1. galaxygrrl

    Suggestions on Earphones

    Hi all,    So, I'm on the market for a new set of headphones given I just lost my IE 8s :(  And I thought I would ask people for suggestions of what to look at.     I loved my Shure 535's becasue they were good with the mids, not to heavy on the base and sounded great for Jazz, talk...
  2. jackson

    IEM for hip hop/house/jazz?

    Looking at: TDK BA200 Rockit R50 PFE 112/122 Source: laptop/iPhone, generally unamped but considering a portable. Which of those would you recommend? Which could also handle vocals pretty well? I just got the CKM500 and like the sound but its a bit boomy but Fun. I do Miss the clarity of my...
  3. O


    Hi, i wanted to ask what music the following headphones are best for, and also what you think is best   Phonak PFE 112 B and O earset 3i B and W C5 Sony XBA 3
  4. dSmurf

    HELP!!! All rounder IEM under $200

    Hi Guys!!!  I'm just new on head-fi , i'm looking for an IEM that will suit my music style under $200 cause i can't bring my he-400 since its pretty heavy, it must be an all rounder one since i really do appreciate all genre in terms of music but here's my routine:   MORNING: I listen to...
  5. aldownie

    Current top IEM choices with iPhone controls

    Apologies if this seems like repetition of a theme, but I've searched through various threads and haven't found much comparative info regarding the current options with iPhone controls, and I'd be grateful for any recommendations. Money's not an important factor; I'd like to ensure I get the...
  6. Deviltooth

    New Shure 112 $50 IEMs Announced

    I've seen the announcement on a few tech sites and here's the link to Shure's webpage.  It looks like Shure has woken up and responded to the barrage of better quality budget earphones available recently.  ...
  7. ozkan

    Eartip recommendation for PFE-112

    Hello, I need eartip recommendation for PFE 112. I find the PFEs a little lacking in bass and looking for eartips which will give more bass than stock tips? Can etymotic triple flanges do that? I have found this but I'm not sure if they are the right ones...
  8. joshkidd

    best IEMs and full size headphones under $100

    Hey, I'm looking to buy some new full size over the ear headphones, i like nice punchy well composed bass that's not overwhelming but definitely there and I also want very clear mids and crisp highs (these are in order of priority). I'm currently looking at the klipsch image ones, beyerdynamic...
  9. Timbo1

    Westone 4 vs. Sony XBA-4

    I'll start off by saying this is my first post and I'm new to the higher end earbuds. I've owned less expensive earbuds from companies like Bose and SkullCandy and would like to upgrade. I've read the reviews about the Westone 4 on here but haven't really been able to find anything on Sony's...
  10. Isyace

    $100-150 Sports Earphones

    Hi, I'm looking to buy some new headphones for running.  I've got the aiaiai tma-1 at the moment and am very impressed with the sound.  I listen to rock, alternative and some hip hop.  Thanks in advance
  11. Malcy

    What replacement for SuperFi 3s?

    I want to replace my UE SuperFi 3s. However having read thousands of words, I am going round in circles.   To give you some idea of what I am looking for here is a list of hit points (in no particular order):   Mainly for travelling Comfortable fit Not over ear Mostly to be used with...
  12. iim7V7IM7

    New IEMS: Shure SE535 or Westone 4R

    For use un-amped with my iPhone or iPad to listen to music on long-haul flights.  I listen to jazz, blues and classical. I appreciate, neutrality, musical detail and large/deep sound stage. I also appreciate quality of build and wearing comfort. Both of these IEMs are well regarded. I suspect...
  13. Fibonacci

    Portable Headphones

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody can help me out pick a great portable headphone for commuting. My price range is from 60 to 100. The headphones I am looking at are the Vsonic GR06 Hifi man RE0 and the Shure se 215. I have the audio technica M50 and would prefer a sound close to that( I cant use...
  14. jmusic

    Looking Fot The Most Comfortable In Ear Headphones around a 100$

    Just like the title says, i am looking for a IE headphones that will be very very comfortable and that wont fall out of my ear. Sound Quality comes second to me because i will use them only for running and hiking. Thanks in advance
  15. eyalcat

    IEM ~200$

    Hi all,   I'm looking for - described in title. Need to be all-rounders. Will be plugged to a LT or HTC one x. Must have a mic.   Note that this is a blind purchase so I need only a perspective of what's the best deal in terms of the above budget (not considering different people...
  16. stozzer123


    YAMAHA EPH-100 REVIEW AND COMPARISONS (HJE900, PFE112, TF10, GR06, GR07, ETY ER4S)     PREFACE   OK so i don't usually throw out that many reviews.  My main reason for doing so here is the pages and pages of confusing information from certain fanboys with a FOTM attitude and people...
  17. FrenchDavid

    Best in-ear earphones for rock and classical music, around $150

    Hey all,   My Atrio Supersonics just died on me yesterday, so I need to pick up new in-ear headphones very soon. Since there is no better place than head-fi to ask for advices, I'd like your advices to help me find the best in-ears for my needs :   - I connect my headphones to my iPhone...
  18. steter

    Re-262 No Go. How about RE-272.

    Just purchased the RE-262 and have been listening to them for about 2 weeks.  I love the detail and clarity and the build/fit is really nice.  However the mids seem to forward to me and the overall sound is alittle "hollow" for my tastes.  I prefer a balanced sound, the PFE-112 is one of my...
  19. Guitarmaster

    Best IEMs in $100 Range For Classical and Rock w' Remote

    Hi everybody! I'm new here. (as a member that is.)   Now i know there are countless threads on this topic but i'm hoping this one will be slightly different. after looking into those discussions i felt they were mostly personal favorites rather than pros and cons of the given subject. (don't...
  20. sandt22

    In ear Headphones WITHOUT deep bass. Also with great durability, tangle free & Mic, volume, skip and track controller.

    Hi. My first time here.    Does anyone have any idea where I might look for headphones that have these features(?):   1. Mic, volume, skip and track controller. 2. Durability; great 3. Tangle free 4. Very little bass (because I mostly listen to talk radio or iTunes U (University)...
  21. TIGR

    New <$150 IEMs for ER-6i User

    I've been researching possibilities but would appreciate advice specifically addressing what I'm looking for in consideration of what I'm accustomed to from the gurus here at Head-Fi! What I'm accustomed to is my Etymotic ER-6is and they're the only IEMs I can remember hearing (long story but I...
  22. jake92695

    Good sub $150 IE headphones?

    Hello,     I have had Klipsh s4 for about a year now and i think i want to take a step up and get a more expensive pair of IE headphones. Im thinking of getting the Ultimate Ear 700 or the etymotic hf5. How do these compare to the klipsh or any other sub 150 IE headphone. I listen to a...
  23. BRD4

    Phonak Audeo or Ultimate Ears 700?

    I'm going to buy a new pair of in-ear headphones around $130. After days of research, I think I'll probably go with either the Phonak Audeo or Ultimate Ears 700.(any other suggestions are welcomed) I mostly listen to Rock, classical and jazz. I don't listen to pop, rap, hip hop or dance...
  24. dreamLRG

    Looking for Good IEMS Price range <150

    I just got sick of over the ear cans, i just returned my ultrasones so now im looking for i guess my perfect IEM. So what are some good IEMs that are par 150. The things im looking for is a good wide soundstage, some bass, and more importantly comfort! thanks guys!!
  25. ilmenaglar

    Audeo Phonak PFE 112 revision II - Are mine defective??

    Hi there,   I bought these and the monster vanilla (standard) headphones. Cause im kind of a headbanger i stayed with the monster. BUT i noticed that with the audeo, everytime a "heavy" part of a song, where bass is required the volume just goes down! and then comes back up when the heavy...