1. ShibeSuchBass

    Best Basshead IEM under $40

    Hey everyone, i need a new pair of earphones and my budget for them would be around $40. I am a huge basshead, i love to feel the thumping bass, but i also need clear mids and highs with no muffled sound/feeling. Ive been considering the JVC HA-FX3X, JVC HA-FX1X, SoundMAGIC E10, Sony MH1C, and...
  2. ShibeSuchBass

    Are my new earphones broken? Should i return?

    Today i finally got my JVC  HA-FX1X's from ebay and i noticed the right earphone sounds like the driver is broken. When some deep bass comes in, the right side seems to rattle, it sounds like the subwoofer or some part of the driver has come loose and is being pushed loosely  inside. I went to...
  3. delta tango

    JVC HA-FX101 - Thank you!! Thank you all !!!

    I'm just an average guy who loves his music to be loud and clear. No audiophilic traits in me. Stumbled on this forum a few weeks ago and got a JVC HA-FX101 !! Created a new account just to thank you guys! I'm sure without help from you people and tons of options out there, I would never have...
  4. niv141

    Budget headphones for a basshead ($50)

    Hey there, Ive been browsing in the internet and mostly in this forum to find a headset suitable for my needs but really couldnt find anything that completely suit my needs, and right now I have a big headache seeing all these names and brands of headphones and "Do I want these" and "Do I want...

    A Short Memory-Based Review on the JVC FX101

    Intro- I wanted to do a review on these when I got them, but I forgot. Sadly, I didn't get a chance, because they broke on me just a week after I bought them. So what is to be said is mostly based on memory.   Accesories: 3 pairs of tips. Enough said.   Design: Completely plastic...
  6. shams

    Jvc or sony or skullcandy???

    Hello guys    After 3 years of heavy use of my Sony MDR-AS20J the left side start to fail, so it is time for a new one , I listen to all kind of music but mostly rock and metal and I found 3 headphones that had the most positive reviews and are in the 25$ range : 1-JVC HAFX101A 2-Sony...
  7. jaywood

    Lost my JVC Ha-FX101 -- help me!

    I have been a long time lurker and have found several pairs of great headphones thanks to this forum. I just recently lost my JVC HA-FX101's. I really liked those headphones, they fit great, they sounded great, they have good bass, etc. What I didn't like about them -- my ears are sensitive and...
  8. Melody303

    JVC FX-101 (+MEElectronics M9 and M31, and Audio Technica M50 soon)

    I just got my delivery from Amazon UK, pretty surprising since I placed that order two days ago, so now I'm the proud owner of an M-Audio Axiom 25, and a pair of JVC FX101 (pink ones! :D). Still waiting on the main order from eBay via Hong Kong of a pair of Audio Technica M50, and directly from...
  9. lilboozy

    Meelec m9 vs JVC fx101?

    The title says it all. :p I've done some researching here and I basically narrowed it down to these two. Which one has better bass, better mids, and better treble? I can get the m9 for 15.21 USD and I can get the fx101 for 17.23 USD
  10. xecure

    JVC FX101 vs JVC FX40, help me find a sub $20 IEM

    I'm looking for a pair for sub $20 headphones. I'm not exactly set on the FX101/FX40, so I am open to suggestions.   I am looking for something I can run in and wear on my commute to work (and also at work). I'll be wearing these headphones for long periods of time so comfort is very...
  11. Bassheadspl

    JVC FX101 VS Philips 3580, Which has better sub bass?

    Hello everybody who is reading this thread. Just want to know, does the JVC FX101 have more bass like a subwoofer, bass that is more deeper and punchy, than the Philips SHE3580? Which is the bass king?   My maximum budget is £25, is there any other iem that have more bass is the similar...
  12. brooksiehockey

    Disappointed with FX101s. Defective or expectations too high?

    It turns out I am a basshead (a new term I learned from Head-fi) which resulted in my purchase of the JVC FX101s which have garnered unanimous praise for their bass.  However, I have found their bass inferior to my previous earbuds (Meelectronic SP51s) and even to my new Vsonic Gr02 BE(which I...
  13. Proverbspsalms

    Mono price 8323, Panasonic HTF600, JVC FX101, and where to buy in Canada?

    Hello, I originally was going to get a pair of M50's, but I decided to save money... The only headphones I have are iHome cheap/horrible ones that I purchased from Marshals lol! So I think I want to get the panasonic HTF600, and the Monoprice 8323 and JVC Fx101 The Monoprice I see on their...
  14. pss395

    JVC FX101 Background Noise

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie and I just stepped on the hifi land =)   Recently I followed Dsnuts' hype and bought the SHE3580, the Monoprice 8320, the FX40 and the FX101. It turn out that his recommendation is very accurate and these IEM is very cool! But sadly, my FX101 got a lot of...
  15. Snyper0012

    Choice Between JVC FX1X and FX3X

    I am deciding whether I should get the FX1X and FX3X by JVC. The FX3X apparently features a carbon diaphragm versus the paper diaphragm on the FX1X, and an alunium housing. I am just curious about the difference between these two earphones, and if it is really worth the extra 18$ for the FX3X...
  16. popcorn

    JVC earphone HA-FX40 or Philips SHE 3580

    Hi Newbie here After reading a lot of reviews here on head-fi I bought myself a pair of JVC HA-FX101 (nice one)   I have nothing to compare the sound quality to (and I don't yet have the decernment to know good from bad) So I am looking to buy something else. I was reading about other...
  17. Bassheadspl

    Is the Philips SHE3580 'BASSHEAD' Level?

    Hi headfiers:) I see that many people say that the Philips 3580 in earphones are basshead level and have good subwoofer bass, so i am going towards actually buying a pair. I looked at the specs and it says the maximum input power it can take is 50mw. From your experience would it be able to take...
  18. buddymydog

    Xears new models

    Has anyone tried any of the xears new models like the bombastic, maestro, or the xpa2pro? The xpa2pro has detachable cables, i tried the klangfuzzies code and it took 114euros off the top, so basically the high end xpa200pro will go for about $50 US. Now i'm saving lol may bite the bullet on these.
  19. aag1

    GR02 vs GR99 vs GR04 vs MH1C

    Hi,   I've recently (by a pure chance) came to own a pair of Monoprice 8320. It was a surprise improvement (IMO) for my until now favorite Klipsch S2s. At least as far as the sound goes. Comfort, unfortunately, is a completely different story.   I'm listening mostly to Prog Rock, Prog...
  20. Bassheadspl

    Is there any bassy in earphones that vibrate your eardrum or earlobe? Bass you can feel?

    Hello heafiers! because i am a basshead i like low deep bass, like a subwoofer, so just wondering are there any in ear-phones, when amped up that can vibrate either your eardrums, when the lows bass kicks in or your ear lobes?   I have the jvc fx1x, amped off a fiio e17 and they don't move...
  21. Bassheadspl


    Hi i have the JVC FX1X currently and the bass is ok, but not much subwoofer rumble and is bloated. There seems to be lots of upper midbass though. Just wondering what is better about the fx101, is the bass more deeper and punchier and refined?
  22. Bassheadspl

    Please help a basshead out?

    Hi, because i am a basshead, i went for the jvc fx1x and hate the bass on them its bloated, muddy, not much sub bass, more mid bass. I am after low sub bass that moves your eardrums, so what do you recommend?   Also the JVC fx1x don't vibrate your eardrums, which i though it would, so i am...
  23. ScumbagBrain123

    Anyone with a large experience of IEMs, please help me decide... (Hear me out)

    I am looking for some purely bass specified IEMs. All that matters is bass for me, as I listen to lots of bassy music (although rap happens to be excluded). I want to get the dirtiest, muddiest, loudest bass possible. Yeah, I know, "He wants muddy bass? What's with this guy?". Well, this is...
  24. sofastreamer

    Need Recommendations on BA-based iem with decent sub bass rumble besides TF10

    Are there any universals with balanced armature driver(s) the can do sub bass rumble or is the tf10 in 2012 still the only one? um3x and W3 have more of an midbass hump, that i do not like. sm3/sm2 would have been great if i could stand the soundstage, which seems wierd to me.   i cannot...
  25. Shadowruse

    Looking for good headphones with great bass for dubstep music under $60

    Ok so I know $60 isn't a lot of money to go around buying headphones, but it's all I'm willing to spend. I want headphone will good deep bass, like thundering deep bass. I want them to be comfortable and like kinda stylish (not a biggie, but I don't want big *** cans my ears if you know what I...