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Budget IEMs

  1. Poofball
    Alright, so I need a new pair of in-ear monitors, and I'm completely overwhelmed by how much there is to choose from.
    My budget is somewhere around $80 - $150. I used to have a pair of Creative EP-630 and they fit me perfectly, so I'm hoping to find something just as comfortable but with a bit more sound quality. I listen to dubstep, drum & bass and occasionally hip-hop, so I'm looking for something with a fair amount of bass.
    (I'm also hoping to prove to a friend that you can get way better IEMs than beats by dre for half the price, since he's a big fan of them.)
    The only candidate I really have so far is the Klipsch Image S4. Any thoughts / other suggestions?
  2. boomhaur
    Something better than beats for half the price. I think I can do better for less than 1/4 of the price. JVC ha fx101 it's JVC's new bassy IEM which puts out a lot of bass and sound quality besides that is still pretty good, bass is at least on par with with the ibeats with beats audio i heard on a a Rezound phone from what I recall a few months ago. It's regarded as a good IEM here on head fi along with the ha fx40. Can't compare with the sound quality besides that as I don't know what the song was recorded in, I imagine 128b mp3 and thats unfair if I compare it to any higher quality recording, and it was a few months ago not side by side.
    I personally own the ha fx101, I bought it a week ago and was quite impressed by it. Sound quality is good and sounds better than it should be allowed to with how cheap it is, around $20. Unfortunately I don't know of any IEM's around your price range as I didn't do much research in that area, but I can say these are worth getting if you have money left over with whatever you decide on. It's well worth looking into.
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  3. ZARIM
    The GR07 are very good sounding with punchy bass and nice detailed mids, highs and offers fairly wide soundstage. The IEMs like JVC FXD80, Sony EX600, Yamaha EPH100 and Klipsch Image X5 are also great buy.
  4. Mr Newyear
  5. Poofball
    Thanks for all the suggestions! I think I might go for the Sony MDR-EX310LP but I'm having a really hard time deciding tbh. (A lot of the other IEMs suggested here don't seem to be available in my country, unfortunately.)
    Edit: Just found out that they have a j-shaped cord which I really don't like. :/
  6. Mr Newyear
    At first I hated the J-cord because I wore them in front of my neck. Once I started wearing the right cord behind the neck, I cannot live without the J-cord. Just my input. If you have already tried a J-Cord and didn't like it, then maybe the Klipsch Image S4 are more for you. They have a similar sound sig (to my ears) and they do not have a J-cord. Hope you can decide! [​IMG]
  7. Rocko1
    I second the JVC HA-FX101. Insane bass and great sound for $15. Can't beat it.

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