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Well, the question comes once more...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by iatomi, Dec 25, 2012.
  1. IatomI
    I have always loved music and most of all i always loved rap, hip-hop, rock, dubstep, and things of those sort.
    In my past i have had a decent headphone Me-elec m9 and have appreciated it, but it died shortly after purchase.
    I am now using my jvc hfx-101 (updated model) and im liking it, but i feel like its not enough.
    So im whooping out $150 to invest in a new headphones and its not easy, everyone has a new opinion, this,. that, its all to much.
    So in a summary this is what ive heard is good, ATH-M50. I like a prominent bass throughout my song with clear sounds, and i always take my headphones outside, grocery shopping etc.
    In summary, what headphones should i get, feel free to comment on it, and in the case of two different strong opinions i will make a seperate thread (VS. Thread)
    Fire away.
  2. RoMee Contributor
    I listen to the same stuff you listen to and my advice, stay away from the M50. It doesn't have enough bass for your music preference.
    Look into the Beyerdynamic Custom one Pro, they're about $150 right now at amazon, and for $20 more the AKG K167 gets my recommendation.
    You should also look into the Pioneer HDJ1500, they don't work too well with classical and stuff but for bassy music like rap and dubstep they're awesome.
  3. jackwess
    The problem with the M50 is that the bass affects the rest of the sound spectrum, take a look at the V Moda M-80
  4. IatomI
    What i hear of the V-moda m80 is that it is not the great for the price and that the m50 is much better, where do you get your opinion from?
    RoMee you gave me at least 3 recomendations from their, can you give me a top pick or something, i would prefer it if you actually recommend headphones you have listened to so we can share what you heard. 
  5. biggbenn74
    If you have some form of audio equalizer, I say go with the M50. A good equalizer should fix the bass leaking into the mids.
  6. IatomI
    God im such a f****king noob, please if i ook like a retard posting this correct me
    By equalizer do you mean like an app for the iphone, if not can u link me?
    Im also quite intrested in the HDJ-1500 what fo you guys think of it, how does it hold up against the m50
  7. RoMee Contributor
    Those are headphones my brother in laws has and he lives with me. So yeah, I've spent some time with them. 
    The HDJ1500 sounds similar to my HDJ500 and the HDJ500 was great for our music preference. The only issue I had is a high volume the highs can be pretty harsh.
    The AKG K167 sounds a little better than the custom one pro to me, but with the custom one pro you can adjust the bass.
    I didn't buy the HDJ1500 because my HDJ500 was good enough that I didn't feel the need to get the HDJ1500 or 2000.
    I didn't buy the K167 because I plan on buying the K267 instead
    Not sure why I haven't bought custom one pro yet.
    The M50 was bass light for me, even with the bass on my E11 on max it was still lacking bass. It's like trying to drag race with a Toyota Prius.
  8. IatomI
    Well, Romee you have enlightened me.
    I think im going to buy some beats studies by dr. dre
    I feel like the hdj500 and 1500 are the same from the reviews i have read and the 500's are only $87 therefore their are better in my price range 
    i have never heard of this k167, ill do some research atm. 
    EDIT: the 167's are 170 bucks on amazon, forget that.
    so far i  have ath m50 and crossfade m80's on my list of contemplation 
  9. biggbenn74
    Well, if you do happen to have an iPod/iPhone, then yes, an app. EQu is the name of the app. For the computer, I use Realtek+ASUS Equalizers.
  10. RoMee Contributor
    You can turn the HDJ1500 into an over ear headphone if you swap the earpads from the HDJ2000. Pioneer mentioned this on their website.
  11. IatomI
    That not my probelem with the 1500, its just that  they are relatively new, and not much people on head-fi have reviewed them, therefore im not sure wether iw ould like them or not.
    Im going to best buy tommorow, ill try them out and se how i like em.
    Big Ben, i have an iphone, i wonder whyyou say an eq is needed for most people say it is great the way it is
  12. RoMee Contributor
    I know, I'm just letting you know. I hope you like them. 
  13. IatomI
    Ill give everyone an honest opinion of what i think about them after listening since it seems like their is a lack of reviews of them on here.
    What is the general perspective on the akg k 271 mkII and koss prodj2000 and ultrasone's 680 and 780
  14. IatomI
  15. IatomI
    Anyone have akg k 271 mkII and koss prodj2000 and ultrasone's 680 and 780 and willing to share their opinions on them?

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