Looking for new in ear headphone need some suggestion
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Jul 13, 2013
I searched and narrowed my choice to three
1-Soundmagic PL 11
2-Soundmagic PL 21
3-Creative EP-630

From the choices you must have known i want just bass
but more i read about these in forums more i got confused with no clear opinion coming out So
I want to know which of these will give highest possible bass and the "boom boom" effect like subwoofers or anything near to that

Please i need advices quick as i have limited time frame am geeting a discount on these
pl 11 for rs.760
pl 21 for 950
ep-630 for rs.700

Advance thanks
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Wrong subforum man. :) I think you will get what you need here: http://www.head-fi.org/f/103/portable-headphones-earphones-and-in-ear-monitors

And a free tip: Headphones turned up so loud for the boom boom effect = hearing damage. Stay safe, enjoy boosted, well extended bass at safe levels.
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Bro am complete newbie in dese field infact dis is going to be my first low budget iem
and i read almost all discusion abt dese headphones still not getting nything clear
plz can u suggest nything and thanks for da advice really appreciate it

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