1. whirlwind

    Need Comfortable Earphones

    I have the JVC FX40 and the sound is nice, but I would like something more comfortable.   I want something that sounds at least as good as the JVC FX40...I would like to spend around $50 or less.   I am not against buying second hand if the deal is right and I get more comfortable...
  2. whirlwind

    Earphone Tips

    I have a pair of JVC HA-FX40....I love the sound, but none of the style of tips that came with it feel very comfortable.   Where can I just get some comfy tips and what tips do you suggest....thanks for any help.
  3. whirlwind

    What Is The Best I Can Do For $100

    What is the best that I can do for $100   HiFiMan RE400   Shure 215   Is there anything else that I should be considering at this price range ?   Are both of the above a nice upgrade from JVC HA FX40
  4. Pedro Oliveira

    Amazing IEM's for the smallest price

    hi guys....   Sorry to bother but i would love to have some suggestions about really great sounding iem's for the smalles price, or at least a cheap one (20 25 pounds tops but the cheaper the better, since like that i would probably get more than a pair).   Last iem's i have been using...
  5. DustinBroke

    Sony earbuds

    I did see that Sony made the MDR-EX210 earbuds but are these like the MDR-EX300? They look really almost the same just the color is different. I just wondered if the sound is the same also. If not what Sony earbuds sound like the MDR-EX300 or so?
  6. jdhud024

    JVC Marshmellows thoughts?

    Just wondering if the JVC Marshmellows are any good, saw them in bestbuy and need a new set, I need a new pair, and heard tese have bass and I LOVE bass!!!
  7. NineEleven

    $20 IEM's Recommendations

    Hey there!   I am looking for a decent pair of IEM's. I used Apple Standard Earphones and the ones included with My Samsung Galaxy S II but the built quality is crap. Cable problems all the time.    So I thought I'd buy something a bit more decent.    -$20 or less. -Good build...
  8. Mkilbride

    Best Earbuds under 15$?

    Prefer them on Amazon. I'm looking and torn. I don't want to spend alot, I mean, they're earbuds, I plan to use them with a Handheld system, maybe a MP3 player while I'm on the go, I do not need super high fi 100$ ear-buds. I got expensive audio equipment at home for that.   I was looking at...
  9. valon

    ~$50 IEMs for Rap/Electronic (and bass!)

    Hey I have been looking around for some new IEMs, and I am a bit overwhelmed with everything I have read. I mostly listen to Rap(With mostly electronic beats)/Electronic. Naturally both rap and electronic music have a lot of bass so I definitely want good strong bass. I see the soundmagic e10...
  10. DerpCeption

    Best EarBuds under $30.

     Hey Guys, as you can obviously see, I am trying to find the best earbuds for under 30 dollars. Currently, I am taking a look at: http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-headphones-under-30/  If you have experienced those earbuds in the link above, please let me know. If there are others that...
  11. nagual

    IEM, good audio quality, and easy to find !

    Hi, my son is going to Orlando (guess where ?), so I asked him to buy a pair of IEMs. Could you please point me some ? I want  audio quality (with bass) and that they be easy to find.  Do not need features like noise cancellation. My budget is about US$50.00. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. ponyo

    Do JVC HA-FX40 give you ear fatigue

  13. iTzKPanda

    Budget IEMs/earphones

    Hey guys. I've looked through all the budget iem threads and I can't make my mind up yet. I can't get the Meelectronics M9Ps because the right angle cable won't be able to fit my phone case. I've had the monoprice 8320s but they're not very convenient to use on-the-go I've also had the JVC...
  14. wngusans

    do u know LG quadbeat?

    this is original quadbeat. http://en.goldenears.net/index.php?mid=GR_Earphones&search_target=title&search_keyword=LG&document_srl=14317   and this is revision model. http://ko.goldenears.net/board/index.php?mid=GR_Earphones&document_srl=2848418   i think its great, and this headphone...
  15. FHSWarrior

    anything better than the JVC HA-FX40 for under $30? IEM

    It's been a while since I've been on this site so I haven't been keeping up. Thanks for the help!
  16. Saoshyant


    What is everyone's favorite budget headphone/earphone? Let's say $30 or less. I personally am loving The JVC fx40.
  17. Penta

    HA FX40 or KSC75 (UPDATE: Superlux recommendation)

    Hello. I'm in a very tight budget and in a country where huge taxes are applied over everything I import. I'm looking for >20$ phones good for a wide variety of music and the HA FX40 and KSC75 are the most recomended ones around here. I cannot decide which one is the best for me since I can't...
  18. suman134

    braiwavz delta , vs other budget phones .

         just received my brainwavz delta " review sample " , and im gona run through it with a review , im capable of .        comparing it with other budget phones , like meelec m9 , m6 , cw31 , ha-fx40 , pny midtown 200 , and a few more . for this time , i have a few engagements and they will...
  19. 1

    Monoprice 8320 or JVC HA-FX40?

    Hello,   I am looking to get a new pair of budget IEMs, as my previous pair of IEMs have broken.    I have a low budget of preferably under 50$, needed the ability to wear straight down, lots of comfort, and extreme clarity and detail with good treble alongside prominent bass with decent...
  20. whirlwind

    What Are My Choices For Under $100

    I am thinking about getting some IEM'S for my portable set-up....like to stay under $100 and preferably about $75   Sansa Clip Zip paired with BSC cmoy   I listen to rock and classic rock and some older metal.   My biggerst fear of IEM'S I guess is the build quality....like the wires...
  21. JK1

    JVC HA-FX40 vs Panasonic RP-HJE355

    Duplicate post. Please remove.
  22. H

    JVC HA-FX40 | Believe the hype!

    Got them today (black version from amazon.com, $17) and I'm so impressed I am doing a review on them. These definitely need to be more well known. A forewarning: I don't believe in the drivers burning in and I generally listen to my headphones out of the box immediately. I believe in the brain...
  23. Zankes

    Looking for first pair of IEMs

    I am looking for first pair of IEMS, any recommendations? I don't know anything about IEMS, so I need some serious advices...   I currently have Ultrasone pro 900 and I love them and I listen to jpop/electro pop.     My budget is about 100 usd or something, because I won't use iems so...
  24. ritvik93

    should i go for sony mdr ex220lp?

    I'm thinking of buying the Sony Mdr ex220lp : http://www.sony.co.in/product/mdrex220lp Should i go for it or should i look at any other options of similar price bracket?
  25. JosephL

    Does it make sense to buy IEM's that match the DAC?

    Hello,   I'm researching inexpensive IEM's that would work well with this DAC. http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/products/audio_hubs/WM1811/   Which one of these below would you suggest given that DAC?   Senn cx200 Phillips SHE3580 Monoprice 8320 Sony MH1C Koss KSC75s Philips SHE3580...