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Best EarBuds under $30.

  1. DerpCeption
     Hey Guys, as you can obviously see, I am trying to find the best earbuds for under 30 dollars. Currently, I am taking a look at: http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-headphones-under-30/

    If you have experienced those earbuds in the link above, please let me know. If there are others that you have experienced before, that would be helpful as well. The main use for these are for long car rides if I am the passenger, etc. Potential sound cancelling would be appreciated but it is not necessary. That would just be a nice feature if possible. And preferably, a tough cable that wont break within the first week or two. Also clear sound without muddy bass would be nice as well. I am not a basshead so I lean more towards crystal clear music. If the bass is not distorted/muddy then that would be nice as well.  [Thanks in Advance]
  2. jwong
    I can't speak from personal experience (yet... they're in the mail), but based on your description the new Brainwavz Delta might be a good option. Plus you'd have $10 left over!
    I have had the Monoprice buds, and they are definitely great for the price. But housing and durability won't be as good as the Deltas for sure, and I doubt the sound will be as good either based on reviews so far.
  3. ms3902
    I have the monoprice 8320's and while the do sound good the fit is a big issue with me. I went so far as to take some sandpaper to smooth out the case so they would not hurt so bad. I would try the Phillips SHE9580, or the brainwavz delta jwong mentioned. 
  4. darthman
    JVC has some that are stupid good for really low prices: durable, fun, great bass, easy to wear.
  5. darthman

    JVC HA-FX101B

  6. Mooses9
    sennheiser cx300 34.00 and some change

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