1. demigod008

    Lookin for bass head

    I searched and narrowed my choice to three 1-Soundmagic PL 11 2-Soundmagic PL 21 3-Creative EP-630 From the choices you must have known i want just bass but more i read about these in forums more i got confused with no clear opinion coming out So I want to know which of these will give highest...
  2. demigod008

    Looking for new in ear headphone need some suggestion

    I searched and narrowed my choice to three 1-Soundmagic PL 11 2-Soundmagic PL 21 3-Creative EP-630 From the choices you must have known i want just bass but more i read about these in forums more i got confused with no clear opinion coming out So I want to know which of these will give highest...
  3. jeffmangum

    Thoughts on Sennheiser MX series?

    I already made my choices and was about to buy a Soundmagic pl11 // Sennheiser cx300 but i cant find any of those 2 in stock.  I saw the MX series of Sennheiser and i was surprised that they  were really cheap. Even cheaper than philipps. I was wondering if theyre any good? I wanna know what a...
  4. desijoker

    Advice needed on shortlisted IEM headphones..

  5. Cloud-S

    BrainWavz Alpha or SoundMagic PL11 ?

    Which is better between the brainwavz Alpha (not pro), and soundmagic PL11 ? Almost the same in quality or is there some considerable difference? SM has better accessories. What would you prefer??
  6. conviction

    Confused between Soundmagic PL11, PL30, Meelectronics M16

    Which earphones should i buy?   Budget max 1100 Rs   Requirements: 1) Good, heavy base 2) Clear sound 3) Good noise isolation 4) Good accessories (least imp)   I listen to all kinds of music from pop,rock,metal,rap and of course contemporary hindi songs   I have been...
  7. BoomBap

    Klipsch X1 or SoundMagic PL11?

    Hey all so I'm looking for some headphones around the £20 mark and have found these two. Now I'm stuck which one to buy as both have good reviews. I will be mainly listening to hip hop/rap and some dubstep and DnB. So who can recommend which IEM would be more suitable?
  8. rahuldagli

    Really disappointed with soundmagic pl11

    I recently purchased a pair of soundmagic pl11 after reading some great reviews online. I already own philips headphones shp2500. I thought of comparing it with my Philips shp2500 which costs only slightly higher than pl11. I first burned pl11 for 150 hours using different frequencies like pink...
  9. bowei006

    SoundMagic PL11 Review

            More Photos:     Build Quality: Not much to say than a solid IEM. The outside is "gunmetal" it looks like metal and feels like metal, but then again. I have been fooled before. The clip just a clip, no deficiencies or poor moving around from it. The L shaped 3.5mm jack...
  10. Dubaddiction

    So my SoundMAGIC PL-11s finally gave out

    My warranty is still good, I didn't particularly abuse them in any way that would void it.. One side stopped working when it pretty much came apart and exposed the wire inside, the wire didn't tear, I just put the ear bud back together and I guess the damage had already been done. The problem...
  11. maraca2020

    Next pair after nuforce ne-7m?

    Hey guys,   I bought a pair of nuforce ne-7m headphones three or four years ago and loved them, I thought that the sound quality was great for the price. Recently they fell apart, and I purchased a pair of Klipsch s4 headphones to replace them. However, I feel that the 7m was way better for...
  12. sxcnelson

    Need Suggestions:Upgrade for SoundMagic P11

    This is my first thread in Head-hi :-) . I must say big thank you to all of you for the writing best reviews on the internet.   My SoundMagic P11 earphones died last week and I am looking for a new IEM.   I listen mostly to DJ's like David Guetta,Tiesto and hence my prime focus is only...
  13. CaptainSourMilk

    Good IEMs under $30?

    Yes I know that there are about a hundred of these threads, but in each one the suggestions that are given are all completely different and have only given me more options to choose from, making finding the right pair more difficult and time consuming. I was hoping that you guys could help me...
  14. TeeZee

    E 10 disappointment

    Based on some reviews I read on this site, I bought some Soundmagic E10s from MP4nation. After waiting 2 weeks they just arrived and they are awful. There is obviously something wrong with them. The sound is terrible and on some songs vocals are nonexistent. Now I have the pain in the ***** of...
  15. CrystalT

    The next logical progression?

    I'm trying to figure out what the next logical progression is in this hobby of mine. My first forray in to the hobby was buying soundmagic pl11, and rockboxing my old sansa e260. From there, I have purchased soundmagic pl30, and klipsch image x10, upgraded my player to a voodoo mod SGS captivate...
  16. Mackem

    Best IEMs for me?

    OK, so I am looking for some new IEMs. I currently have the SoundMagic PL-11s but the wire is getting a bit frayed and I just want an upgrade really. The choices are:   Brainwavz M1 - £29.99 Brainwavz ProAlpha - £25.99 SoundMagic E10 - £18.99 - I was kindly offered this price by a UK...
  17. challapradyumna

    JVC Marshmallow Opinion

    What do you guys think of JVC Marshmallow compared to Soundmagic P11. I am on a very tight budget so this is all i can get now and my stock ear phones are gone.
  18. challapradyumna

    Sony MDR E11 OR Soundmagic P11

    I am trying to get buy my first earphones cuz the earphones that came with my sansa clip plus just broke and also i dont want to spend a fortune on earphones. I narrowed it to the Sony MDR E11 and Soundmagic P11. I guess thy dont qualify into quality earphones but still Which one is better and...
  19. coda

    In-Ear Headphones on a Budget

    After a year of non-stop use my trusty Panasonic RP-HJE120E's (Best £8 I ever spent!) recently broke on me and so I'm on the look out for a new pair of in-ear headphones.   I'm on a very tight budget right now, I want to spend no more than £25 preferably but I can (reluctantly) stretch to...
  20. rubyiris

    Looking to increase the comfort of my SM PL-11s.

    For those familiar with the SoundMagic PL-11, I have the following problems with the stock accessories:   The medium seals have the best seal, but they're uncomfortable, putting pressure on my temples, and causing headaches after just a few songs.   The large and small ones don't fit...
  21. Eagle Hawk

    sound magic pl11 or pl30 ?

    as the title suggests which earphones should i go for ? i heard the pl11 is strong with bass... and i just wanted to know the sound clarity of both these earphones i am going to buy one of these tomorrow so guys please help me out in choosing the best between these two thanks in advance :)
  22. rubyiris

    IEM Reccomendations for a listener of Progressive Metal, Power Metal, New-Age Classical, Oldschool Rap, and Freeform Hardcore?

    Recently bought a pair of SM PL-11, but as my financial situation will be changing soon I'm looking for recommendations for what IEM/Amp/Source combination would be best for the following genres, listed in descending order in frequency of listening:   Power Metal (Rhapdosy of Fire, Machinae...
  23. lvrhs

    IEM under $20

    I have Kanen KM-948 and i wan't better earphones under $20. I consider Soundmagics and here is list PL10- 8,6 PL18- 10,9 PL20- 15 PL21-17,7 PL30- 20,4 Because i don't live in USA i need to pay extra $7 for meelec shipping, and houseofdap don't ship to me too.
  24. nizarp

    Brainwavz M3 review

      Brainwavz M3 review Disclaimer: This is my first review of an IEM. This is the most expensive IEM I have tried so far, I have previously owned Brainwavz M1, Meelec M9, M6 & M11+, SoundMagic PL11 & PL30. I have been using the M3 for more than 3 months now. I mostly listen to them with my...
  25. moleface

    Nuforce NE-6 - fragile plug?

    I know that the NE-6s are old news for Head-Fi,  but I'm curious if anyone's had any issue with the build quality of these IEMs.   My last pair developed a short in the plug after three weeks of careful use, and my replacement pair had a short in the plug on day one. It's definitely not my...