IEM ~200$
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Nov 18, 2010

Hi all,


I'm looking for - described in title.

Need to be all-rounders. Will be plugged to a LT or HTC one x. Must have a mic.


Note that this is a blind purchase so I need only a perspective of what's the best deal in terms of the above budget (not considering different people tastes) .


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Harmon kardon IEMs with mic, Samsung IEM are good buy........
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The Samsung EHS71 works with Andriod Galaxy line and they sound great for the price and Harman Kardon IEMs are also great sounding, stylish and durabale. The other IEMs like UE TF10Pro, PFE112, Klipsch Image X5, Sony XBA3 are great buy.
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I rather like the idea of a separate mic cord assy.

If it breaks, it doesn't take out your headphones too.

Good Luck, Jim
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Hi eyalcat.

Have a look at this table of IEM's, the section highlighted in the "i" field are ones that have a mic and controls.

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