1. dcstep

    AKG K701 vs. Audio Technica ATH-W5000 vs. Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro vs. Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grands

    This review compares three great headphones with an excellent 3-way, floor standing speaker system. During all of the review the headphones were driven by my stock Woo Audio WA6 that has between 200 and 300 hours on it. The speakers were driven by a 300 watt (into 4 ohms) Conrad Johnson CA200...
  2. chococya96

    One of the "wires" in braided cable has been cut... However it still works!?

    I have a UE TripleFi 10 pro with FiiO RE-UE2 (http://fiio.com.cn/products/index.aspx?ID=100000041548137&MenuID=105026014) as a cable.   Just today, while I was listening to it on the way home, I noticed one the wires has been cut and it stands out from the rest of the wires as you can see...
  3. Devon8822

    Etymotic ER-4 vs Shure SE530 vs Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro

    Which one of these three headphones is the best? Oviously everyopne has there favorite, but I would like some info that will help me decide. Sound quality is my main thing. What are advantages/disadvantages of each of these headphones. Which one sound outstanding compared to the others...
  4. mantis toboggan

    Does sound cancellation depend on the eartips or the actual headphone?

    I'm thinking of buying the shure se215 because of their apparently wonderful sound cancellation.  This might sound like an idiotic question but does sound cancellation depend on the eartips or the actual headphones?  Because I'm looking for something a little less expensive than the se215's
  5. Al4x

    triple fi 10 ruined in the wash.. need new iems!

    hi, i recently put my ultimate ears tf 10s through the wash so i need some more headphones.   i had these before logitech bought the company. i loved the sound signature with prominent top end   should i get the same phones again (considering they are under logitech now) or go for...
  6. Peco

    Have £200 budget to get myself 2 pairs of headphones/earphones please help

    I thought i would treat myself to some decent headphones (2 pairs actually). Music is my passion so i thought why not invest in something to take my listening experience to the next level I have a budget of £200 (+/- £20 if its worth the extra funds) and with that I would like to get 2 pairs. 1...
  7. mxg284

    Full Size Headphone Audiophile Looking for First Pair of Quality IEMs.

    Hey guys and girls,   Long time lurker, Electrical Engineering student and musician.  So naturally I am interested in the inner workings of headphones.   I have a long history with full size headphones but would like to try some IEMs since I have am in need of something more portable...
  8. TheSlov3nc

    In-Ear Headphones 200€ Help

    Hi guys I'm looking for some comfortable in-ear headphones for listen to hip hop/rap, so I need something with bass.  I've been looking a bit into it and I've come down to 4 headphones:   Monster Turbine Pro Gold Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro Sony MDR EX 600 Yamaha EPH-100   So if...
  9. Mr Vibe

    Looking for portable headphones/ earphones/IEM for trip hop/electro music (150$ budget)

    Hello,   after reading many threads I post here to have some suggestions for my particular use.    To sum it up here is what I'm looking for:   - around 150$ budget - good isolation (I will use them mainly in metro, train, bus etc..) - comfy (I listen to music..a lot) - suited...
  10. ZARIM

    The Biggest universal IEMs or in earbuds Denon AH-C300.....

    I tried these recently and they are almost in size near to small onear headphones but they sound realy good due to large dynamic drivers with rich deep punchy bass(good news for bass heads) and amazingly crsip clear mids, highs with wide soundstage and good imaging. BTW i did side by side...
  11. lja1125

    recommended closed headphones for iphone or ipad

    I'm looking for headphones for outdoor and also indoor.   I really like TF10Pro's sound, so try to find headphones that is TF10 like sound.   I don't want to use amp for outdoor.   plz feel free to recommend.   I hope price should be under $1,000.   Thanks,
  12. bl42ed0

    Best IEMs for electronic music under $450USD

    Looking for a pair of IEMs that are absolutely perfect for electronic music and maybe the occasional rock track. Some examples would be: Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Purity Ring, Pink Floyd, and A Perfect Circle.
  13. eyalcat

    IEM ~200$

    Hi all,   I'm looking for - described in title. Need to be all-rounders. Will be plugged to a LT or HTC one x. Must have a mic.   Note that this is a blind purchase so I need only a perspective of what's the best deal in terms of the above budget (not considering different people...
  14. Rangen4life4

    Need help with IEM $100-$200 range

    I'm not really sure what all the different specifications are on IEMs but I have had Skullcandy heavy medals and I love them but they were only 45$ and I'm looking into investing some money for some shocker quality.   I'm looking for something with some really powerful bass that doesn't...
  15. dogntbone

    Ultimate Ears Triplefi.10.Pro Remolded Custom + 1 Mid Driver by Rooth

    Reshelled TF10p +1 Mid driver with Custom Crossovers by Rooth Professional Audio