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CX200 vs. Klipsch Image S4

  1. ChalupaKing
    Well I find that lugging around my HD280 doesn't work out so I decided on finally getting in-ears.
    I chose out two: CX200 and the Klipsch Image S4. I've heard many good thing about the S4, however, for CX200, I only chose it out because I can get them for $15. So which one should I go for?
    Also, Images are available to me for $40.
  2. jc222284
    Probably the S4 they are pretty durable.
  3. JK1
    I don't quite understand the idea of comparing a $15 IEM to an $74 one. Since you are not used to using IEMs, perhaps you should start with the Cx200 for $15. Some people can't stand having something in the ear. I have the CX300. It is okay, but not great. The CX200 is probably quite similar. $15 is a great price. Are you sure it is real? There are so many fake Sennheiser earphones. Is it from a trustworthy high volume dealer? How can you get an S4 for $40? Do you have a friend in the business?  Are these used? If they are used, make sure they are real and work okay. I don't like the idea of buying used IEMs.
  4. ChalupaKing
    The CX200's are being sold on Newegg so it is extremely unlikely they are fakes.
    With the S4's they are near perfect, but never used, and will be sold by a fellow Head-Fi'er.
  5. Poak
    The S4 are great if you can get them for 40$. Keep in mind that they are warm and bass-heavy though

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