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Jan 1, 2012
Hi i have the JVC FX1X currently and the bass is ok, but not much subwoofer rumble and is bloated. There seems to be lots of upper midbass though. Just wondering what is better about the fx101, is the bass more deeper and punchier and refined?
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Yes, but dont expect a hi-fi sound from those fx101,  IMO the phillips 3580 is better, better subbass and SQ overall.
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Thanks for your reply. So does the Philips have better low end bass, like a subwoofer? Does it also vibrate your eardrum or ears?

First, i am not a basshead.  
IMO, the 3580 goes lower and has more rumble,  enough for a basshead like you?  i dont know, for me? more than enough.
The thing is that, the Fx1x is all about bass, the mids are so way back, recesed, the highs are metalic, The fx101 sounds better but the 3580 goes low but wit hbetter mids and highs.
downside?  cable is noisy.. other than that, exelent value for the money.
maybe someone else can help you recomending a iem with more bass than these,  whats your budget?
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But i seem that the fx1x has more midbass, that kind of overpowers the bass, so you can't hear much low end bass, you can hear more midbass. From your point of view does the fx101 sound more deeper, bassier and have less midbass because thats what i am kinda after.
(I have a budget of about £25 pounds maximum)
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To my ears the FX101 easily has more rumble than the 3580. The 3580 may have "plenty" of bass for many, but it's not as much as the FX101.
And yes, the FX1X has more mid bass than the FX101. The FX101 are a clear upgrade.
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So it looks like maybe the FX101 is good for bass. But i currently own the fx1x and i think the bass on that is not that deep or subwoofer rumbly and has more midbass. Would you think upgrading from the fx1x to the fx101 will improve more low end subwoofer bass rumble?
What do you think from your experience, if you own both of them?
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If you want a cheap IEM with brutal amount of subbass go for the black CK-700 from focalprice.
SHE 3570 3580 and 3590 sound tinny and muddy and are worse than the old stock ipod earbuds.
FX1X is better than the 70s 80s and 90s but CK-700 beats FX1X.

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