1. DerpCeption

    Best EarBuds under $30.

     Hey Guys, as you can obviously see, I am trying to find the best earbuds for under 30 dollars. Currently, I am taking a look at:  If you have experienced those earbuds in the link above, please let me know. If there are others that...
  2. tripsteady

    Best Inner Ear for Galaxy S3 ?

    Hi Guys     So im sure you get alot of these questions asked all the time , but an unable to find a sticky answering this so here goes :   What is the best in ear earphones for under $100? I will use this for commuting   They must have the following :   - Clarity is important ...
  3. chamath

    Senheiser CX281/ Koss PortaPro/ KSC75/ Phillips SHE9550/ SHE 7850/ TDK EC250 Who Wins?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum ;)   Right now I have head gears such as Philips SHP 2000(headphone), SHE3600(in ear headphones) etc where they have rich bass and clear high quality audio visibility on mids and highs.   I'm looking for a high end compact headphone below...
  4. Philips SHE7850

    Philips SHE7850

    Philips SHE7850 Earbuds