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Looking for cheap IEM's with good isolation.

  1. jab1235
    Hey everyone, I've been using the IEM guide here for quiet a while to help in my previous few purchases of IEMs. However, the headphones I've been using (Visang R02) broke in only a few months both times I've bought them. While I really love the Visang R02s I'd rather not spend $40 to get a pair right now.
    I've picked out a few pairs that got good ratings on the IEM review thread but I can't really decide which one I want.
    JVC HA-FX101B (first choice)
    visang r02
    astrotec am-90 (which I can't find a place to buy them for a decent price)
    Dunu DN-12 Trident (can't find decent place to buy them)
    open to other opinions as well
    I'm willing to spend around $40 but I'd rather keep the price lower because I seem to go through headphones pretty quickly (around 4 months) I'd prefer to buy them from amazon or anywhere that they will arrive within the next few weeks because I'm about to take a long trip.
    I'm mainly looking for headphones that have good all around sound and decent isolation. I've been using the visang ro2's for almost a year now and their isolation is pretty much perfect for what I need. When music is playing I can barely hear any outside noise which is what I want because I use headphones when I study in public.
    I mainly listen to hip hop but I also listen to tons of other types of music so I don't want anything that works great with a specific genre but not others. I'm considering the JVC HA-FX101B as of right now because they are only $15 and the Head-Fi review says they have really decent isolation. However, the review also says they are really base heavy and I don't know if that's exactly what I'm looking for.
    I also mainly use my iem's when I play games just because they are comfortable. I don't need a decent sound stage or anything specifically for gaming, but something that will sound decent enough when I do use them for games.
    Thank's for the help!
  2. warrenpchi Administrator

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