earbud upgrade: yuin sunrise or crossroads ?
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Dec 12, 2010
hello again head-fi
looking for an upgrade for my earbuds at a good price
i own the akg k312 and the sennheiser mx471
both of them are REALLY great
 so i was wondering if any of the Yuin PK series , Sunrise As- or Crossroads would be really good and worthy upgrade for those
the options are yuin PK 3 PK 2 (the pk2 are at a good price at ebay.com)
As-miss / as-feeling
and HR2 . not sure if they are available
Note: i dont want asymetrical J-cord. only Y-cord. i'm not that tall so i dont need a long cable
the pk1 , charm , and hr1, are waaaaay expensive and also i dont want an amp for them
waiting for replies

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