1. hatebreed

    Alternatives to the Shure se215 for stage monitoring?

    I am a touring drum technician and need some IEMs for live stage performances. I am not playing so i don't need the whole mix only the drums and for people to speak to me through them.   The Shures are in budget and look to do the job but was was wondering if there are any alternatives i...
  2. cajunjay

    Need stealth/discreet earbuds for work.

    I have just started work for a large warehouse (walmart) and the job is very tedious and boring. They play the radio in the warehouse to keep us motivated but cheesy pop music doesnt cut it with me at all. Can you guys recommend some nice earbuds that are very discreet and stealth like as...
  3. leftnose

    UM Pro 10 Cable Question

    So my Klipsch X5s finally wore out after at least 5 years in service.  I'm thinking of getting a set of Westone UM Pro 10s to replace them.  I know that they'll be a bit more neutral than my Klipschs ans I'm OK with that.   However, how do the cables run on the Westones?  I know they're up and...
  4. tstarn06

    Klipsch sale @ half price

    Just received an email from Klipsch. They are selling their entire lineup for half price, so it's $175 plus free shipping for the X10s, etc. U.S. buyers only, it says. Wonder if this is to drive sales or to clear out inventory for new models. Not sure, but here's the basic email I received ...
  5. Leland

    Tanglefree cords, no microphonics IEMs

    With microphone preferred.   Sound quality secondary to having tanglefree cord and lack of microphonics. Going to use for travel, gym, etc. Nothing worse than being woken awake by microphonics :)   Have anything for me?
  6. dozerman

    Durable IEMs for less than 100$

    Hi there, I am looking for some durable iems for 70-100$. I have been looking into Klipsch image x10's but I don't know if they are durable enough, but they seem like a good choice for the price range. I've had the ue500's and I really liked their sound but the right driver stopped...
  7. ksimm033

    TDK-BA200 EQ'ed with E07K...Does this mean I like a different sound signature?

    I've spent about 100 hours so far with my BA200s. I'm using them with an EVO/iPhone 4s and E07K. my settings that I really enjoy on the E07K are +6db, +6 treble, and +4 bass. I listen to most genres of music ranging from R&B to Country to Hip-Hop and Rock. Sometimes the bass is perfect on the...
  8. nighthart

    UE700, SE425. Which one is better?

    Hi everyone.   I am currently using a set of Logitech UE 700s and have been wondering how they compare to the Shure SE425.
  9. Wokum

    Best IEM's for DnB under $150.

    Hi there. I'm new to this site and forums in general. (Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place) My purpose for signing up is to ask your opinion on what my next personal audio purchase should be. I'm looking for a nice pair of IEM's. I mainly listen to DnB, House, Classic rock and...
  10. Qazed

    IEM after gr06

    Hi all! Some days ago i lost my vsonic gr06 and i'm here looking for some advices for my next purchase... I'll start saying that I found gr06's mids too forward with some songs like they overwhelm other frequencies, in particular with hip hop or rap tracks and that I was hearing sibilance...
  11. needsnewcans

    best iem 150 or under

    i just broke my vsonic gr06 today    so im in the market for a new set of iems would like to spend no more than 150    i listen to rap, hip hop, indie, rock, classical rock, and some orchestra   my source is samsung galaxy s3 with a digizoid zo2 amp   p.s. liked the gr06 but they...
  12. Aydindurantas

    Question Regarding Etymotic and Westone

    I own a pair of westone 2's but I mainly do most of my listening on the bus heading back and forth to the city and I receive a lot of phone calls. I use my iPhone 5 as my main listening device. Its a hassle unplugging the headphones every time I receive a call. So i'm looking for a pair of IEM's...
  13. jvandyk

    Good,not great runners cans?

    They need to have the voice command for IOS and be comfortable and stay in for a serious runner.   Any suggestions?   Thanks!
  14. Tangster

    My SE425's got run over by a bus today...new IEM?

    So as per the title, my "proper"(ish) IEM's got run over by a bus and I need a replacement pair preferably for under £100 that is available in the UK. In terms of sound, I like my IEM's detailed with a slight mid bump. Sibilence is a nono.   Nothing extravagant, these are to tide me over...
  15. MetalGearEH

    Will the Klipsch Image X5 IEMs be a significant sound quality boost from my Shure SE215's?

    I can get pair of Klipsch Image X5's for a $130. I want to know if they will be a significant sound quality boost over my Shure SE215's that I paid $80 for? Are they worth the money?   I listen to all genres of music and am capable of enjoying flat or warm sounding signatures.
  16. Peco

    Have £200 budget to get myself 2 pairs of headphones/earphones please help

    I thought i would treat myself to some decent headphones (2 pairs actually). Music is my passion so i thought why not invest in something to take my listening experience to the next level I have a budget of £200 (+/- £20 if its worth the extra funds) and with that I would like to get 2 pairs. 1...
  17. mxg284

    Full Size Headphone Audiophile Looking for First Pair of Quality IEMs.

    Hey guys and girls,   Long time lurker, Electrical Engineering student and musician.  So naturally I am interested in the inner workings of headphones.   I have a long history with full size headphones but would like to try some IEMs since I have am in need of something more portable...
  18. Kent0

    Recommended IEMs for Beginners?

    Heya!, Im finding some good Bang for the Buck! IEMs, i primary listen to rock, some techno, soft rock..., The primary use for the IEMs is while im relaxing (or sleeping) so they must be very comfortable..... Thanks in advance guys
  19. Poofball

    Budget IEMs

    Alright, so I need a new pair of in-ear monitors, and I'm completely overwhelmed by how much there is to choose from.   My budget is somewhere around $80 - $150. I used to have a pair of Creative EP-630 and they fit me perfectly, so I'm hoping to find something just as comfortable but with a...
  20. max pl

    Which of the top IEMS feel like my ...

    RE0s in terms of comfort and feel in the ear?   I only use two different IEMs, the RE0 and the TripleFi 10s, but would now like to upgrade to something that sounds better than the TripleFi, and more importantly, feels like if not better than the RE0 while in the ear.   I like the...
  21. eyalcat

    IEM ~200$

    Hi all,   I'm looking for - described in title. Need to be all-rounders. Will be plugged to a LT or HTC one x. Must have a mic.   Note that this is a blind purchase so I need only a perspective of what's the best deal in terms of the above budget (not considering different people...
  22. Pimothy

    Top of the range headphones for opera

    Hello all,   I am looking to get my dad some top of the range headphones, where price is not an issue. He is a real audiophile with sensitive ears, but needs to get something for when he is not at home.   He would use them exclusively for opera and classical music (for example: Verdi...
  23. nickd75

    Recommendations: something like Ety HF5 but bassier?

    Hey guys, been a while since I've posted here...   I've been through a handful of IEMS: Shure E3c, E4/ SCL4 (x3), and now Etymotic hf5s. I was a pretty big fan of the Shures, but all the E4/ SCL4s broke; by the third pair I got fed up and switched to the Etys 18 months ago. The sound is...
  24. Shlonglor

    Should I upgrade from Super. Fi 5 Pros to Triple. Fi 10s?

    Hello everyone,   I've been so happy with the purchases advised to me here that it's been a long while since I've visited! Unfortunately, after 4 years of joy, my Super. Fi 5 Pros are dead. Well, one of them is:   After the 3rd cable replacement, the latest one I got was slightly...
  25. LarryKingsShoes

    Seeking Suggestions for In-Ear Headphones

    Greetings!   I am looking at acquiring a new set of in-ear phones. After doing a lot of reading on these forums, I've made a short list of possibilities and I'm coming to you now in hopes of getting more personally-tailored advice. These forums have been a terrific asset in my search and I'm...