I need help picking in-ear headphones under $100

    I am completely useless when it comes to in-ear headphones. I need to know what to get!!! HELP! I'm thinking about getting the bose ie2s. Is that a bad idea? I will listen to music mostly from my android phone and computer. These will be unamped and I listen to bass-oriented music so I need...
  2. mitchjohns97

    Best headphones around $180 for somebody who doesn't know what they're doing

    So through a happy coincidence both my uncles got me pair of earbuds for Christmas. One got a pair of Bose ie2 and the other got a bluetooth pair of higher end sports earbuds. Since I didn't have much need for sports earbuds, I decided to return them and keep the Bose. I got $170 when I returned...
  3. nkatkamwar

    Got my new GR06 (in india)..4 days..still burning. It doesnt sound as reviewed on headfi (joker)

    I got my new Gr06 this week..   Stiill burning.. may be 30 hrs till now.. it doesnt sound as reviewed..   My  SM pl11 + Fiio E6 sound better (pl11 are year old)..   I am unhappy...   Guyz do you think the sound will change? and when?     There was a fusion
  4. jaykaying

    Great Earbuds under $100?

    Hi,   I'm fairly new to the world of headphones, IEM, and such. Anyways, I recently received a $100 Best Buy Gift Card which I decided to spend on some earbuds. My first thought was the UrBeats but after a bit of research plus my previous experience with my Solo HD's, I decided against it...
  5. gamerich

    Bose Triport IE2

    I've had the Bose Triport IE2s for quite a while and one thing that constantly bugs me is the lack of seal which naturally leads to lack of isolation.   I was wondering if there were any solutions to this issue, such as replacing the odd half in-ear tip with something else that'll hopefully...
  6. freespace303

    Best CIEM under $500 for Electronica and Alternative

    So I have a pair of Bose IE2s (bare with me!) and I'm pretty new to the audiophile space. I've had these for about 2 years and I think they sound really good, but the more I read articles on this site, the more I'm beginning to think I'm missing out on much better stuff out there. I love the...
  7. jrichardh

    What is a good pair of in-ear headphones for listening to music while walking around campus?

    I'm a college student and I am looking for some headphones to replace my now broken Bose IE2. 90% of the time I use them for music when going to and from class or while studying, so I am looking for some in-ear headphones that can provide good sound and a bit of noise-cancellation from other...
  8. MadPawel

    Durable headphones

    Hi, I'm working on construction and I need pair of headphones that can stand a beating. Now I'm using in ear Bose IE2 headphones. I would like some kind of headphones that wont fall out everytime I move and that will be able to stand the sweat and dirt. Preferably with some good bass and maybe...
  9. Kashin

    $100 ~ $200 IEM Recomendations

    My Bose IE2s died, so I need new earbuds, but it's very hard to figure out what would be the best choice for me. What I'm looking for is nice, clear and balanced sound, as well as a sturdy and comfortable design within or close to the 100-200 price range. I have yet to find a pair as...
  10. thedocdetroit

    Need new earbuds for the gym! I need some advice!

    I go to the gym regularly and had iphone 5 ear buds. They blew the last generation's earbuds out of the water, but they broke recently and I need to purchase some new ones. I was wondering if there were any earbuds out there that are better than the new apple earbuds and are catered more towards...
  11. goodsongs

    I remember the sound of the Bose earphone with my iPhone 3G

    I feel like iPhone 3G sounds better.   I have fond memory of listening to music hours on end with a Bose IE2 earphone (this one: ) on the iPhone 3G and or...
  12. goodsongs

    Does Bose IE2 and MIE2 sound better than MIE2i and SoundSport?

    I was wondering if IE2 and MIE2 that I eventually accidentally broke that sounded better or if it was the iPhone 3G that I was using with those earphones that sounded better compared to the iPhone 4 that I used with MIE2i and SoundSport which I returned because it didn't sound good.
  13. FESakaFOB

    Buying earphones: In ear headphone issue

    Hello all, I want to purchase a new pair of earphones. Currently I was using the bose mei2i because they are the only headphones that fit in my ear. All the other IEMS I have tried don't properly fit the canal and either fall out or hurt. I wanted to by the qc20i, but I have read this thread...
  14. dweaver

    I must be crazy, I just ordered a....

    I was in the store the other day and noticed a brand new product from a manufacturer most of us at Head-fi write off. When I saw the price tag of this product I was immediately sceptical and wrote it off as well. But out of curiosity I went into a Bose outlet today and demo'd the new QC20 their...
  15. electro4sale

    Help with IEM's

    Hi guys!   I need some help on choosing some earbuds. Right now I owe the Bose IE2 and some Beats Solo (which i hardly use). After burning in the Bose earbuds and using it with my Fiio amp they are sounding really good. I am looking for something that sounds better. My range on spending is...
  16. BoserPoser69

    Bose ei2

    Considering buying these headphones, bass is a little soft when I tried them. But since you guys are the audiophiles/experts in sous what do you think about them. I'm on a small budget and more of an in ear person
  17. naveen

    I'm confused. Please Suggest an IEM which suits my needs.

    Hi I'm from India. I want to purchase an IEM, but the problem is there are no demo pieces in my city(HYDERABAD) to check which suits me the most. So please give me some suggestions in finding the right IEM. The maximum i can spend is $100.   Based on the following factors can u suggest me...
  18. JK1

    Why do so few IEMs have an oval nozzle?

    The ones with oval nozzles seem to fit better, and the seal can be enhanced by rotating the IEM. The $6 Panasonic RP-HJE120 has an oval nozzle, as does the more expensive Panasonic RP-HJE350.
  19. Cellazzurra

    The bass on the BOSE IE2 and BOSE SIE2?

    Hi, I'm looking for the BOSE IE2 because i losted my BOSE SIE2 two weeks ago, but i love their comfort and their bass, for these reasons I'm looking for the IE2, only the price of SIE2 separate me to them. Now, the price of IE2 is more affordable and I'm here to ask you if the bass on the IE2 is...
  20. DR650SE

    Wanting to upgrade from Bose IE2. Suggestions?

    OK so my current portable rig is in my signature. 5.5G iMod. 128GB SD card in a Couple adapter. Fiio E17 amp, and I use it to drive Beyerdynamic DT880 250Ohm cans. I love this setup. I also use it more on the go with my Bose IE2 ear buds. I hate spending so much time with my DT880s, and moving...
  21. koreanzombie

    Dr Dre beats studio's, Thank you for bringing me to head-fi

    I understand there is alot of hate for dr dre headphones but to be honest I only found out about head-fi searching for dr dre alternatives. I also bet alot of other users came here because the dr dre's were their first pair of headphones. The dr dre headphones are one of the first mass market...
  22. airo


    Hey guys, I have a pair of bose ie2s for trade. They are in great condition and it hasn't been used much. I am just looking for a new sound nowadays and searching for my ideal sound sig.   I was deciding to sell them but I didn't want to all the trouble of selling, shipping them and buying...
  23. drovid


    so, there is a website where i get points for doing surveys and i get whatever i want from amazon when i get enough points. and i want to choose between bose ie2 and sennheiser cx 880. i have tried bose and they sound amazing and loud, but i dont get as much bass as i get on my 2 year old...
  24. Fidolex

    ¿Which earphones should i buy????

    Hi i'm a new user :) Im looking for an earphones to replace my Beats Tour.. I want a great Bass like the Tour, and better quality in mids & highs, and mainly a resistant earphones.   So I have this options: Klipsch S4 Ncredible Nergy by Monster Shure SE215 Bose ie2 Sennheiser...
  25. SNSDluv

    Suggestion for earbuds ~$100

    Hey guys,   I want to get a pair of earbuds around $100. I see SE215 and the new ATH-CKS99 are pretty decent in reviews. I am wondering what suggestions you guys can give? By the way, can someone comment how the CKS99's bass compared to Bose earbuds? I hated the Bose bass, it is like Dr.Dre...