1. jab1235

    Looking for cheap IEM's with good isolation.

    Hey everyone, I've been using the IEM guide here for quiet a while to help in my previous few purchases of IEMs. However, the headphones I've been using (Visang R02) broke in only a few months both times I've bought them. While I really love the Visang R02s I'd rather not spend $40 to get a pair...
  2. OliverBB

    Brainwavz M1 vs Visang R02

    I'm looking to see if people can compare the differences between these 2 budget IEM's. If possible The Brainwavz m5 as well.     Just for reference I do have- -MEELECTRONINCS M9- comfy and decent sound but the bass is just TOO much. I like bass but def wouldn't call myself a basshead...
  3. MrRamirez

    What are the best earphones under $50?

    Can you guys recommend me some earphones under $50? I'll give you the most information i can so you can easily pick some earphones for me Earphones i had before: Original Apple Earphones Lenntek Sonix 3 A Jays One They all did good (except Apple Earphones) but both of them broke on me...
  4. ViSang VS-R02 InEar Hi-fi Noise Isolation Ear-Buds Earphones

    ViSang VS-R02 InEar Hi-fi Noise Isolation Ear-Buds Earphones

    Visang R02 is an earphone with equilibration. The high, medium, and low frequency distribution is average. It works well and grabbed a frequency and not to influence another frequency. The sound is up, good clean and fresh. This earphone sound great for the price. Their sound quality easily...