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JVC new top tier Wooden IEM : JVC HA FX 1100

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  1. rudi0504
    Hi Head Fi Friends

    I would like to share new JVC Top Tier Wooden IEM : JVC HA FX 1100

    JVC HA FX 1100 is as improvement from most popular on Head Fi HA FX 850

    Below is the information about JVC HA FX 1100 :

    Wood series highest peak model to reproduce the spread of beautifully smooth sound and sound immersive

    1. Own wood technology to achieve the beautiful sound like musical instrument

    1) equipped with a new "wood dome unit" to achieve a beautiful sound and natural sound spread
    Was processed in domed by proprietary thin film processing technology "wood dome diaphragm" on the front, and place the new development "Wood diffuser", which was processed in the form of a ring. To diffuse the sound, you can achieve a natural sound spread. In addition, "Wood dome diaphragm" on the back, it is possible to mount the "wood plates", and improve the quality and realism of the sound of the unit.

    I to reduce vibration loss of

    2) unit in a wide band
    Equipped with "acoustic hybrid damper"
    By then pressing the units "Wood Damper" using the "tree" and a large brass ring specific gravity, the vibration loss of the unit can be reduced in a wide band, providing a high-resolution clear sound reproduction.
    In addition, the installation of the "acoustic dual hybrid damper" structure hold the front of the unit also in brass ring, as well as to further improve the vibration-damping properties, and increase the resolution.

    3) to absorb unwanted vibration, with a "Wood ring absorber"
    Powered by absorbing the unwanted vibration transmitted to the brass ring of the rear housing "Wood ring absorber". And optimally control the sound of housing, providing no clear sound of turbidity

    4) adopted the "Wood housing" Kuroki eye finish convey the sound of realism rich sound
    Is adopted also "tree" to the headphone housing (housing). By maximizing the characteristics of the "Wood dome unit", to play the spread and lingering natural sound realistic richly.
    Also, I have adopted a black wood grain finish on the housing with a sense of luxury.

    2. Newly adopted high purity oxygen-free copper 6N OFC braided cable that bring out the sound of the sound with trees
    The braided cable of high purity oxygen-free copper (99.9999%) 6N OFC adopted new, full of more realistic, it is possible to achieve a smooth sound, reducing the touch noise.

    3. Newly adopted acoustic for solder high-quality, and achieve further higher sound quality
    In signal transmission path from the input plug to driver unit, newly adopted high-quality sound for solder with excellent acoustic characteristics.
    I realized the sound reproduction closer to the original sound

    4. To achieve a clear sound, and comes with a "spiral dot earpiece"
    By dimples provided on the earpiece inner wall, it is possible to diffuse the reflected sound in the earpiece, which causes degradation in sound quality, is adopted to suppress the turbidity of the sound, to achieve a clear sound "spiral dot earpiece". Choose the size that best fits the ear, I will come with a new five size (S · MS · M · ML · L). It also comes with foam earpiece to fit in the ear with a soft feel.

    5. Adopt and detachable cord with MMCX terminal, the L-type plug fitted with a new aluminum sleeve and aluminum end
    Adopt detachable code using MMCX terminal. Also, I was newly adopted an L-shaped plug fitted with aluminum sleeve and aluminum end to control the fine vibration.

    · Model: dynamic type
    · Hi-Res correspondence: ○
    -Output sound pressure level: Fai11.0㎜
    Unit size: 106dB / 1mW
    And playback frequency band: 6Hz ~ 45,000Hz
    Impedance: 16Ω
    • The maximum permissible input: 200mW (IEC ※)
    Code: 1.2m (Y type) 6N OFC (MMCX removable)
    • Input Plug:
    Fai3.5㎜24 gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini plug aluminum sleeve and aluminum end adoption
    - Weight: 13.0g (not including code)
    - Accessories:
    Earpiece S, MS, M, ML, L pieces each 2
    Foam earpiece S, M each two
    Code keeper, clip,
    Carrying case

    I would like to share my JVC HA FX 1100 out the Box Pictures :

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  2. slowpickr
  3. rudi0504
    Thank you for sharing the link Slowpickr
    At Fujiavic cost about 57.020 Yen

  4. Mimouille
    Hey Rudi I saw you bought this, how does it compare to top tier IEMs?
  5. rudi0504

    Hi Michael
    This JVC HA FX 1100 is like Kaede 1 , with slightly less brightness but with better bass detail and impact .
    Please see our impression below
  6. rudi0504
    We have mini meet of 3 person including me.
    We done the comparison our new Babys JVC HA FX 1100 vs their old Baby JVC HA FX 850
    Source : AK 100 FAD , AK 100 Gold Japan Edition and AK 240
    Dac / Amp :
    Aurender Flow
    Chord Hugo
    Iems :
    3 JVC HA FX 1100
    1 JVC HA FX 850
    Cable :
    Sys Concept Optical Cable 5.00 mm
    Out the box JVC FX 1100 vs JVC FX 850 already 300 hours burn in
    The result as follow
    High :
    1100 has better sweet and polite treble, better texture and suitable for long term listening.
    850 has clean treble and more `lively` or sparkly / shimmery.
    1100 has more 'meat' / fleshed out - more vivid and intimate. This is 1100 forte and calling card.
    850 has good mid but less thick and less upfront / just a hair but not recessed.
    1100 has better bass texture and less mid bass hump and more bass refined. Good for audiophile jazz, vocals, acoustic and progressive rock.
    850 has lively attack in bass but still has that mid bass hump that is more appropriate with trance / hiphop and modern music.
    1100 is so appropriate with classical music where one can feel the build up, the slow passages and ambience, especially strings have vivid feel and weight on each notes.
    1100 has better ambience, taller and space, more 3D so to speak but can feel a bit slower with perceived attack due to more immersive mids, decay and more sweet treble.
    850 is more 'lively' and clear and more pronounced attack but less 3D and less height compared to 1100.
    Depending on music, these two share JVC house sound, but my vote goes to 1100, with better cables / silver coated copper i think the attack will be much improved but the vividness of 1100 is close to perfection.
    Our opinion ( me .Robby and Sindarta )

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  7. Mimouille
    Great, but what about isolation?
  8. rudi0504

    Isolation is better than Kaede 1
    It can not compare to custom :D
  9. FangJoker
    Which one would be best for 80s and 90s heavy metal like Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax?
  10. rudi0504

    Hi vegasf1
    Overall For heavy Metal and hard Rock is JVC HA FX 1100 ( Japan Edition ) or HA FX 1200 ( International Edition )
    Because :
    Metal , Heavy Metal and Hard Rock are like Rock Concert big soundstage , tall and thick attack with bass and guitar
    And Drums dead center .
    As Very convincing live show
  11. blazer78
    I think that just about sums up how great and immersive these canalphones will sound. [​IMG]
  12. jelt2359 Contributor
    Very similar thoughts to yours, Rudi. My comparison of the entire range is here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/746615/legend-r-vs-k10-brief-review-and-27-others-now-incl-entire-westone-w-um-series-and-jvc-fx-series/105#post_11178667
  13. lescanadiens
  14. jelt2359 Contributor
    Hi Canadian,
    The JVC and CKR10 are both warmer signatures, so I think CKR9 (I have not heard the limited edition) is more different if you want a different flavour. The CKR9 were brighter, had better clarity, and had good punchy bass. The CKR10 is warmer and has a smaller, more intimate soundstage- certainly smaller than the JVC. 
  15. joey99
    I'm in tokyo at the moment and got to try these .. and 'WOW' these are the most amazing iems I have ever tried and I'm coming from a 846. The soundstage is amazing and sound like big headphones to me. It's extremely impactful in all aspects from the 1/2 hour I tried it. I love them so much ... I will be getting a pair these few days. Bass is huge and impactful, vocals are perfect, smooth and in front. Just perfect for what I want for an iem. I just love how they sound. 10mins before I stubbled upon these I bought a sony Z5 .. they're pretty good but they were more expensive than the 1100 here. Wish I could've exchanged it. damn too late.
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