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Advice needed on shortlisted IEM headphones..

  1. desijoker


  2. TwinQY
  3. desijoker
    Thanks for replying..These all are low budget good earphones which i foundout on this forum..well very less options are there in India..any other good IEMs you have in your mind in my budget?
  4. desijoker
    Any advice pls?
  5. TwinQY
    Out of the updated list, E10s are a cinch for sure. R1s are a bit messy. Why no M2s or GR02s, those would have been pretty easy choices?
  6. desijoker

    well M2 and GR02 are good but out of budget..i can buy but have to wait for many days..ryt now i lost my old earphone and have nothing good to listen to..and what do you mean by R1 being messy? I was kinda thinking of going for that...
  7. TwinQY
    Bass and lower mids are slow, congested and muddy.

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