs. I was given a pair of the E2Cs a few years back and I loved them. I ended up wearing out the cord as anyone who has owned E2Cs knows, so i recabled them and...
  6. Scylin

    Looking for budget IEMs for use in the gym

    Hi there,   Yea I know, this thread again, let me apologize in advance   I'M SORRY!   Alright now that that's done with....   I'm looking for a pair of IEMs (I haven't actually ever used them, but I have an intense hatred for earbuds, because  I always have problems with them...
  7. DannleChannel

    Sennheiser CX200 alternatives?

    I had a pair of Sennheiser CX200's, and I loved them dearly. I got them on sale for $15 or so from Newegg, and they're easily the best in-ear headphones I've owned. One of the lines died on mine a few months ago, though, so I threw them away. They're on sale again on Newegg for $20, and I'm...
  8. hman1001

    IEM with Great Bass + Sound Quality

    Hey guys,    Im looking for an IEM with great bass. Im new so any help would really be appreciated. Im not exactly sure if Monster Beats by Dr. Dre is actually good bass or not, but I want something with as much power and punch as the Beats. I want an IEM that has good sound quality with the...
  9. Aydindurantas

    Compare Westone um2 and Bose ie2

    I want to buy the westone um2s and I currently have the Bose ie2. How significant of an upgrade would this be? Thanks for your answers!!
  10. Doc-holliday

    OVER-PERFORMING, OVER-ACHIEVING Headphones/IEMs for their price range. Top cost effective cans/IEMS

    NOTE: I have been keeping this updated periodically. I am hoping it is helpful to someone. IF SO please post something even if it is brief so I know people are using it. Thanks. Useful links: Tyll's wall of fame Joker'ss 260+ IEM Review. Joker's 100+ Portable Headphone reviews The reason I am...
  11. ChalupaKing

    CX200 vs. Klipsch Image S4

    Well I find that lugging around my HD280 doesn't work out so I decided on finally getting in-ears.   I chose out two: CX200 and the Klipsch Image S4. I've heard many good thing about the S4, however, for CX200, I only chose it out because I can get them for $15. So which one should I go for...
  12. kjk1281

    REVIEW: Sennheiser CX280 - CX Series Redefined

    INTRODUCTION Greetings Head-Fi!  The following is a review of the Sennheiser CX280, one of the German company's newest entries in their Street Line of earbuds and canalphones.  The following is my attempt at dissecting Sennheiser's latest entry-level canalphone.   As always, the sound of a...
  13. anadin


    I recently purchased a pair of JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives In Ear Canal Headphones and quite frankly im speechless and all for the right reasons, the fit is wonderful and the SQ for the price is simply amazing.   If your in the UK they are also available from ASDA for £20.      ...
  14. Farhan9521

    Need help on choosing iems =)

    Hey there. I'm fairly new here and i'm not quite an audiophile. that why i really need help from u guys. I usually listen songs from my Sony Walkman S744 and PC. Actually I wanted to seek for an upgrade from my Sennheiser CX200 and UE MetroFi 100. Currently interested in A-Jays 2/3...
  15. TF2

    Headphones for outdoors, especially lawnmowing

    I am looking for a decent pair of headphones for doing lawnwork, they need to have decent isolation and stay in my ears well.  I was looking at the PMX 680i, but I haven't heard them or tried them on.  Should I go with these or look at a different pair? Thanks in advance
  16. Bartmasta

    Need some really cheap headphones

    My mom accidentally washed my apple earbuds (not that I have an ipod or anything) and they got ruined, so I need something new. I really want something that's cheap because I'll only use them when going to school or such, but not something that costs 5 bucks.   Like $15-20 max would be cool...
  17. Dougeefresh

    IEMs for large ear canal?

    I am looking for IEMs that will accommodate large ear canal. I purchased CX200 and the largest tips of the three don't fit well. There seems to be an opening because the tips don't completely block the passage/sound leakage (I don't get that under water feeling). Because of this SQ is very bad...
  18. FER18

    looking for decent earphones

    I want to replace my sennheiser cx300 they are genuine but for me they sound bad. wich ones do you recomend?   sennheiser Cx180  sennheiser Cx200 sennheiser Cx250 sennheiser Cx300II Meelectronics M9-bk   Sony Mdr-ex57 Panasonic Rp-hje270 JVC Ha-fx66w 
  19. Doc-holliday


    Ok you are going to think I am kidding, but yes I actually DID do the following test. People argue that 300 bucks is a lot to pay for some noise canceling headphones and the audio quality isn't always the greatest. Well today I actually did the follwing test. Today I got my new pair of CX200...
  20. kanuka

    earbud upgrade: yuin sunrise or crossroads ?

    hello again head-fi   looking for an upgrade for my earbuds at a good price   i own the akg k312 and the sennheiser mx471 both of them are REALLY great  so i was wondering if any of the Yuin PK series , Sunrise As- or Crossroads would be really good and worthy upgrade for those  ...
  21. DarkSwanKnight

    Looking for new Ear-buds

    I have a Creative Zen X-Fi Style, and I like it but I'm looking for new ear-buds since I don't like the standard ear-phones. What I'm looking for is something that offers clear voice, good bass (but not excessive 'coz I hate muddy bass), and great noise isolation/canceling...not to mention...
  22. saxo

    which one earphones could be the best for sansa clip + ?

      JVC In-Ear Marshmallow HAFX34   Sony MDR-XB20EX In-Ear Headphones - Sennheiser CX 270 Headphones...
  23. stonecaper

    [Which One?] Sennheiser CX 200/.Lift Audio Groove Series/JVC air cushion/Meelec M9/Soundmagic PL-21

    Hi all,   Please Help Me to choose My Budget (and first) IEM   I Have Chosen   Sennheiser CX 200 Lift Audio Groove Series JVC air cushion Meelec M9 Soundmagic PL-21   Please tell Me Which one Should be the Best   For the Headphones i wanted to know If there Is...
  24. 0roo0roo

    Not much on cx200 and cx300 mk II so i'll chime in

    Comparing the two the cx200 certainly has more bass, but its of the thuddy mud type. the cx300 mk II does seem to be an improved cx300, voice clarity is very good now, so listening to music on it is pretty nice. the cx300 original model is somewhere between the two. build quality is good as...
  25. Sennheiser CX 200 In Ear Canal Ear bud

    Sennheiser CX 200 In Ear Canal Ear bud

    Boost your street style with the CX 200 street II! These funky ear-canel phones feature an innovative finger-contored housing design which enables for easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort in the ears. With their high passive attenuation of ambient noise and delivery of a powerful...