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Nuforce NE-6 - fragile plug?

  1. moleface
    I know that the NE-6s are old news for Head-Fi,  but I'm curious if anyone's had any issue with the build quality of these IEMs.
    My last pair developed a short in the plug after three weeks of careful use, and my replacement pair had a short in the plug on day one. It's definitely not my mp3 player's headphone jack - the headphones have the same short while hooked up to any source.
    I'm treating these no different than I've treated any of my previous headphones. I plug them into my Sansa Fuze and then stick the MP3 player in my pocket with the jack facing up.  With my next pair, I'm going to use a headphone extension between the Fuze and the Nuforces to minimize any direct stress on their plug. But nothing like this was necessary with my previous pair of IEMs.
    Has anyone had any similar experience with Nuforce's lower end IEMs?  I know this would void my warranty, but I was considering putting my own reinforced jack on the next pair when/if they have the same issue, rather than go through another return process. I'd prefer a nice stable pair of IEMs vs mailing these back for a replacement every couple months.
  2. jums
    I dont have pair of these but i had a pair of soundmagic pl11 a while back and they look exactly the same as the nuforce ne6.
    my pl11 developed this problem on a number of occasions.
    i think its just a design fault.
    hope this helps,
  3. moleface
    Thanks for the reply! [​IMG]
    I figured that a pair of budget headphones that sound this good would have some sort of caveat. The first pair's plug gave out after almost a month, but I was actually wrong about the second pair being faulty out of the box - it turned out to be an unrelated static electricity issue.
    My flimsy looking Sennheiser CX400s lasted two years of heavy daily use, so I didn't realize I had to treat the seemingly sturdier Nuforces with so much care.
    I've reinforced the plug of my current pair with electrical tape - hopefully this is enough to prevent future problems. If not, I'll just buy a replacement plug from Radio Shack or recable them. The warranty is tempting, but I'd rather address the issue myself to prevent annoying cable failures in the future.
    They're otherwise great IEMs. I can't wait to try the NE-700X.
  4. jums
    I used my warranty on my first pair of pl-11 but as soon as the second pair gave out I sussed it was a design flaw. I decided to just ditch them and move on to bigger and better!

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