Compare Westone um2 and Bose ie2
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Jul 21, 2012
Let me put it this way bro.... I currently have listed on eBay the first version of the Bose In-ear earphones. And honestly.... my conscience is eating at me.

I honestly feel like I am misleading people just by selling them because I know they are trash compared to many, many, many other cheaper products. For instance this nice lady keeps emailing me asking me questions about shipping and all this and I wanna say in response "LOOK LADY... DON"T BUY MY EARPHONES... Save some cash and spend $20 on these CX200s!!!"

I know I am not doing anything wrong, but in principal it is. I mean all I have done is list the specs and nothing else.

Anyway, I havent heard the Westone but if the IE2 sound anything like the IE1 then I don't see how you can go wrong.

I have gotten 4 people at work to ditch their IE1's for $20 sennheisers.

I'm just glad I don't do marketing for companies like Bose for a living... Couldn't live with myself. (not so say that Bose may have some good products I have not tried or that the IE2 might even sound much better than my IE1. Can't knock something I haven't even tried. So there u go).

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