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looking for new earphones !

  1. swimingwather
    Hello I am looking for a pair of IEM. I currently have urbeats and they work well. I'm not so great on just headphones so I thought to ask if you have any good to recommend. I want a pair of really good headphones so you can hear all kinds of supplements.Or a good site i can find something good.How much money should I put on the headphones to get some good? Perhaps you could also recommend a site where you can order simply because I live in sweden. I imagine no extreme headphones but they should still be good. Thought go for 300-400USD?
  2. BillsonChang007
    I like UE900 although that's my very first few in-ear I came across but it dramatically win some of my favorite full-size headphone! It blows XBA-4 out either but not when it comes to instrumental music XD still like it with XBA-4 when it comes to that but overall, UE900 sounds a lot better in comparison and it is also clearer! 
    Billson :D
  3. swimingwather
    Thank you,I like your suggestion about ue 900 But what about these  (http://www.head-fi.org/products/sennheiser-ie800)? Or perhaps you now better for a better price?  It seems that you have understood what I mean hehe [​IMG].I will use my in-ear headphones to my phone most of the time. Which is an sony-android phone
  4. mrheadphoneguy

    I think you should buy the SOUNDMAGIC E10 headphones!
    They are really affordable and if you are from Sweden here is a website where you can purchase them. 
    You don't need to buy a couple of headphones for alot of money just for the music experience. It is a sick waste of money. You can give the money to your poor older brother instead ;D.
  5. DrSheep
    I second the UE900, and I think the over all package is even better than the Westone 4R.
    You may just as well get custom for that kind of price.  Most Sennheiser's stuff has a pretty neutral sound to them, so if you want to go that route then I suggest you try the IE80 first.  However, over all package wise the UE900 wins out as you get both Comply Foam Tips and two cables in the box on the get go, plus easy access to Apple Store for exchange or returns.
  6. BillsonChang007
    Don't go for IE800 if you are not a big fan of sound like Grados for example! IE800 sound completely different from any of Sennheiser headphone. It is literally day and night! Most of Sennheiser headphones that I came across are mostly warm, dark sounding. While these, IE800 sound very bright not at all warm and bass kick are even lesser than HD598. But the mid bass is still there and strong. That's probably the only bass point I could hear. 
    Hope this help!
    Billson :)
  7. swimingwather
    You are saying that the ue900 is the best choice for me ?
  8. BillsonChang007
    Yes! Out of all the IEM I came across! If like they said, they are better than the 4Rs, why not? XD in addition, straight out of the box, you get great sound without having to burn-in for it is using BA drivers! 
    Billson :D
  9. swimingwather
    Thanks for all advice,hopefully i'm going to buy the earphones we talked about Logitech ue900 [​IMG]
  10. swimingwather
    Last things man! Are you need to use the earphones like on the Pictures? Up and down? what is it good for? Was the Price not to mutch for you to Pay? :wink: You are mutch to help! Thanks a lot!
  11. BillsonChang007
    Well, not very used to it and FYI, we call it over the ear earphone. But I get used to it later on. Just like my J-Cord Sony :)

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