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JVC Marshmellows thoughts?

  1. jdhud024
    Just wondering if the JVC Marshmellows are any good, saw them in bestbuy and need a new set, I need a new pair, and heard tese have bass and I LOVE bass!!!
  2. kbeam418
     Skullcandy makes iems that have a lot of bass imo. V-moda remix also has plenty of bass from what I remember. JVC makes good products for the most part just avoid anything with that big red "b" and you'll be good. Hope this helps!
  3. AndroidVageta
    Marshmellows? Pfffft! The only way to get good bass is with a pair of $2,000 IEM's with dual super low and dual low armature drivers! [​IMG]
    In all honesty though, for the price they're worth checking out! I know I have a pair of the Sony Extra Bass buds (like, $15 online I think is what I paid) and they hit pretty hard!
  4. JK1
    Marshmallows? Why? JVC has so many other low priced IEMs. The Marshmallow tips wear out so quickly. For around $18 the JVC HA-FX40 is really great with plenty of detail and strong bass. It needs plenty of burn in though, so let if play continuously at a slightly loud volume for a few days before listening to it. If you want plenty of extra exaggerated bass(basshead bass) then get the $13 JVC HA-FX101. Check Amazon for these.
  5. lebomb
    I would go for the HA-FX1X Extreme Explosives..........tons of bass.
  6. JK1
    The JVC HAFX101 is much better than the HAFX1X. The HAFX101 isn't as large and doesn't stick out as much. The HAFX101 fits me much better, and has much better sound quality than the HAFX1X. The JVC HA-FX40 though has much more detail and much better sound overall than the others mentioned.
  7. jdhud024
    I know my friend bought the solos and they broke on the first day lmbo! i actually went with two pairs: JVC marshmellows and skullcandy mic'd. Am listening to bassy songs right now with the JVC's and their bass is awesome! just got the and havent tried the skullies yet but hope they are good!
  8. jdhud024
    went with the marshmellows and the skullcandies and have only listened to the marshmellows and havent even opened the skullies yet... so far i love them they actually hit harder than i thought... I was only gonna get the skullcandies but these were on sale for like 5.99 with tax so just got them to do it
  9. jdhud024
    was gonna do those but amazon was sold out and i bought the marshmellows and skullcandies both, bestbuy had sold out of the xtreme xplosives and i needed some... these actually have more bass then i had thought for the 5.99 i paid for them (sale)
  10. Fimbulvetr
    Why not just get the JVC fx40 like everyone is recommending?
    For ex, Joker has reviewed 287 in ears and rates the marshmallow a 4.2/10 and the FX40 a 7.2/10. According to his review, the FX 40 does have a lot of highs though in addition to a good (but not extreme) amount of bass


    JVC’s entry-level clarity-oriented model delivers exactly what it promises – a bright, clarity-oriented signature that doesn’t sacrifice the one must-have trait of a successful entry-level earphone – solid bass. The form factor leaves a little to be desired and the sound signature won’t work for everyone but the FX40 is one of the better treble-heavy earphones in the lower price tiers." 

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