1. hlwrocer

    Tips on getting eartips to fit on?

    I just bought the GR99's and I can't get any of the additional tips to fit on. Any help?
  2. acti0n

    Any IEMs in the $200 range that compete with full-sized headphones for comfort?

    I primarily listen to vocal trance and other electronic music. I really loved the comfort of the Sony MDR-1R, but after going through multiple replacements due to build quality issues (creaks and jack rattle), I'm finding there are shockingly few full-sized alternatives that even come close with...
  3. Extreme1Bass

    In Ear What do you recommend with puncy bass? (cost less than 50)

    Hello, Congratulations on your website! I want to buy the earphones In Ear who have the punchy bass, deep and extended. The Mid and treble should not be annoying. (my mp3 player is Creative Zen  http://imago.techtop.it/d/2665-1/071204-Creative-Zen.jpg I think that the JVC HA-FX1X are...
  4. MastermindJapan

    The "What IEM thread" to end all "What IEM threads" (BUDGET EDITION)

    As per the title, pick your poison. Would be nice for you to rank them the top 3, with a little description of why you have chosen the particular IEM. List of options as follows; MH1 SHE35xx Monoprice 8320 JVC HA-FX40 XBA-1 VDS1(S) GR99 GR02 BE VC02 R1 M1 M5 Options selected...
  5. darkhorse108

    Seeking the best IEM under $50 for Acoustic, Folk, Jazz and Classical music

    Hey folks,   I'm very new to the world of IEM's - I had a pair of Sennheiser's that I thought were great. They're old now, and missing - so time to upgrade. I listen to mostly warm acoustic music, with vocals... I was pretty much sold on the Soundmagic E10's, then I heard about Vsonic. So...
  6. Honey monster

    My Sennheisers died

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this place. Im looking for some replacement earphones for my Sennheisers (CX300II) which finally gave up on me. The left earphone is not working. Anyway I loved the sound of them, had em cheap from eBay at £11 Inc postage and used em alot for like 9 months, including...
  7. Aw3som3

    Any recommendations for £25-£35 in-ear earphones? -Heavy rock

    Hi guys,   I'm searching for a decent pair of in-ear earphones. My budget is around £25 but I would'nt mind pushing it up to £35 for a good pair. The music I mostly listen to is; Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal and Heavy metal. I also occasionally listen to Dubstep and Death Metal. I'm mostly...
  8. sashakrik

    Looking to buy new in-ears to use with my iphone

    Hello everyone ! I had an old pair of sennheiser CX300II that are falling apart so i want to buy a new pair of in-ears. I'm using the earphones with my old iPhone 3GS to listen to music on my way to work. I'm normally hearing electronic music (House, Dubstep) and Rap/Hip-Hop.   My...
  9. pavels555

    Can't decide on which IEM to buy

    Hi,   I had Sennheiser CX300 for like 6 years, but recently the left ear stopped working.   I'm am looking for a IEM around 30$,   I looked through the forum and couldn't decide on specific model for my purposes.   I'm listening mainy to Electronic music. Remixes/ Progressive...
  10. aiaosu

    IEM for kids?

    My kids enjoy listening to music but some of the earphones they use are brutal. They really like listening to my headphones/earphones so I'm looking for something sturdy, inexpensive, and decent sound. Any suggestions? JVC FX101, Vsonic GR99, or maybe cheaper?
  11. nissen1502

    IEM's for <$100

    I'm looking for some IEM's for around $100 for my mother. I asked her what genre's she usually listen to but for some weird reason she didn't want to answer, like she said she listens to everything but i know 100% that she doesn't listen to stuff like EDM and hard rock and stuff like that.  ...
  12. banditopazzo

    Help choosing 30-40$ bassy IEM

    Hi people, I'm helping my friend choosing a new pair of earphones. Like the title he is looking for bassy IEM and the price range is from 30 to 40 dollars. I've in mind the Vsonic GR02 for now. Anyone have a suggestion?
  13. raybone0566

    little gems in my hands/yamaha eph100

    I own many,many pairs of iem's, but on rare occasion have a run across a pair that just seems to do everything perfectly. my vsonic gr-7 bass edition came close but still lacks with isolation. my rha 750's are excellent but still lack in the sub bass in my opinion. but these little yamaha's seem...
  14. Jehmimah

    Help Repairing VSONIC GR99

    My VSONIC GR99s were crushed to some degree while inside my bag. Due to this, there has been significant cable fraying. I've put pictures below of what it looks like, but I was wondering what course of action, if any, I could take to repair these. The side with the frayed cable (as pictured)...
  15. Gems

    Thinking of upgrading from VSonic GR99 due to static/hiss, comfort, and general upgrading.

    I've been using my VSonic GR99 for at least 1.5 years and I've been very pleased with its sound quality for a sub-$30 IEM. It's been quite sufficient for what I've been using it for, but I've been thinking of upgrading for a number of reasons. The primary reason why I'm thinking of upgrading is...
  16. naminis

    These GR04 or Gr99 or something else

    Hello, I'm looking for IEM's , and found out that vsonic's are quite good. So now I just cant decide which one to choose, or maybe You will offer me something better. I need comfortable IEM's and well fitting (I will be jogging, doing sports with IEM's ) and also I need low sound leakage (...
  17. astron

    looking for a balanced sound earphone for classical music and rock music

    Hi all    I'am looking for a balanced sounded(for example:i don't want powerful bass sound) earphone for rock and classical music about 60-70$. what do you recommend?   I'd like to hearing the qualitative rock music(Dream Theater) and classical music. i need a appropriate earphone for...
  18. johnjenkins0047

    The Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition or the Vsonic GR99?

    Hey guys I'm just starting out here and looking to buy my first real pair of IEMs and I'm trying to decide if I should get the Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition or the Vsonic GR99. I mostly listen to hip hop/rap and techno/dubstep type music. I want a really fun IEM with a lot of bass but still good...
  19. oopsandohms

    TDK MT-300 vs VSonic GR99

    The mt-300 for 7 and the gr99 for 22. Which is the better buy?
  20. Magicman74

    Best budget IEMS ever (VSONIC GR99)

    Are you kidding me right now??  I see C posted his review on the lastest Vsonic models earlier, but let me give you my take on the Gr99 that just popped in my mailbox.  How are Vsonic doing this? These things are just AMAZING, and I mean AMAZING. I've tried and spent quite a few $ in the...
  21. Magicman74

    IC- A few IEMS F/S-F/T GR99/GR02 BE /POPO

        Wanted to post an interset check on a few IEMS. All adult owned with VERY limited use. All boxes tips etc included.   Vsonic GR99 -as new, used quite a bit but still look brand new, never left my house. (Sold) Vsonic GR06- as new-Hardly used at all..Haven't even touched them in...
  22. elvergun

    Vsonic Sampler (GR02 Bass Edition & GR99)

    I will try to sell both in one shot.    I bough them two months ago.    I purchased the GR99 and then I received the GR02 a week later...and I did not use the GR099 after that. I purchased the GR02 and then I received a CKM500 a week or so later...I did not use the GR02 after that. ...
  23. mark2410

    Vsonic GR99 Review

    Vsonic GR99 Review   Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample     First Impressions:  I like the packaging, it looks swish and right off you can see the assortment of different pretend Sony “hybrid” tips.  I count 7 different sizes.  8 if add in the ones that come on them.  The beds look...
  24. zoomjohn

    Sansa Clip+ 4GB & VSonic GR99 bundle

    Both have <10 hours of usage. Only one pair of ear-adapter was lightly used on the GR99. The Clip+ is in mint appearance already rockboxed for best sound (stock USB transfer cable included). Sounds awesome with the GR99's - good sound stage, excellent location mapping. Since they are both...
  25. lihka555

    Brainwavz R1 vs Vsonic GR99 - Which is a better buy for 32-35$?

    I want to buy an IEM and these two fit well under my budget. I am really confused about which one of these I should go with. I want to focus on sound quality. I listen to all kinds of music, so an overall balanced IEM would be best. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!