Need stealth/discreet earbuds for work.
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Jul 23, 2009
I have just started work for a large warehouse (walmart) and the job is very tedious and boring.

They play the radio in the warehouse to keep us motivated but cheesy pop music doesnt cut it with me at all.

Can you guys recommend some nice earbuds that are very discreet and stealth like as its kind of a rule not to use ipods but they do let a few slide if they dont make it to obvious.
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There are a few low-profile IEMs that I can think of. Ideally, you would have to wear the cord up over your ears and then down the back of your shirt and into your mp3 player.

Which one is right for you really depends on how much you want to spend and what the maximum size you can get away with is. Music/sound preferences might help narrow your choices down as well.

If they let you slide so long as it isn't too flashy, off the top of my head I can say look into the Etymotic Er6i as they are quite small and have a very thin cord. Theres also the tiny Jays Q-Jays that I would consider stealth buds.

P.S. Sorry about your wallet
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I'll second the X10, or X5. I wear the X10's at work, and people often start talking to me without noticing them. If you use the medium tips, all people will see is cables coming out your ears.

As a side note, don't get run over by any forklifts either.
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I used to use the X10 all the time when I worked at an ice skating rink all the time. You cannot see those at all, the medium tips go very far in and are invisible to anyone.
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Originally Posted by KONAKONA /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Grow your hair out; I used to hide portapros under my hair at school. Clip ons are no problem at all.

Damn, son. That's serious hair.

I'm not sure IEMs are safe to use in a warehouse. Are there open backed models that'd let in external sound?
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Originally Posted by Ntropic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Damn, son. That's serious hair.

I'm not sure IEMs are safe to use in a warehouse. Are there open backed models that'd let in external sound?

Bose In-Ears?
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The new UE 700s are quite small and discrete. Not too bassy, but great sound.

Denon 700s / 751s are ported, so will let you hear the forklifts a bit more easily. But they are fairly big buggers.
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I vote Yuin PK3 earbuds. IEMs won't work out during work, esp. if you need to interact with other people.
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Bumping this old thread.... it's 5 years old and wondering if there were any updated recommendations for this issue.  I'd be using it to listen mostly to voice... football games on Sundays and perhaps audio novels on other days, so audio quality isn't a priority.  I do need to be able to hear what's happening around me plus converse with people on occasion.  These would be perfect, except for the price:  It's hard to justify paying that much when audio quality is not the prime concern.  I doubt there's anything considerably cheaper that offers all the benefits of that particular product, but I'd settle for something less if it was reasonably priced.

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