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Bass challenger for JVC lineup, MHP Trigger. Quick hands-on. Bass lovers check it out.

  1. QeQe
    Hi everyone, this is my first post to this site. I got addicted hording earphones after getting tired of mediocre bass quality in my previous headphones. Samsung S2+ stocks, Sennheiser MX170(pretty good buds though at 10 euros, but 6 more and you got MX375, which is best non-inear canal bud I have atm(MX170, MX365, MX375,MX485 and MX685, which is quite rubbish non-bassy sportbud at it is price 39 euro, avoid please.) and outdated PMX 40.
    Of course reading this site helped with addiction. Now my goal is to save for Sennheiser Momentum, but I got really some time to play with my prevent purchases. I review or compare all of them better later, but I had to came here and share my first thoughts of bassy iems.
    I mainly listen metal and rock, music but also some pop, dance, kate bush etc and I love bass in my rock or metal music. Rap/Hip-hop is genre I cannot stand for, but for there is always exception to rule and that is Wiz Khalifa Black and white, which is one song on my testlist which I use when judging my phones, it had nice bass from beginning, no need wait too long. 
    I ordered JVC HA FX1X, HA FX101 and HA FX3X from reputable seller after reading HA FX1X fan thread here and no signs of being fake. HA FX1X is at new just like described in its fan thread. Bassy, but fuzzy mids and highs. HA FX3X best of punch straight from box and FX101 being second, with its more clear mids and highs. I am still burning in those F1X1(around 10h, I know 50h+ needed...), but still I have very mixed feelings about them. But we are not here to talk about those JVC's. Those are just for comparison to what I found with 19,90 euros. Motorheadphones Trigger. These were almost 50 euros before price cut. I wouldn't have touched them at that price, but 19,90... why not. Lets try them. There are sister product Overkill with Mic, but avoid that, also it costs more. Consumer reviews says that mic is the part that gives up in weeks. So, no mic for this little test specimen. I am not here to judge their building quality, I keep my things in their bags or boxes when not in use, So I expect, these will do just fine for me in that segment. These came in cheapo cardboard box, with Motörhead logos and pictures printed on them. Also front cover is openable like book cover, but that flimsy cardboard box were so mutiled after post services, so I throw it away. Inside there are obviously iems, 2 spare buds(S and L, M in go) and cotton made carrying pouch. Some leaflet from Lemmy. All stuffed in red velvet holding box(dont know which its accurate name is, hey english ain't my mother language). 
    One nag is start, that when get out of their keeping bag and put into your ears, those bullet shape drivers may feel cold when they touch your ear. Guess that leaving them in sunshine may do opposite.
    But I was not expecting anything from them what I read their reviews in amazon and places like that, which mainly were few words Great sound and good bass. That kind of information leaves lots of in guesses. Only some UK bloke in his site reviewed all of those MH phones and really liked those Triggers. So I was on quite thin ice. I prayed that if those sounds even as good as samsung stocks, I wouldn't be much disappointed. If as good MX365, then would be delighted. If better, then very interested, because price wasn't high.
    Put them into my ears and plugged into my Samsung S2+. Selected track Megadeth-The Killing road. Press play. Whoa! What a guitar, but after bass came in I was What!?! and had to search immediately presets from eq that would low down the bass. That was like band started use your head as their rehearsal studio. Guitars are loud, but those aren't clear although very detailed like all soundstage, because they are overwhelmed by that gigantum bass that is hammering back of your head. In all respect, F1X1 is just entry drug into iem bass world, these being the next step. Same settings, same volume or I can give even one up for JVC's, Triggers hammer still more. They don't go as down as JVC's, but the bass is more punchier, more natural and more rich than any of those JVC's. And now we get back to the wiz khalifa song. When the bass starts to hit, JVC's only trembles your head, but Trigger hammers that much it is felt even in my shoulders. Ironically this IEM performs just good with metal and rock, but really shines in Rap, Pop and etc. Rihanna has never sounded more beautiful and the bass in her songs is just hypnotic with these. If you like more neutral bass, then Philips SH3590 or Soundmagic E10(have them also, but been using them just awile) will do fine, even Samsung stocks performs all genres I throw them at. Triggers are just something different. Sound is not neutral, like in Sennheisers, it is like rock club, where you stand next to stage and near that main guitarist guitar amp. Some eq settings and some fast metal songs just gives me information overload(I am very sensitive person) and I need to take phones of or change eq to more neutral. I mean, I just hear too much detail, that it exhausts me and when it is preserved with punch to your face style, it can be too much. But songs with less elements, like Rihanna ones, are just perfect with rich, detailed and full bass, which is punchy, not semi-sloppy like in FX1X. 
    Must funniest things was when I was listen one megadeth song and listened that bass drum. Where the hell last time I heard it sound like that. Oh wait, it was 1999 in local band rehearsal place, where my friends played some Iron Maiden covers. But that was it. Real bass drum sound. Wow...
    But I weep why guitars are more like Lemmy, not Alex Laiho or some else modern guitar player which has not(yet) pumped their veins with everything intoxicating there is to be found. Yes, detail is there, being loud is there, but they are little bit dark compared to bass and highs. Female vocalists sound astonishing, like Annie Lennox in Whiter shade of pale, but male vocalists suffer same mid section darkness, which can be corrected with eq settings in phone, but then also bass is not anymore so BIG. Actually radio tube amp presets sounded most right with metal music. Some ways it is logic, because it is said that Lemmy has been with in creation process. Old rockers love their radio tube amps.
    Hope you got sense from my jibberish. I will come back review soon(I hope) Maxell Amp-B's. Had I put my hands in excrement or found I jewel under 20$. Stay tuned.
  2. B9Scrambler
    Good find. They seem to have an interesting lineup of rock focused headphones. One thing I did notice is that they use identical strain reliefs as that on the J+- Wooden Earbuds...
    Overkill_brass_33003_earphones_front.jpg IMG_20140430_153151.jpg
  3. QeQe
    I have also their Bomber and motorizers are coming as well after I fell love with these. :xf_eek: Bombers are not so megabassy, but soundstage otherwise identical with triggers. Cost only 25£, so not bad. Triggers just have been so far only phones that have gave me eargasms. Lady Gaga Judas is just pure fun and pleasure with these. Changing back to Jvc's gives me 'meh' feeling. :)

    Edit: line is crossed now. Listening Above & beyond feat alex vargas - sticky fingers(original mix) made me slighty nausea because of that amount of bass. :frown:
  4. QeQe
    Okay, finally solved problem with fx3x fit. Used fx1x medium tips and they seal perfectly. Now its bass is pretty close with bastards, but overall sound stll lacking depth and warmth. Fx3x more neutral, bastards more live, like being on a gig standing next to guitar amp and bass drum. Lucky that midsection muddiness is not so much present with fx3x than with fx1x. Jvc's are ok, when you dont actually concentrate to music, but bastards, they draw your attention to them, cannot use them as background music listening.
  5. B9Scrambler
    The JVCs are aggressive... not very warm at all, at least that's what I find. My preference is for brighter IEMs, which is why I have the 201, 1X, 3X, two T90s...I just love ma JVCs lol. Not a fan of the 201s as much, due to simblant treble and less forward mids. Bass is nice though.

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