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IEM for kids?

  1. aiaosu
    My kids enjoy listening to music but some of the earphones they use are brutal. They really like listening to my headphones/earphones so I'm looking for something sturdy, inexpensive, and decent sound. Any suggestions? JVC FX101, Vsonic GR99, or maybe cheaper?
  2. Glow Fish
    Etymotic Kids.
  3. aiaosu

    How well are they made? Worried about the kids yanking on cords. Thanks for the reply.
  4. tinyman392
    Teach them how to insert and remove them them properly :wink:  Inserting a pair of EtyKids isn't fun though, especially with small ears.  They do tend to be cheap on Amazon though (around 30 bucks :p).  You'll get very little bass out of them though :frowning2: 
  5. aiaosu
    Also, I noticed you were posting about earbuds. My daughter really prefers the sound of earbuds. I was thinking of getting her some yuin pk3's. Anything else you'd recommend that's similar?
  6. tinyman392
    Unfortunately, I don't have too much experience with too many 'buds, it's where my expertise ends :frowning2:  I'm sure someone else will come on here and help you though :D
  7. aiaosu

    Unfortunately, they listen to pop and rap so they'll want bass. They don't like dad's live blues and jazz stuff. They do pretty good pulling them out but just treat things rougher in general and tend to be more accident prone. I just remember my dad sharing his audio equipment with me growing up and opening up my eyes to quality sound. I'm just grateful I can share decent sound without as much investment and a wall of tape decks, record player with high dollar needles, etc.
  8. tinyman392
    They'll want bass treble, and vocals.  The only earbud that I've heard that does that is the EarPods...  I'm sure you can do better than that though, although the 'Pods aren't all that bad. 
  9. aiaosu
    Thanks, I appreciate the reply. I haven't heard of EarPods.
  10. Glow Fish
    Check out the various Monoprice earphones on Amazon. The 8320s are the original value king, but various models are well regarded. I have a pair of the 8320. Decent build and the bass extension is good. That model might be too big for kids' ears but they have others. And they all really inexpensive.

    One reason I recommended the Ety Kids is the volume control. Little ears can be damaged by too loud earphones.
  11. tinyman392

    IDevices have volume limiters that can be set up in settings.

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