1. hatebreed

    Alternatives to the Shure se215 for stage monitoring?

    I am a touring drum technician and need some IEMs for live stage performances. I am not playing so i don't need the whole mix only the drums and for people to speak to me through them.   The Shures are in budget and look to do the job but was was wondering if there are any alternatives i...
  2. shigzeo

    Earsonics SM2 DLX Dual BA IEM Review and impressions thread

    I will consider this a work in progress as I am trying to refine a few points for my earphone reviews, but I hope this thread can help some people. Firstly, I would like to say that I love both the Westone UM3X and the SM2. They are both priced similarly (though the SM2 can be had with a cheaper...
  3. mhdesigns1

    IEMs/Earbuds like ESW9 or better?

    Hello everyone,   I have some ESW9 headphones and I really like the sound signature of them. I just love them. However, mine were stolen a few weeks ago and I want to get something similar but more portable.   Does anyone know about a pair of IEMs/Earbuds that are comparable to the sound...
  4. Melanter

    Can you recommend some in-ear monitors for around $150?

    Using them from an iPod classic unamped.   Using them on a commute 50/50: walking/tram.   Mostly listen to alternative rock (Chili Peppers, Black Keys), classic rock, rap/hip-hop and a bit of electronica (written in the order of importance).   I like a warm, immersive sound, that is...
  5. asak

    neutral phone for with good quality bass, possibly e-q5 or sm2

    Looking for 'phone thats pretty versatile but has depth in the bass, and is still neutral. Was very interested in the orthofon eq-5 or the sm2. I have the triple fi, but for some reason cant get attached to them. Any opinions or more suggestions?   Thanks in advance.
  6. basketball

    Wanted: Sennheiser IE8, SM3, or SM2

    I am aware that I shoudnt be posting this here however It wont let me post in the classified. Anyhow, I am looking for any of the earphones in the title. I am in Canada. If you have any of those 3, please PM me. I can pay through paypal.   Thanks, 
  7. Gilly87

    SM2/3 vs UM2/3x

    Would anyone perchance know which of these 4 has the greatest quantity/best extension of bass?   If anyone has heard 2 or more of these I would greatly appreciate a brief comparison :) I have read plenty of reviews but I am most interested in the bass quantity and also the lushness of their...
  8. sofastreamer

    Need Recommendations on BA-based iem with decent sub bass rumble besides TF10

    Are there any universals with balanced armature driver(s) the can do sub bass rumble or is the tf10 in 2012 still the only one? um3x and W3 have more of an midbass hump, that i do not like. sm3/sm2 would have been great if i could stand the soundstage, which seems wierd to me.   i cannot...
  9. psWJ

    Need help choosing out of these 8 IEMs (First time here :P )

    Hello head-fi, I've spent some time in this website because I wanted to get a decent IEM and members around here know a lot. After reading reviews and checking out this thread ...
  10. eyalcat

    IEM ~200$

    Hi all,   I'm looking for - described in title. Need to be all-rounders. Will be plugged to a LT or HTC one x. Must have a mic.   Note that this is a blind purchase so I need only a perspective of what's the best deal in terms of the above budget (not considering different people...
  11. nicholars

    IEM's with BEST bass response £100-£250

    I am thinking of selling my Shure SE215 and HD650's and getting one really good pair of IEM's....   So this would give me a max budget of £250 which I assume should get me a very nice pair of IEM's....   I have been reading about it and it seems that BA drivers will never have as much...
  12. amisura

    EarSonics sm2 v2 or Shure se425?

    Hi to all! It is possible to buy one of these models. Tell me what is preferable?
  13. liveify

    Help me choose? Comfortable IEM's with sound signature close to HD598 ~$200

    I am looking to buy a pair of IEM's for around $200. I have never had IEM's over $50 but I am looking to get good ones. I have Senn HD598's that I love; they're the best headphones I've ever heard and they're very comfortable..   The two biggest things I'm looking for are comfort and sound...
  14. Baba booey

    Time for a new IEM...

    So, getting bored of these UE's(Metro 170's... idk, paid $10 for them used on here back in March). I'm looking for something good for metal, rock...want those bass drums to hit.  Isolation is cool, without sacrificing comfort too much...of all the IEMs I've tried, I really loved the fit of the...
  15. tominated

    Re-shell Klipsch Custom 2 or get new phones?

    Hey Guys,   My pair of Klipsch Custom 2s is starting to fall apart (it's had a pretty good run compared to most other stories I have heard) and I am not sure if I should get a custom re-shell or a whole new pair. I usually use them with my 5th gen iPod on the bus (although i'll probably use...
  16. shigzeo

    [Review] Audio Technica CK100 - TitaniYUM~!

    Cheesy title and naturally occurring spelling mistakes aside, this earphone is THE ONE. While I prefer to use customs, the CK100 does everything as closely as I can imagine to customs. What I mean is that it is: comfortable, strong, well-built, has a !snap! cable, is light, and sounds good...
  17. 408mike

    Need to upgrade from my MTPG

    Well it's that time. I decided a while back to go over ear and bought a pair of Ultrasone 580's which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am getting to the point where my MTPG are wearing out..I fear they may break soon (I use em at the gym). Anyway, I listen almost exclusively to Trance, Hardstyle and...
  18. MaoDi

    Three for Three: Earsonics SM3 Triple Driver Monitor

    As many know now, Earsonics has made a giant leap on Headfi after some spreading of the monitor, the SM2. The dual driver universal that stands up against TF10's, SE530's, W3's and Um3X's without a problem in terms of not just sound quality, but also build quality. Earsonics just announced...
  19. Zephyron

    New Creative Earphones - The Aurvana In-Ear 3

    Creative's apparently releasing a new set of earphones - The Aurvana 3. The Aurvana 1 got off to a ho-hum start IMO, wasn't impressed by it, but the Aurvana 2 wasn't bad at all, kinda nice and sweet sounding from what I could remember.   Kinda curious on how this one's gonna sound like =)...
  20. Pickaxe

    Universal IEMs that are STURDY?

    I am sick and tired of buying new IEMs when my previous pairs die. I don't baby my pairs. I work out all the time and need my phones. I take them to work, I wear them during commutes... anyway, I need something with actual build quality. Budget is up to 250$, preferably 200$. How about the CK10?
  21. KevinWolf

    Doubts about the Earsonic SM3....

    I tried searching and read some threads, but I really dont know if these will be good. I want an IEM with detailed sound, and good bass presence. I have been using the Ck100 and for me these are balanced(flat). The Earsonic would be a complement to the Ck100, since I love the ATH.  ...
  22. TJguitar

    Best >$250 in ear for my needs

    I'm looking for a balanced IEM for listening to a wide range of music.   I'd like it to be detailed but not necessarily analytical and it's of the highest priority that it sounds good with every kind of music. I know this is very vague but right now i'm just trying to get some ideas. Thanks...
  23. loremipsum

    SM3 v2, SM2 v2, and SM1

    Apparently EarSonics is releasing new versions of their SM2 and SM3, as well as a new SM1. They have new housings (even more Westone-like than before) and replaceable cables (same as JH/Westone/UE). I'm not sure if the drivers themselves have changed or if it's only cosmetic...
  24. AstralStorm

    Looking to buy a bass extended IEM blind - can't decide what to get

    Hello, I'm trying to pick a very good IEM blind (without auditioning them) with some budget. What I'm looking for specifically is good extension in low end, not a lot of sibilance or similar phenomenon, preferably balanced sound. The IEM has to be reasonably durable.   As an example of...
  25. Photofan1986

    If you could keep only one IEM, which one would it be?

    HI! If you could only keep one single IEM/headphone of your whole collection, which one would you keep, and why?   Personally, from the phones I own at the moment (SM3, RE-252, IE8, Radiopaq Jazz, HD-555)  I think I would keep the SM3, because they offer the best balance between isolation...