Help, I'm a little overwhelmed... (Looking for budget E2C replacement)
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Simon C

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Jan 6, 2012
Okay, so I've been traipsing around this forum for a bit trying to figure out what I should pick up to replace my modified Shure E2C IEMs. I was given a pair of the E2Cs a few years back and I loved them. I ended up wearing out the cord as anyone who has owned E2Cs knows, so i recabled them and have been using them steadily for about 10 months now. They arent broken, or even wearing out, but I'm getting kind of bored of the sound. They sound good, but not really good enough, and they're lacking in the bass range I look for, what with my music tastes being primarily electronic oriented. 
I'm looking for something in the $50-75 pricerange that can satisfy my need for bass, wide soundstage, and overall sound quality to replace my aging E2Cs. 
I was looking at the following:
FAD Adagio III
Audio Technica CKS77S
and the Sennheiser CX200
Can you folks help me out here? I've not really had the ability to listen to many IEMs, Pretty much going straight from junky headphones to a halfway decent pair of sonys, and then straight to the E2Cs.
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I know this forum is full of these posts, but i really am having a hard time with this. I have little to no reference point to make a decision on anything and it makes it very difficult to find something suited for me. Any help at all would be appreciated. 

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